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Essentials For Your Baby After Birth

Mums, the biggest urge to shop for the soon-to-arrive bundle is strongest during the final months… You may have been a controlled-shopper till now, but as the day approaches nearer and you know that your mobility is somewhat going to be restricted for the first few days or weeks, you want to stock up on everything for the little one.

It is an awesome experience to shop for your infant, but sometimes, we end up with goods that will have no use for the first few months, and will be a total waste of money and space back home.

To make it a little easier for you, we made a list of the essentials you would actually need once the baby has arrived:

1. Baby lotion, baby powder, baby cream, baby shampoo, nappy rash cream. You may also go for a top-to-toe baby wash that can be used on the head as well as the body. Check what suits your baby’s skin and your pocket.

2. You will need to stock up on loads of cloth nappies. During the first few days you will have to discard the nappy each time after it gets soiled.

3. Dettol. You need to disinfect all of baby’s clothes with the antiseptic.

4. Baby thermometer. The latest in the market is a strip that needs to be placed on baby’s forehead for as little as 15 seconds to see the temperature. You may also go for the traditional ones or the new ones that come with a beep once the temperature is recorded.

5. Baby dresses. Only buy in pure cotton for summers. Go for the ones which have buttons in the front as buttons in the back are uncomfortable for baby to sleep and can hurt their skin.

6. Baby bed linen. You usually get a full set that comprises of a sheet, a night suit, a cap, small pillow and a spread. Also, buy a baby comforter or blanket as per the weather.

7. Antiseptic cream for baby.

8. Baby booties and mittens.

9. Baby nail-cutters. You will be surprised to see how soon the nail growth takes place in babies. You trim baby’s nails and they will be back to their sharp and grown stage within 3-4 days!

10. Infant/Baby diapers. For the first few weeks you will need to take baby for regular check-ups. Doctors will advise you to put them in a diaper during such visits.

11. Baby carrier.

12. Dim lights. With a new-born in the room you would require to have some light on even when it’s goodnight time.

13. Baby scrap-book. Get this if you want to keep a track of your little one from the time of birth.

14. Sanitizer. You would need a big bottle of sanitizer right after baby’s birth as relatives and well-wishers begin to pour in and you would want them to first clean their hands.

15. Baby cot. You may not make baby sleep in the cot during the night, in most Indian households, babies always sleep together in the same bed with their parents. But during the day, when you are busy in other work or when you need your own rest, it is a good idea to keep baby in the baby cot during sleep time. This will also help baby sleep better.

16. Baby wipes. These will be your saviour for at least the next 3-4 years.
17. Baby Sweaters and jackets

18. Last and one of the most important on the list – A BABY NAME !!!


Benefits Of Holding Your Little Ones In Your Arms

Mums, its a beautiful feeling when you hold your little one in your arms, isn’t it? The world becomes a beautiful place, the smile on your face extends the whole day long, and there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that you would want to get in the way of you and baby, as you look at your little angel in your arms. Wow! That’s some feeling!

What researchers have said time and again, you already know as a parent – that there’s no better feeling than you and baby than having your little one right next to your heart! As an expectant mother, you’ve cherished baby’s first heartbeat at your regular check-up, and while you were simply blown away, it’s a known fact that for your baby who was still being cherished inside the womb, your heartbeat was the most comforting and familiar sound!

One of the best ways for mother and baby to bond is bare, skin-to-skin contact. Another most popular way for babies to feel their mother’s heartbeat is when you hold your little one near you, whether while feeding, while putting to sleep, or during any other activity.

