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Choosing storage items for the nursery

Getting the nursery ready for your baby is an exciting prospect. A lot of thought should go in to designing the nursery. One of the essentials all nurseries should have is storage spaces. Storage spaces are required not just for their clothes and diapers but also for toys and bedding ensemble. Except for toys, you will have to change all the above at least twice a day. This is why you need enough clean clothes and bedding accessories all the time. And so you need to organize storage space for all these. If you have built-in cupboards in the nursery, then it is a blessing. But sometimes even that would not be sufficient. So you need to get more storage space or storage furniture for the nursery.


Fortunately these days you can get them all at the mere click of a button. Online shopping has never been easier. What makes online shopping more exciting is the fact that you can view and choose among a wide variety of furniture and this many not be possible in a regular brick and mortar furniture show room. Listed are some exciting storage units that will not only serve the purpose but also look great in the nursery.


Cuboid Foldable Storage Bags

At time you feel that you really don’t need to have storage units that occupy a lot of space. You may be living in an apartment where space is precious and yet you need temporary storage facilities for some of your infants’ stuff. You should think of getting storage bags that are foldable. Today there are foldable storage bags that are expressly created for this purpose. These are colorful with pleasing graphics. You can choose one that will go well with the theme of your nursery. These storage bags can be used for a wide variety of baby’s accessories like clothing, bedding, diapers and even toys. You can get two or more of these storage units for your infant’s nursery.


Cylindrical Foldable Storage Bags

If you are reluctant to buy storage units because you think that you would have no use for them in the future – well think again. You can get cute storage units that will serve the purpose of taking care of your infant’s storage needs for now and in the future you can use these in your bedroom or living room to store magazines or books. These cylindrical foldable storage units (2) with floral fabric design and bright and colorful and they can take up a fairly large amount of weight. These units are washable and can easily be folded up when not in use. They also have a zipper sealing. This helps in keeping the precious baby clothes or bed sheets protected. In fact these are even safer than your normal cupboards as they provide cleaner and safer storage facilities.


Funky Cylindrical Foldable Storage Units

When it comes to selecting storage units for the nursery, my pick would be this funky cylindrical foldable storage unit. With its cute animal graphic design, it would look great in the nursery. You have a wide variety of animal graphics or smiley face designs to choose from. Storage units like these give the room the right atmosphere and anyone looking at this storage unit cannot help but smile. These units too are foldable and come with a zipper closing to protect your infant’s clothing and keep them clean and safe at all times.

Toy Storage Units

You may want to have an exclusive toy storage unit for your baby. Yes it is irritating to see the toys strewn over all over the nursery and would be a great idea to place them all in one unit. One great storage unit for toys that is not only elegant but very practical is the Lock & Lock Living Box Deco (4). This unit is good not only because it can store quite a bit of your infant’s toys but also because it looks very colorful and attractive. Just the right storage to add more color to the nursery!


Storage Units for Baby Clothes and Toys

The smaller the baby clothes, the more difficult it is to find them. Nothing could be more frustrating than not finding those attractive booties when you want to take your child for a small outing and when you are in a hurry! Or for that matter digging the closet to find the ‘outdoor clothes’ you had kept for you baby for special occasions. Organization is indeed the key here. This is why we recommend the Mee Mee – Closet Storage Unit so very useful. This storage unit is very useful for organizing all the baby clothes. It is very useful while travelling and the zipper close keeps the clothes safe and clean!


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