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How To Buy: Clothes For 3 To 5 Year Olds

toddler clothesIt takes a lot of will to not over-load your shopping cart with all the cute and trendy clothes that brand manufacturers are making nowadays. However, what really is important is having just enough comfortable clothing for your active 3 to 5 year old.

At the age of 3, your toddler would be walking and running. Moreover, they would like to stay independent by doing everything by themselves. Thus, it is important to buy clothes that do not obstruct their daily routine and make it easy to do things by themselves without your assistance.


It is important not to splurge too much on toddler clothing. It can be difficult with the amount of variety of clothes available in the market. However, with the rate that your toddler is growing, it is important to restrict over-buying so as to ensure everything is used optimally.

It is a good idea to wait for sales and other bargains and shop during them. Moreover, during off-season sales, consider buying clothes for the next season.


It is important to buy good quality or durable clothes for 3 to 5 year olds as, in addition to the wear and tear during play time, their clothes get dirty quickly and go through multiple washes.


At the age of 3, most kids have certain choices of patterns, images, colors or their favorite cartoons. Try looking for clothes with their favourite characters or patterns to suit their liking to make them exciting and fun to wear.


Toddler skin is soft, sensitive and delicate and it is important to dress your toddler in comfortable, soft and breathable fabrics. Ensure all hooks, snaps, buttons and appliqués are well secured and routinely checked. Make sure there are no loose buttons or detachable objects that can pose a choking hazard.


Buying the correct size is very important. As a general guideline a 3 year old would wear 3T sized clothes that are perfect for those who weigh between 28 to 32 lbs and are 35-37 inches in length.

If your toddler is bigger or smaller than the average peer size, you would have to consider buying bigger or smaller sized clothes.

Consider Your Child’s Independence

Most toddlers like to do things themselves, like pushing their own stroller, feeding themselves or wearing clothes by themselves. Thus, it is a good idea to buy clothes that they can easily wear or take off by themselves with as little frustration as possible.

Trousers or skirts with elastic waists are easier to put on and remove than zipped or buttoned bottoms, while shirts with wider necks or snaps are easier to put on and remove.

Do let us know what your toddler’s favourite clothes are and what you would like to see in the store.

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How To Buy: Clothes For 6-Month Olds

6 month old babyBaby clothing comes in standard sizes. However, all babies are of a different size and shape and moreover, each brand has a specific sizing standard. Thus, it is very important to consult a baby clothes size chart and check your 6-month olds weight before investing in clothes.

Some babies tend to grow quickly and fit straight into bigger clothes while some are slower at 6 months, and this it is best to decide individually, rather than buying a standard 6 to 9 month outfit. The article discusses basic smart guidelines to keep in mind when investing in 6 month old clothes.

Ignore Standard Sizes:

This makes it difficult for parents to buy clothes for their little ones. However it is not that difficult as most major baby clothes brand carry a tag on them that includes the weight and length information of the baby for which it would be apt.

Moreover, most brands have their own sizing charts that can usually been seen at the baby clothes section or on their websites. Considering the baby weight and length when buying clothes would eventually save you from wasting money on baby clothing that may not fit or be used for a very short span of time.

Buy Big:

You may also consider buying bigger clothes unless you are buying pajamas or sleepwear. It sounds absurd to buy clothes that would stick out or not fit appropriately.

However, babies tend to grow out so quickly that they would be perfect in just a couple of weeks. This should surely be followed when buying baby gifts and when you are unsure of how big the baby is.

As a general rule, most 6 month old babies can wear a 9 to 12 month olds outfit. However, it is important to take into consideration seasonal clothing as winter clothes are of no use in summer and vice versa.

Buy Early:

Consider pre-buying clothes of different sizes so that you have a variety of sizes to choose from at any particular age. This way you can also save on some money by shopping during festive or sale season or when you see some attractive bargains.

Do Not Overstock:

Ensure you only invest in what you really need and what you would really use. Do not overstock on any particular size and ensure you’ve got different sizes to cater to your 6 month olds growth.

As a general note, for the 6 month age group you will need a couple of long sleeved or short sleeved bodysuits depending upon the weather, a couple of turtleneck t-shirts or shirts and pants, some outfits for going out, long sleeved jumpers and jackets for cold days, comfortable sleepwear for the night, cotton or warm beanie hats, mittens (if your baby uses them) and lots of socks and booties.

Good luck shopping for your 6-month old baby. Let us know what your favorite items are from the store.

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Baby Fashion – What’s Trending This Season?

baby fashionHave you ever been curious about what “sugar and spice and everything nice” actually means when it is about kid’s clothing?