Here are a few times in the day when you can be sure of holding your baby close to you, and of course, if you have the time, you can extend these moments and give baby that much more comfort and warmth:

Not only is this a comfortable setting for your little one, but holding your baby close to you has many benefits as well:

  • Helps mothers fight post-natal depression
  • Helps mothers form a stronger bond with little one
  • Regulates baby’s body temperature
  • Helps in baby’s breathing, heart beat and sugar levels to be stable right after birth
  • Helps baby recover from birth process, especially in cases of a natural delivery
  • Calms baby and provides security, comfort and familiarisation
  • Regulates mother’s hormonal responses and leads to reduced bleeding after birth
  • Helps baby to breastfeed naturally
  • Helps baby sleep better
  • Reduces baby’s crying bouts
  • Helps in developing baby’s senses
  • Build stronger immunity
  • Helps in baby’s psychological and emotional growth

Mums, a baby close to mommy is the happiest baby! It’s definitely true when they say that no one knows her baby as a mommy does. So mums, trust your heart and your instinct, and do what’s best for your baby…after all, as we’ve been saying all along, Mommies Know Best!!!!!

Everyday Ways To Connect To Your Little One

Mommies, ready for a fun week ahead with your little one? Come on, as much as your little darling makes you tear out your hair, accept the truth that your baby also makes you go back to those fun playful days of your own childhood, isn’t it? There is absolutely so much you can do with your little one, playing and doing things together and bonding!

You do spend a lot of time with your little one, but other than diapers and feeds and schoolwork, are you really spending that fun time together? Why not book a full hour of one-on-one fun with your little one? If your baby is too young to speak, pick her up in your arms and talk to her with lots and lots of smiles. Hear the giggles and gurgles, make some of your own and be a baby with baby!

Massage time is essential time for baby’s growth and development, and massage time can be an important connect time too. Remove all the noise from the room and make it your and baby’s special time; as the little one enjoys your caring fingers shaping and strengthening those little baby arms and legs, sing a rhyme or play a lullaby or share a story. You’ll be amazed at how soon your little one learns these stories and rhymes!

Time for a bath? Of course there are a lot of bath toys that your baby loves, but what about baby’s best friend jumping in to play with water as well! YOU Mamma! Splash spray and squirt…have fun, play with water with your baby as you clean up your little one, and have some cuddly moments as baby comes wrapped in a towel right in your arms!

Bath over its time for a sleep? As the baby mobile or the rhyme-toy plays a lullaby, sing to your baby, look into those little bright eyes and bring in the sleep fairy…your baby will love the bed-time ritual, we promise!

Going out for a little walk with little one? Identify the birds and flowers as baby toddles along with those baby steps..

Play together….what more fun to have some baby-mamma time together than to play along with baby and baby’s favourite toys!

Create..take a few old paper sheets and use all kinds of colours you can. Baby crayons are quite a fun way to colour up the day! And sometimes, it’s okay to let your little one get a little dirty, of course under constant adult supervision.

Educational Toys – Starting The Learning Process Right At Home

Dear Mum,

We know that as a working mum, you may not always be around your little one. While a mother is a baby’s first teacher, for times when you’re not by your little one’s side, it’s a good idea to leave an educational toy with your baby, one that will not only be fun, but also help baby learn and explore!

One of the most basic, as well as important, tool to ‘educate’ your child and encourage them to observe, question and understand is TOYS. Your baby’s first joy will be a special toy, and what better way to use learning toys that will not only be fun, but also help them learn as they play! Today, toys are much more than just a play thing. They aid your child’s growth and development, stimulate interest and open a world of ideas and possibilities.

So be sure to pick what’s right for your little one.


Eye-Hand Coordination:Rattles, beaded toys, clip-on toys, balls, bending and twisting toys are all great to help your baby through the first learning stages of eye-hand coordination.


Colours And Shapes:Your little one will not be able to identify colours for the first two months, but after that, it’s going to be a riot of colours and shapes every where the little eyes see. Mobile toys, play gym toys, toys with bright colours and patterns, blocks, rattles with different shape and colour attachments are all a great way to introduce your little darling to the world of colours, shapes and patterns.


Movement: Toys with wheels, dangling toys, balls in different shapes and sizes, wind chimes and skiddy toys are great fun and will help your little one understand and grasp the concept of movement.


