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Can loud firecrackers harm my unborn child?


Sweets, diyas, presents and lanterns! But Diwali wouldn’t be complete without it’s most important tradition – firecrackers! But firecrackers come with drawbacks of their own! Sparks, excessive smoke and pollutants from your favourite patakas can harm not only you, but also the baby in your belly!

Mommy-to-be Soumya came to us wondering whether the loud noises of her Diwali firecrackers can have an adverse effect on her unborn baby.

While your baby will certainly suffer if you are frequently exposed to loud noises during pregnancy, there is no indication that exposure to occasional loud noises, like firecrackers during Diwali, will cause harm to the baby in your womb.

However, doctors recommend that pregnant women steer clear of over-exuberant celebrations as they could tire them out. Muffling the ears with cotton balls or ear muffs can prevent ear damage and tinnitus – the ringing you feel in your ears after exposure to loud noises.

FirstCry mommy Swati Thakur came to Soumya’s aid. She says, “I celebrated Diwali when I was 5 months pregnant. We burst firecrackers, but not too much. I highly recommend you avoid the ones with loud sounds.”

Neha Gaurav says, “My Gynecologist advised me to stay at home, and keep away from loud noises. However that advice was more to do with pollution as both the smoke in the air and the noise can adversely affect the foetus.”

We hope our Mommy advice has helped Soumya out! We hope she finds a way to celebrate Diwali to the fullest – but in a safe and secure way!


We thank all the SOS moms who came to Soumya’s rescue:

Neha Gaurav, Swati Thakur.

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