Well, today’s babies are no less demanding. Actually, it is the parents who want to give the best to their little ones and once it becomes a trend, it is sure to be followed.

There are unique options available today when it comes to baby clothing and accessories. Fashion is just not restricted to the adult world.

Come this season, and we are looking at some unique fashion for baby clothing.

1. All organic!

All babies this season want to get organic. We are not talking about the 50% organic products that comes in plastic hangers and packaging but a cent percent GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) type organic! This is both a trend and a message that is getting popular in the baby fashion world!

2. Non-solid solid

Try to think of Starry Night by Van Gogh or Matisse for that instance. The theme is that the sky looks just plain blue from a distance but as you get closer, multiple colors reveal themselves.

This is working out well with baby clothing and the fun stripes are making their mark on some of the most celebrated babies in this world. These clothing look as if they simple and subtle pinks and blues but as you get closer, they are actually miniature bumblebee print and tiny stripes.

3. Sophisticated classics

Another fashion trend speaking loud in the baby fashion world are the soft blues and pinks mixed amazingly with cool grays. These really look cool as teenagers would say!

4. Ruffle touch

Again, being subtle is the standard here, but it should be something like under the dress built of the coveral,l and probably the undergarment, but not too much near the face. When it comes to ruffles, less is always more and babies can comfortably sport such a trend!

5. Real clothes

The era of mini dad or mini mom clothing has come to an end and newborns are no more dressed by shrinking down pieces meant for a toddler. We are taking about real baby clothes – designed and meant just for them. Modern babies grow up faster than you realize and we just hope that this trend lasts long.

Baby fashion trends have always been an interesting thing to follow and in all cases, they look cute! So what attire are you putting your little fashionista in this season?

Monsoon Fashion For Your Darlings

91ca223b23ee909bd8d3f7f6ff025b57Mums n Dads,

It’s a new season and a new season of fashion as well. So while your little darling is all set to enjoy the rains, here are a few stylish accessories and must-haves that you must absolutely get for your kiddos……

Fun Raincoats in bright colours and favourite characters

Umbrellas in bright colours and fun patterns with favourite characters

Cute frocks with sleeves

Tops and T-shirts for your boy and girl in bright fun colours

Shorts and Skirts are comfortable and fun to wear in the rains

Slippers and flip-flops in a host of colours

Clogs are great as they are fashionable, easy to wear and quick to clean and dry, especially in the rains

Cute hairbands for times when your little girl gets wet in the rain and you can’t tie her hair

Dressing Up Baby For Winter

9.2 baby winter jacket by kyshotsHello Mommies,

It’s that lovely time of the year again when the sun isn’t harsh, the coffee cup feels amazing in your hand, and the little bundle in your arms feels more like a cuddly toy with all those extra layers and wrappings of clothing and warmers! As a new mum, or as a first-time mum, you probably are struggling to get those tiny arms and hands inside a warm piece of clothing, or as a seasoned mum, you may be aware by now that no matter how hard you try, your toddler or young child will continue showing a mind of their own and run away from the woolens.

As much as you are worried, winter dressing is actually pretty easy and fun. And especially with winter being the time of Santa, there’s always so much fun and colour you can add to your baby’s winter dressing.

Sweaters: Get your baby some colourful, bright and comfortable sweaters. Take a pick from buttoned cardigans to pull-over sweaters, depending on how comfortable baby is.

Sweatshirts and Jackets: Not only do these look cute, but the hooded ones will provide extra comfort by covering baby’s head too.

Socks and tights: A warm pair of socks and tights (with or without socks) will keep baby comfortable in the day and cosy at night.

Mittens and Booties:Some cute mittens and booties will keep those tiny hands and feet safe from any chill inside and outside the home.

Caps: Top up the look with some cute caps to cover baby’s head from the winter chill.

Sleep time: Choose a warm sleepsuit for the night that baby can wear as a regular night suit, but one that will also keep baby warm and snug. No pressure of making your baby wear clothes many times over.

And if you want to really bring on the fun of Christmas in baby’s dressing, go for lots of reds, whites and greens to make a merry winter!

Essentials For Your Baby After Birth

Mums, the biggest urge to shop for the soon-to-arrive bundle is strongest during the final months… You may have been a controlled-shopper till now, but as the day approaches nearer and you know that your mobility is somewhat going to be restricted for the first few days or weeks, you want to stock up on everything for the little one.

It is an awesome experience to shop for your infant, but sometimes, we end up with goods that will have no use for the first few months, and will be a total waste of money and space back home.

