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Essentials For Your Baby After Birth

Mums, the biggest urge to shop for the soon-to-arrive bundle is strongest during the final months… You may have been a controlled-shopper till now, but as the day approaches nearer and you know that your mobility is somewhat going to be restricted for the first few days or weeks, you want to stock up on everything for the little one.

It is an awesome experience to shop for your infant, but sometimes, we end up with goods that will have no use for the first few months, and will be a total waste of money and space back home.

To make it a little easier for you, we made a list of the essentials you would actually need once the baby has arrived:

1. Baby lotion, baby powder, baby cream, baby shampoo, nappy rash cream. You may also go for a top-to-toe baby wash that can be used on the head as well as the body. Check what suits your baby’s skin and your pocket.

2. You will need to stock up on loads of cloth nappies. During the first few days you will have to discard the nappy each time after it gets soiled.

3. Dettol. You need to disinfect all of baby’s clothes with the antiseptic.

4. Baby thermometer. The latest in the market is a strip that needs to be placed on baby’s forehead for as little as 15 seconds to see the temperature. You may also go for the traditional ones or the new ones that come with a beep once the temperature is recorded.

5. Baby dresses. Only buy in pure cotton for summers. Go for the ones which have buttons in the front as buttons in the back are uncomfortable for baby to sleep and can hurt their skin.

6. Baby bed linen. You usually get a full set that comprises of a sheet, a night suit, a cap, small pillow and a spread. Also, buy a baby comforter or blanket as per the weather.

7. Antiseptic cream for baby.

8. Baby booties and mittens.

9. Baby nail-cutters. You will be surprised to see how soon the nail growth takes place in babies. You trim baby’s nails and they will be back to their sharp and grown stage within 3-4 days!

10. Infant/Baby diapers. For the first few weeks you will need to take baby for regular check-ups. Doctors will advise you to put them in a diaper during such visits.

11. Baby carrier.

12. Dim lights. With a new-born in the room you would require to have some light on even when it’s goodnight time.

13. Baby scrap-book. Get this if you want to keep a track of your little one from the time of birth.

14. Sanitizer. You would need a big bottle of sanitizer right after baby’s birth as relatives and well-wishers begin to pour in and you would want them to first clean their hands.

15. Baby cot. You may not make baby sleep in the cot during the night, in most Indian households, babies always sleep together in the same bed with their parents. But during the day, when you are busy in other work or when you need your own rest, it is a good idea to keep baby in the baby cot during sleep time. This will also help baby sleep better.

16. Baby wipes. These will be your saviour for at least the next 3-4 years.
17. Baby Sweaters and jackets

18. Last and one of the most important on the list – A BABY NAME !!!


Everyday Ways To Connect To Your Little One

Mommies, ready for a fun week ahead with your little one? Come on, as much as your little darling makes you tear out your hair, accept the truth that your baby also makes you go back to those fun playful days of your own childhood, isn’t it? There is absolutely so much you can do with your little one, playing and doing things together and bonding!

You do spend a lot of time with your little one, but other than diapers and feeds and schoolwork, are you really spending that fun time together? Why not book a full hour of one-on-one fun with your little one? If your baby is too young to speak, pick her up in your arms and talk to her with lots and lots of smiles. Hear the giggles and gurgles, make some of your own and be a baby with baby!

Massage time is essential time for baby’s growth and development, and massage time can be an important connect time too. Remove all the noise from the room and make it your and baby’s special time; as the little one enjoys your caring fingers shaping and strengthening those little baby arms and legs, sing a rhyme or play a lullaby or share a story. You’ll be amazed at how soon your little one learns these stories and rhymes!

Time for a bath? Of course there are a lot of bath toys that your baby loves, but what about baby’s best friend jumping in to play with water as well! YOU Mamma! Splash spray and squirt…have fun, play with water with your baby as you clean up your little one, and have some cuddly moments as baby comes wrapped in a towel right in your arms!

Bath over its time for a sleep? As the baby mobile or the rhyme-toy plays a lullaby, sing to your baby, look into those little bright eyes and bring in the sleep fairy…your baby will love the bed-time ritual, we promise!

