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Waking the Sleepyheads Up in Time for School!


What does your morning routine look like? Do your kids jump out of bed, finish up their bath, eat their breakfast and go catch the school bus on time? Or do you have to spend most of the morning shouting at them to wake up and dragging their sleepy, grumpy selves through the morning routine, only to miss the school bus? How many times have you had to take a rickshaw or cab to drop your kids to school, simply because they could not wake up on time?

Sarayu came to us with this issue. Her kids are slow and sleepy in the mornings and can barely raise their arms to brush their teeth! This led to an atmosphere of nagging and complaining, as Sarayu tried to nudge her kids into moving faster, and her kids felt antagonised by the same!

SOS Mom Noopur Agarwal says, “Earlier I too faced the same problem with my elder daughter. She was always feeling sleepy in the morning and it was a difficult task to wake her up. Then I started making her sleep early, no matter if we went out or were travelling. I would make her sleep by 10 or 10:30 pm to make sure she gets enough rest. In the morning I would keep alarm a few minutes earlier and don’t wake her up instantly. I’d then give her a good morning peck and while I prepared for her bath I would keep talking to her about the day. She would then listen to my voice and wake right up!”

Noopur gives some great advice indeed. And here are some quick tips to help your kids wake up on time:

1. Handover the morning wake-up responsibilities to your child. Sit down with your child and have a discussion about getting up in the morning. Tell them it is now up to them to make sure they wake up and get ready in time to catch the school bus. Leave it up to them to change their habits or else they will have to face the consequences of missing the bus and going to school late!

2. Make bedtime a priority with no compromises. Institute an earlier bedtime for your kids and ensure you and your kids follow it religiously. They may rebel against the earlier bedtime at first, but once again handover the responsibility to them. Tell them that if they learn how to wake up on time and get ready, you will allow them to have a later bedtime again.


We thank all the SOS mom who came to Ketaki’s rescue: Noopur Agarwal.

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