To make it a little easier for you, we made a list of the essentials you would actually need once the baby has arrived:

1. Baby lotion, baby powder, baby cream, baby shampoo, nappy rash cream. You may also go for a top-to-toe baby wash that can be used on the head as well as the body. Check what suits your baby’s skin and your pocket.

2. You will need to stock up on loads of cloth nappies. During the first few days you will have to discard the nappy each time after it gets soiled.

3. Dettol. You need to disinfect all of baby’s clothes with the antiseptic.

4. Baby thermometer. The latest in the market is a strip that needs to be placed on baby’s forehead for as little as 15 seconds to see the temperature. You may also go for the traditional ones or the new ones that come with a beep once the temperature is recorded.

5. Baby dresses. Only buy in pure cotton for summers. Go for the ones which have buttons in the front as buttons in the back are uncomfortable for baby to sleep and can hurt their skin.

6. Baby bed linen. You usually get a full set that comprises of a sheet, a night suit, a cap, small pillow and a spread. Also, buy a baby comforter or blanket as per the weather.

7. Antiseptic cream for baby.

8. Baby booties and mittens.

9. Baby nail-cutters. You will be surprised to see how soon the nail growth takes place in babies. You trim baby’s nails and they will be back to their sharp and grown stage within 3-4 days!

10. Infant/Baby diapers. For the first few weeks you will need to take baby for regular check-ups. Doctors will advise you to put them in a diaper during such visits.

11. Baby carrier.

12. Dim lights. With a new-born in the room you would require to have some light on even when it’s goodnight time.

13. Baby scrap-book. Get this if you want to keep a track of your little one from the time of birth.

14. Sanitizer. You would need a big bottle of sanitizer right after baby’s birth as relatives and well-wishers begin to pour in and you would want them to first clean their hands.

15. Baby cot. You may not make baby sleep in the cot during the night, in most Indian households, babies always sleep together in the same bed with their parents. But during the day, when you are busy in other work or when you need your own rest, it is a good idea to keep baby in the baby cot during sleep time. This will also help baby sleep better.

16. Baby wipes. These will be your saviour for at least the next 3-4 years.
17. Baby Sweaters and jackets

18. Last and one of the most important on the list – A BABY NAME !!!

10 Products To Let Your Little One Enjoy The Sunny Days

It’s sunny again, and most of us are already getting into our shades and umbrellas. So mommies, while we take care to keep that complexion sun-safe and protected, here are a few must-use products to help your little one beat the sun…..

1. Sun-Screen: We’ve been told over and over again that using a good sunscreen regularly should be a habit, rather than a routine, and this habit should be applied in case of our little ones too. Get a baby-suitable sunscreen that will help keep out the harmful effects of the sun, while being soft and caring on baby’s skin.

2. After-Sun Lotion: These are recommended for newborn babies if they are exposed to the sun, or even for a little older babies who have extremely sensitive skin. The after-sun lotion/milk helps moisturise baby’s skin.

3. Bath Toys And Books: Summer times are fun times, as long as you get a splash in the water. Make the sunny days fun for your little one by filling up the tub/bucket with bath-toys and see your baby enjoy! Get a bath-book and read along while splashing with baby…

4. Swimming Costumes:Summer times are swimming times, and what better way to let your little one get into the pool than by wearing a colourful, cute and comfortable swimming costume.

5. Flip Flops: Colourful strappy flip flops are a must-have in the summers. Get some fun strappies for your little ones in bright and vibrant colours.

6. Caps and Hats:Let your little one make a style statement while protecting them from the sun.

7. Umbrellas: Your little one will love taking a walk in the outdoors with these cute, colourful and favourite character umbrellas.

8. Sunglasses: Protect those little eyes with some stylish, funky and trendy sunshades.

9. Water Bottle: Encourage your little one to be outdoors, but make sure they are properly hydrated by having adequate amounts of water.

10.Body Wash and Shampoo: Summer times will mean that your little one spends lots of time outdoors, so make sure you wash off the dirt and sweat at the end of the day with some soothing and refreshing body-washes, shampoos and soaps. | Nightsuit – March through a town

Nightsuit - March through a town

Nightsuit – March through a town

Large- 12-18 Months

Drift off into dreamland with this cute night suit. It is very soft suitable to your child’s delicate skin. Made of 100% cotton. Machine washable.

Price : Rs. 264.00

Buy Now | Do Re Me – Golden Yellow Orange Flowers Frock

Do Re Me - Golden Yellow Orange Flowers Frock

Do Re Me – Golden Yellow Orange Flowers Frock

Large, 12-18 Months, Summer Frocks!

Do Re Me – Frock

Made of 100% cotton. Machine washable. Best for summer.

Price:  Rs. 208.00

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