Motor & Cognitive Skills: Toys that require stacking and building aid in the development of your child’s reasoning skills, and the concept of maths and numbers. They also help develop hand and finger muscles, thus assisting your child’s motor skills.



Outdoor toys: These are especially good for increasing your child’s physical activities and stamina, and help establish a sense of movement and direction.




Perceptual Skills: Musical toys not only assist your little one in learning music and rhythmic skills, they also encourage sensory tendencies in your baby, thus giving them a creative way of self-expression.



Emotional & Imaginative: Dolls, cartoon toys and puppets can open a world of imagination for your little ones, as they create and enact their own stories and plays. Not only this, toys such as these end up being your child’s comfort toy, with a strong emotional bond being formed.



Educational toys: These can be a fun way of learning. In addition, educational toys also help develop your child’s social skills like sharing, boost creativity and encourage curiosity and exploration.



Social Skills: Multi-player games, especially board games (and there are a host of board games for small babies), can help your child develop social skills, assist in public speaking, leadership qualities and the ability to manage a team. These are not only fun and interesting for your little one, but can also be a source of entertainment to the entire family.


On-screen games: Used in moderation, these are good for developing hand-eye coordination. They also enable your child’s developmental skills like problem-solving, imagination and decision-making.

Fun Nursery Ideas For Your Little One’s Room

From the time that you introduce your little one to their own room, it will become ‘their’ space, a place they will occupy most of the time while they’re home, a room that will contain all their essentials and knick-knacks. Decorating the nursery is one of the most fun parts of becoming a new parent, and is something that should ideally be done before the baby arrives, while you’re still comfortable moving around, and especially if you’re planning on getting the room re-painted (which in all probability you will).

Ensure that you buy furniture which can be used now, as well as come handy when baby is older. See that the furniture is of medium height, neither too high nor too low, so that your baby can use them as the years pass by. In the initial few months, you too would be spending a considerable time in the nursery, so it needs to be comfortable for you both, and safe and hygienic for your baby.

Before you begin decorating the nursery, you may need to repaint or use wallpaper. Choose colours that are bright, yet not too loud, like greens, blues, pinks, yellows, oranges, lavender. Doing up the room in neutral colours (other than the clichéd blues and pinks) will help in case of more than one child. You may decorate the walls by using stencil art, stickers,  colorful picture frames, child-friendly clocks, patterns, alphabet patterns and much more. Keep space to change and re-do things as little one grows, like making hand-print patterns, framed kid art and the like. You can also use single-sheet story pages and get them framed; not only will these brighten up the room, your baby can later read from the same. Use baby’s pictures, make a family picture tree and mix-and-match the picture frames to create a dramatic wall.

One of the first things you would need when baby comes home is a crib or a baby bed. Go for one that converts into a cot later. For the first few days or weeks, you may want to keep baby near your bed, so get a crib that can attach to your bed, one with a three-way-rail system. Most infant cribs come with pillows and comforters, but if your new-born is sleeping in the crib, make sure to place ALL pillows, throws and comforters outside the crib, as these can cause infant suffocation. Your baby will be comfortable in proper warm sleeping pyjamas, so no added blankets required. Choose the right pillows and bed sets.

If your baby is a little older and can now sleep on a full-size bed, go for a pull-out kid cot or pull-out couch that can accommodate guests later. A bunk-bed is another great option as this will save space and provide adequate sleeping space for multiple kids, kiddie sleep-overs as well as for grown-ups.

As a new mum, you’ll be spending a lot of time in baby’s nursery, so make sure it’s comfortable for you too. If you’re going to feed baby in the nursery, get a comfortable rocking chair to sit in while you feed, and if you want to give those tired feet some rest, get a foot stool. These can later be shifted to your bedroom once baby overgrows feeding. Add cushions and rugs to make it cosy and easy to feed.

Many parents change a baby on the bed, but this is an extremely unhygienic practice. Get a bureau and attach removable rails on top, so that once your baby is out of diapers, you can remove the rails and use it as a storage option instead.