Going out for a little walk with little one? Identify the birds and flowers as baby toddles along with those baby steps..

Play together….what more fun to have some baby-mamma time together than to play along with baby and baby’s favourite toys!

Create..take a few old paper sheets and use all kinds of colours you can. Baby crayons are quite a fun way to colour up the day! And sometimes, it’s okay to let your little one get a little dirty, of course under constant adult supervision.

10 Products To Let Your Little One Enjoy The Sunny Days

It’s sunny again, and most of us are already getting into our shades and umbrellas. So mommies, while we take care to keep that complexion sun-safe and protected, here are a few must-use products to help your little one beat the sun…..

1. Sun-Screen: We’ve been told over and over again that using a good sunscreen regularly should be a habit, rather than a routine, and this habit should be applied in case of our little ones too. Get a baby-suitable sunscreen that will help keep out the harmful effects of the sun, while being soft and caring on baby’s skin.

2. After-Sun Lotion: These are recommended for newborn babies if they are exposed to the sun, or even for a little older babies who have extremely sensitive skin. The after-sun lotion/milk helps moisturise baby’s skin.

3. Bath Toys And Books: Summer times are fun times, as long as you get a splash in the water. Make the sunny days fun for your little one by filling up the tub/bucket with bath-toys and see your baby enjoy! Get a bath-book and read along while splashing with baby…

4. Swimming Costumes:Summer times are swimming times, and what better way to let your little one get into the pool than by wearing a colourful, cute and comfortable swimming costume.

5. Flip Flops: Colourful strappy flip flops are a must-have in the summers. Get some fun strappies for your little ones in bright and vibrant colours.

6. Caps and Hats:Let your little one make a style statement while protecting them from the sun.

7. Umbrellas: Your little one will love taking a walk in the outdoors with these cute, colourful and favourite character umbrellas.

8. Sunglasses: Protect those little eyes with some stylish, funky and trendy sunshades.

9. Water Bottle: Encourage your little one to be outdoors, but make sure they are properly hydrated by having adequate amounts of water.

10.Body Wash and Shampoo: Summer times will mean that your little one spends lots of time outdoors, so make sure you wash off the dirt and sweat at the end of the day with some soothing and refreshing body-washes, shampoos and soaps.

Grooming Products For The Mum On The Go

Mumsies…..Monday morning is here and you’re all hassled and harassed already! Seems like the weekend was just about to arrive and then suddenly, went away in a wink! Yes, we know the feeling….Home, kitchen, baby, husband, pet, office, assignments, projects, shopping and come on, do we still have space on our checklist??

So much to look after and we know it’s hard to get that time for yourself. But mums, no one can be happy unless you are! While you may feel like spending the entire week in your pyjamas and putting your hair up in a bun, playing around with some colours on your face and doing that little make-up trick is just what the experts prescribe to uplift your mood and keep that smile on!

As you get set to face yet another fast-paced and action-packed week, here are a few products that will help that beautiful face in the mirror feel like a diva – something you truly are!

Tinted Moisturiser: We all have ‘patchy’ and ‘uneven’ days, and no one (except a chosen few) is blessed with the complexion of a movie-star (even they need help ladies!). So if you’re in a rush and want to skip the foundation route, go for a tinted moisturiser that will help even out the skin tone. If you don’t have one and are not sure if you want to buy one at this point, make your own at home. Add some amount of liquid foundation to your own moisturiser and see the difference!

Foundation: If you do have time and wouldn’t mind putting it on every day, a foundation is a good way to cover up any patches or spots on the skin and give your skin that healthy glow through the day. Choose in liquid, cream or powder base.

Blush: What better way to beat the Monday morning blues than putting some colour on your cheeks? Go for pinks, plums, peaches, corals, oranges or bronze, depending on your mood and type of work day.

Kajal: Brighten up those worked-up eyes with a dash of kohl. Go for black, green, blue, purple or brown…

Lip Colours: A dash of colour on your lips and a smile to go with it…what better way to begin the week?

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Carter’s™ Deluxe Baby Bather

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  6. Fit into adult and baby baths
  7. Fold flat for storage
  8. Fully assembled
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