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Simple exercises for pregnant women

In case a woman has been physically active all her life, it would be fine to let her work from her office when she is in her early stages of pregnancy. However, you might want to ensure that she has a very less work load and has ample amounts of rest between working hours. Also, it would be best to practise exercises that are very elementary in nature and yet provide good results when it comes to being fit and fine with your baby in tow.

Here are certain exercises that can be done in office during pregnancy in between working hours. It would be best to stick to basic exercises as the ones mentioned below so that you can do them in the comfort of your cubicle on a chair.

Resistance exercises using elastic bands

While most resistance exercises are carried out with the help of dumbbells, you do not want to consider the possibility of a dumbbell falling onto your stomach. Hence, stick to elastic bands as they are flexible and taut and they provide a very useful means of exercising. You could sit on our chair and use these stretch bands to exercise by resorting to side turns around your belly and others. It provides ample toning and about ten minutes of working out would give you a fit body.

Try out the cobbler pose

This exercise work out is good when it comes to expanding the hip region and the pelvic area. Simply place your feet side by side with your soles in contact and then while you bend your knees a bit, press apart towards the ground and then stay in this position for about ten seconds. This increases the vaginal tract and makes normal delivery even more easier. You could do this exercise if you have access to a private cubicle or can find yourself alone in the washroom.

Walk around

Brisk walking and climbing stairs have more benefits than any other exercise when it comes to toning your body in the case of pregnancy. Walking is a good work out for the legs, the thigh muscles and the lungs and brisk walking for around half an hour a day can do your body a world of good as it has a low impact on you and your health and is quite productive in the form of a health work out to keep you hale and hearty.

Kegel routine – A must exercise for pregnancy

Never underestimate the power of a Kegel work out when you are pregnant. You can do this anywhere, at any time of the day and no one will ever notice it. This works by strengthening the muscles of your vaginal tract which is very important for a good delivery of your child. In order to have a Kegel work out, all you need to do is contract the muscles of the pelvic region and make then relax. One of the simplest methods of doing so is by stopping the flow of urine for a certain moment of time. You must flex these muscles and then hold them for around five seconds before they are released.

In order to be a fit mother and have a safe pregnancy, exercising is a must. There are many other exercises like swimming and aerobics that need to be undertaken in order to have a safe and happy pregnancy. Exercising can also fight off chronic diseases like heart problems, lung attacks and others. Hence, follow the above exercise routines and have a good time trying them out in the office that you work in. Also, when you do have the time, indulge in meditation to relax the mind and the body!

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