With a baby in the house, you can never have enough storage, so go for smart storage ideas like beds with storage, boxes designed to look like bunk-bed ladders/steps, window seats that can double up as storage. You can also keep a collection of baskets and bins to hold things like toys, board games, diapers, towels, baby bath accessories, art and craft supplies and other small items. If you don’t want to spend on much furniture right now, place low-height plastic storage trays under baby’s crib or bed to hold essentials. Cloth storage racks place alongside the crib or baby bed are a great way to hold essentials.

A nursery is a great place to introduce your baby to reading, so make sure you keep some space for books. Bookshelves, book racks, or a comfortable window-seat converted to a reading area, complete with rugs, cushions, pillows and a handy book basket will help your child’s interest in reading.

While baby will make the transition to a separate room, it’s extremely important to make sure that the lighting in the nursery is adequate – not too bright, yet not very dim. A good idea is to get lights that can be controlled with a regulator, to brighten up when you want to read out stories to little one, and dimmed when baby is sleeping. You can get multiple lamps and shades to make the room interesting and cosy. Sensor-lights are another option that comes handy when your toddler sleeps alone.

An easy-to-wash colourful rug is a good idea to brighten up the room and make a cosy place for baby to play on the floor.

Remember, the nursery should be a reflection of what your baby likes and how it connects to a little one, not just what you like. Though we love doing up a kids’ room, in the end, it’s just that, so it’s okay to go a little overboard, while making sure it’s comfortable, safe, hygienic, stimulating and interesting enough to make baby want to spend time.

Packing the hospital bag

The time that you have been waiting for all the 9 months has finally arrived. You are about to deliver! Much as the fact that you are pretty excited, you also need to be prepared when you go to the hospital. Here are a list of things that are a must-have in your bag. Oh yes, first of all buy a bag 🙂 and also a diaper bag that you will need to store all the baby stuff. Let us make a checklist for you, the mommy first. Here is a list of what we think you would require when you check in to a hospital for your delivery:

  1. A comfortable pair of night dresses/ gowns that you can discard post delivery
  2. A comfortable pillow if you need one. Nursing pillows to use post delivery.
  3. Cameras and camcorders if you want to record the delivery
  4. A pen/pencil and a note book to make a note of the feed timings of the baby
  5. Nursing tops that can be used post delivery
  6. Socks that you can discard because you could end up walking up and down your room during labour.
  7. Gifts for the baby’s older sibling if any.
  8. A bathing robe or towel
  9. Undergarments
  10. Nursing bra’s and nursing pads
  11. Toiletries to wash yourself
  12. Combs, rubber bands if you have long hair, lip balms
  13. A stock of sanitary napkins

Now that you have a diaper bag ready, let’s make a checklist of what you require for the baby. Here we go,

  1. A packet of new born diapers
  2. A packet of wipes
  3. A roll of sterlised cotton or cotton buds
  4. Ganji’s or vests for the new born
  5. Baby bedsheets/ blankets to swaddle the child
  6. Baby bib to use when you are feeding
  7. Protector mats that will not wet the bedding
  8. A soft towel for the baby
  9. Wash cloths to wipe the baby
  10. Toiletries you will require to bathe the baby.

Hauck Bouncer – Esprit Garden Party

Hauck Bouncer - Esprit Garden Party

Hauck Bouncer – Esprit Garden Party

A comfortable and highly functional rocker – including plush figures.

The rocking movement of the Esprit Bungee Deluxe guarantees optimum comfort for your child and the plush toys encourage playing skills.

The soft padded backrest has a single handed 3-way adjust mechanism. There is an extra head support for newborns which can be removed as baby grows. The rocker bars are lockable so your child can comfortably sleep or be fed and the carry handles make this bouncer easy to carry around.

All bouncers by Esprit are tested to the latest European standards.

Price : Rs. 4650.00

Buy Now

Hauck Dream N Play Mobile – Disney Pooh Bus

Hauck Dream N Play Mobile - Disney Pooh Bus

Hauck Dream N Play Mobile – Disney Pooh Bus

Sleep, relax and play with the Disney Dream’s Play Mobile

The Dream’s Play mobile travel cot from Disney is the ideal travelling companion for modern parents. It folds up small so can be stored to save space and can be easily stowed in the smallest of car boots.

The two solid ends and two mesh sides are decorated with Pooh and his friends and let you keep a close whatch on baby.
In addition, the bed has two wheels, so it can be moved easily to another location. The large 60 x 120 cm. floor area gives plenty of space for sleeping or playing. Mattress and carrying bag included.

All Disney travel beds are tested according to the latest European standards and comply with EN 716 part 1 +2:2008, and EN 12227

Price : Rs. 10220.00

Buy Now

Hauck – Dream N Play Travel Cot Ocean Blue

Hauck - Dream N Play Travel Cot Ocean Blue

Hauck – Dream N Play Travel Cot Ocean Blue

The mobile travel cot for on the go – ideal for home or travel!

The Dream’n play travel cot is easy to assemble and takes almost no time to collapse. Very small when folded, thus making it flexible and space saving. Supplied with a mattress (60 x 120 cm) and carry bag with handles. The mattress cover is made of 100% easy care nylon and is washable.

Price : Rs. 4425.00

Buy Now

Hauck – Dream N Play Esprit

Hauck - Dream N Play Esprit

Hauck – Dream N Play Esprit

Travel Cot is easy to assemble and takes almost no time to collapse.

The mobile travel cot for on the go – ideal for home or travel.

The Dream’s play travel cot is easy to assemble and takes almost no time to collapse. Very small when folded, thus making it flexible and space saving. Supplied with a mattress (60 x 120 cm.) and carry bag with handles. The mattress cover is made of 100% easy care nylon and is washable.

All travel cots by hauck comply with the latest European standard EN 716-1 +2:2008.

Price : Rs. 6095.00

Buy Now

Hauck – Rio Disney Cars Track

Hauck - Rio Disney Cars Track

Hauck – Rio Disney Cars Track

Extra light aluminum stroller in a unique Disney design.

Children love all things Disney and with these individual designs your child will feel special.
Thanks to its lightweight aluminum frame and swivel front wheels, the Rio is easy to maneuver. Using the height-adjustable handlebar grips, you can adjust the stroller to your size.

The Rio offers optimum comfort and safety for your child with its rear wheel suspension and 5-point padded harness. The 4-position backrest and 3-position footrest make this a versatile all rounder. There is a large shopping basket and the detachable hood protects from sun and rain.

The versatile Rio is at home in any situation.

The Disney Rio is tested according to the latest European standards and complies with the EN 1888th

Features & Dimensions :

  • Width 49 cm
  • Length folded 112 cm
  • Width folded 30 cm
  • Height folded 58 cm
  • Handle height 109 cm
  • Swivel/locking front wheels : Yes
  • Length of seat and back rest : 20/80 cm
  • Shopping Basket : Yes
  • Detachable hood : Yes
  • Seat width 30 cm
  • Footrest : Yes
Price : Rs. 11250.00

Hauck Outdoor – Basic Red

Hauck Outdoor - Basic Red

Hauck Outdoor – Basic Red

6 wheeled light weight foldable stroller that is easy to maneuver and control apart from being light weight and easy to put away and store!

The Outdoor from Hauck is suitable right from your child’s birth, preferably after the third month. It is a reliable stroller that focuses on your baby’s comfort and safety. Light weight and easy assemble as well as put away, the stroller is a compact one that easily fits in the boot of your car.

A 5-point safety harness is provided for your baby’s safety. Taking care of your baby’s comfort are padded seat units. The backrest can be adjusted in different positions for your baby to sit down, recline a bit or sleep comfortably. The stroller also has a big shopping bag to store all your essentials and keep your hands free.

Another important feature is the lockable front swivel wheels for you to maneuver the stroller easily. The stroller has 6 wheels made of plastic and a suspension system to go with it to make movement on every terrain comfortable for you and your baby.

Price : Rs. 5695.00

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Hauck Sport – Original Minnie Pink by Disney Baby

Hauck Sport - Original Minnie Pink by Disney Baby

Hauck Sport – Original Minnie Pink by Disney Baby

Lightness and Agility, 6 wheeled buggy that is easy to manage and put away!

The Hauck Sport is a reliable companion designed to make sure that your baby is comfortable during your shopping trips. It is an ideal option if your baby has crossed 3 months of age and you are looking for a buggy that is lightweight and easily maneuverable.

The buggy comprises of a wide galore of features and to top it all, it is very reasonably priced. Apart from being lightweight, it is extremely easy to put away too. To make your shopping trip simpler, the buggy can be easily maneuvered which is ensured by its swivel or locked front wheels. The buggy has 6 wheels of 14 cm diameter that are made of plastic. It also has a conformable foam handle and an extra-large shopping basket.

The buggy also ensures your baby’s comfort as it has a reclining back rest, 5 point adjustable leg rest and an adjustable footrest. The large foldable canopy is quite a surprise as it is rarely seen in other lightweight buggies. Taking care of your little one’s safety are a 5-point harness, double-parking brake on rear wheels and a bumper bar for something your baby can hold on to in case of rough terrain.

Price : Rs. 5195.00

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Hauck Jeep Shopper 6- Set Red Black

Hauck Jeep Shopper 6- Set Red Black

Hauck Jeep Shopper 6- Set Red Black

The Shopper 6 Set from JEEP has everything for a family outing

Included are the Shopper 6 stroller, Zero Plus (0 +) car seat, foot muff, changing bag and rain cover – all in a great JEEP Design!

The practical lightweight Shopper 6 has many features: Adjustable back and footrests, 5-point safety harness, a parent tray attached to the handle with drinks holder and air chamber tyres which are suitable on any surface.

For babies first months there is the Zero Plus Group 0+ car seat. The soft interior and the award winning side impact system provide the best possible safety.

Accessories include a foot muff for cooler days and a rain cover to protect against rain or snow. The practical diaper bag has plenty storage space for diapers and bottles etc.

The Shopper 6 from JEEP is tested according to the latest European standards and complies with the EN 1888th


Dimensions and Features :

  • Shopper with Car Seat ( Zero Plus ) Group 0+, Foot muff, Changing Bag and Canopy
  • Steel tube frame
  • Locking brake acting on both sides
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Front wheels swivel/lock
  • Back wheels: single wheels
  • Wheels easy to put on
  • Removable cover, hand washable
  • Removable canopy, hand washable
  • Outer material: 100 % pol:- Yes.ter; filling: 100 % pol:- Yes.ter fleece
  • Parent tray on handlebar
  • Dimensions opened out (max.): Length 94 cm., Width 49 cm., Height 103 cm.
  • Dimensions folded together (min.): Length 90 cm., Width 49 cm., Depth 35 cm.
  • Weight 7.5 kg
  • Length seat, back and reclining platform: Seat 15 cm., Back 44 cm., Reclining platform 71 cm.
  • Seat width: 32 cm.
  • Wheel diameter: front 18 cm., back 19 cm.
  • Wheel type: plastic wheels
  • Swivel/locking front wheels (360°)
  • Back adjusts to any position with pull mechanism, Reclining position 156°, Sitting position 104°
  • Suspension acting on back axle
  • Removable front bar
  • 4-position adjustable footrest
  • Removable canopy
  • Large shopping basket
  • Includes car seat that combines with Shop’s Drive system, Zero Plus easy fix system (no adapter)
  • Safety tested (TÜV Thüringen)
Price : Rs. 16990.00

Hauck – Speed Sun Plus

Hauck - Speed Sun Plus

Hauck – Speed Sun Plus

The ideal stroller for all occasions!

The Speed Sun Plus with its proven design and easy maneuverability makes it an ideal city shopper. Thanks to its lightweight frame with carry handle and compact size when folded it is easy to use on all public transport.

When shopping the swivel front wheels make it easy to manoeuvre and the large shopping basket is ideal for storage.

With a 4 position backrest and footrest the Speed Sun Plus is suitable from birth and the padded arm rest provides extra comfort. 5-point safety harness keeps your child safe.

All hauck car seats and strollers comply with the latest European standards.

Stroller Dimension

  • Height of handle from ground – 104cm
  • Width of handle – 50cm (approx)
  • Length of seat – 78cm
  • Width of seat – 20cm (approx)
Price : Rs. 7650.00

Hauck Run – Benjamin Silver

Hauck Run - Benjamin Silver

Hauck Run – Benjamin Silver

A small, lightweight buggy!

The Run is very easy to fold and saves space, sofits into even the smallest car boot. The perfect holiday companion!

The Run is tailored to the needs of youngchildren who can already walk. A stable back support and 5-point safety harnesskeep a child well supported and secure. The swivel front wheels make this buggyextremely agile. The ideal run about whether around town or on holiday.

All Hauck car seats and strollers comply with the latest European standards.

Stroller Dimension

  • Height of handle from ground – 97cm
  • Width of handle – 46cm (approx)
  • Length of seat – 23cm (approx)
  • Width of seat – 30cm (approx)
Price : Rs. 2900.00

Hauck- Highchair (Up and Down)

Hauck- Highchair (Up and Down)

Hauck- Highchair (Up and Down)

Circus, A comfortable and adjustable high chair

With the Up’n Down M high chair your baby eats with you at table height

  • The seat is height adjustable and can be adapted to different table heights
  • The large plastic tray can be used for eating or playing and is removable and washable
  • The frame of the Up’n Down M has 2 rear wheels for easy movement
  • Below the frame a large storage basket provides space for toys or accessories
  • The wide seat with high back make this an enjoyable experience
  • The backrest can be adjusted to different angles and the footrest is adjustable also
  • The comfortable 5-point harness gives a secure fit
  • The Up’n Down M can be folded flat to save space
  • The Up’n Down M is TÜV tested and complies with current European safety standard EN 14988 1 +2:2006-06
Price : Rs. 8750.00

Hauck- Highchair (Mac Baby Deluxe)

Hauck- Highchair (I sing all Day)

Hauck- Highchair (Mac Baby Deluxe)

Sing all Day, The practical Mac Baby Deluxe

The Mac Baby Deluxe Highchair is perfect for mealtimes

  • The large food tray with cup recess time can be cleaned in a jiffy
  • Thanks to a fixed footrest and 5-point harness, your child sits comfortably and safely in the high-back seat
  • The chair of tubular steel construction, can be folded flat for storage and saves space
  • The Mac Baby Deluxe is TÜV tested and complies with European safety standard EN 14988 1 +2006: 03
Price : Rs. 3900.00

Hauck- Highchair (Mac Baby Deluxe)

Hauck- Highchair (Mac Baby Deluxe)

Hauck- Highchair (Mac Baby Deluxe)

Playpark, The practical Mac Baby Deluxe

The Mac Baby Deluxe Highchair is perfect for mealtimes

  • The large food tray with cup recess time can be cleaned in a jiffy
  • Thanks to a fixed footrest and 5-point harness, your child sits comfortably and safely in the high-back seat
  • The chair of tubular steel construction, can be folded flat for storage and saves space
  • The Mac Baby Deluxe is TÜV tested and complies with European safety standard EN 14988 1 +2006: 03
Price : Rs. 3900.00

Hauck – Highchair (Mac Baby Deluxe)

Hauck - Highchair (Mac Baby Deluxe)

Hauck – Highchair (Mac Baby Deluxe)

Pooh Reflection Navy

The Hauck Disney Mac Baby Deluxe Highchair is extremely compact when folded for easy storage

  • Deluxe padded seat pad
  • Folds flat
  • High backrest
  • Footrest
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Large eating tray with moulding for beaker
Price : Rs. 4600.00
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