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Finding The Right Books To Read With Your Child

child and mom readingReading is an extremely healthy habit that all of us should develop. Good habits have to be inculcated in a child right from his childhood so that it remains with him all throughout his lifetime. If you develop reading habits from a very young age, your child will retain the same later in life.

It is even recommended that would-be-mothers create the habit of reading good things as it impacts the child growing inside. Even while your kid is very small, try reading different things to him. You will notice that he will develop the habit of listening to things while you read out aloud to him.

Choosing books for toddlers

It is quite natural that toddlers will not be interested in books, which have only black texts in them. Rather they will find books interesting that has lots of colors, pictures and attractive items with minimal text in them.

There are interesting toddler books explaining simple actions like saying hello or bye and child learn fast when they see something and do the same. There are bedtime stories books as well which parents can read to their child and make him fall asleep. Interesting graphics and pictures in these books make them a favorite with the kid.

Books for pre-school goers

This age is a delicate one when the child is around 3 to 4 years old. At this stage children love story books as they can read some simple lines. Fairy tales are also very popular with kids. It is quite interesting to see that, on hearing different kinds of stories from the books, children create a new world of their own using their own imagination.

Reading fairy tales helps build your child’s imagination and creativity. Along with fictional books, various kinds of non-fictional books also attract kids through which they learn new things while enjoying reading. At this age, kids are also fascinated by ebooks available online. It may be worthwhile to invest in a few that they can read on your tablet or iPad.

Books for school-going kids

Along with interesting story books, kids are also interested in books that have fascinating facts about the world, books on general knowledge, poems and classic stories. Some kids are extremely fond of historical books and they create imagery in their mind about the past. The Amar Chitra Katha collection and Tinkle books are a fantastic addition to any child’s library.

It may be worthwhile investing in an online encyclopedia on CD, that often comes along with interactive features. Along with enhancing knowledge, reading books also improves the vocabulary of the child considerably.

There are only benefits to introducing your child to the world of books and as the saying goes, “Children are made readers in the laps of their parents.” So take your child in your lap today and introduce them to a world of knowledge and fantasy.

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Playing With Your Kids – Games For Preschoolers

finger paintingIf you take a look at children in today’s generation, you will be surprised to see how smart they are. At the age of three to four, they can do things that might be attempted by a kid of say 7 to 8 years.

The IQ level of kids now is amazing. Since your child is getting smarter, it is also important for you to be upgraded. Kids always love when their parents play with them.

If your kid is a preschooler, here are some interesting games that you can try for your little champion. The games below are sure to help in the overall development of your child.

• Reading alphabets

Whether you are playing games with your kids online or offline, you can let your toddler learn alphabets and letters easily while playing games. If you go to a kids’ store, you can find colorful blocks or wooden trays of English alphabets that will make the learning process of the kid happy and interesting. Many fun online games to help them learn their alphabets are also available.

• Understanding colors

This is probably the easiest thing that the kid learns. You can take balls of different colors and spread them in the room. Now ask your kid to bring different colored balls to you. Just see how the little one runs in the room and comes to you with the colored ball. How proud would you feel when the kid selects the right colored ball!

• Identifying body parts

One of the most common questions that kids are asked during preschool interviews are to identify their body parts like eyes, ears, nose, and hands and so on. Arrange an interesting game at home and let your child learn about the important body parts. Online games are also available that helps the child in understanding his body parts.

• Knowledge on numbers

Teaching kids numbers can be real fun. Bring things that interest them like toys, chocolates and other stuff. Ask them the numbers. Numbers can be taught easily while playing. Also let them identify the numeric. So, next time they see 2 written, they know it is two.

• Songs and rhymes

Any child loves songs and rhymes. You can sing some toddler songs to them or recite rhymes. You will see how much the kid enjoys these games. Once you complete, ask your little one to repeat them. They will repeat the song or rhyme and feel immensely happy when you appreciate them for doing so. There are many videos and singalong CDs available online from where they can learn a lot of fun songs and rhymes.

• Creating art

Fun activities like finger painting, sketching with crayons and creating their own original works of art can be an amazing way to keep your little preschooler busy for hours. Just make safe all their art supplies are safe and that you supervise their efforts. Don’t forget to give them a corner of your home to showcase their artworks. That will make them so happy.

Try and make your kids play physical games as much as possible as it makes them healthy and also lets them experience their world in a real way. We hope these tips will keep you busy entertaining your preschooler for hours on end.

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Toy Safety: How To Choose Safe Toys For Your Kids

baby with toyKids and toys seem to be inseparable from one another. If you enter a kid’s room, you will find all kinds of toys here and there. It is sheer joy to note the happiness on your kid’s face when you bring a new toy for them.

However, it is also important to note that if the right kinds of toys are not chosen, they might cause injuries to the child. In some unfortunate events, toys have also caused death in children.

Here are some safety rules that you must follow while purchasing toys for your little one:

  • Purchase toys that are made of natural and non-toxic materials. This is highly applicable for kids who are 1 year old or younger. At this age, children have the tendency of touching everything and then putting it directly in their mouth.
  • Buy toys according to age recommendations. This will help you in buying the toy that will be suitable for your kid’s age and his skill level.
  • For very young kids, choose to buy toys that are large in size. This is so that, in case they put the toy in their mouth, there are no chances of getting choked by the same. Good toy shops have testers that help test if the toy is safe for the child.
  • Do not give small kids things like coins, marbles, small balls and other small objects as these can be swallowed easily and can cause immediate choking. These might get stuck in the windpipe leading to difficulty in breathing and might cause death if right action is not taken at proper time.
  • Before handing over the toy to the child, check the same minutely for sharp edges or small loose parts. The child might get hurt from the sharp edges. Also if parts of toys like eyes, buttons, wheels etc are loose tighten them first. See that there are no loose ends on the toy.
  • If toys are battery operated ones, see that the case of the battery is closed tightly with screws. Do not give battery operated toys to small children. Children have a tendency of opening the case and taking out the battery. Sometimes there might be leakage from the battery and opening the case might cause serious problems.
  • It is also recommended that you avoid toys that have cords and strings attached to them as they might cause strangling.

So, next time before buying a toy for your little one, keep these simple things in mind for their safety and help your child enjoy their time playing with their toys.

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Backpack Safety: Helping Your Kids Manage Heavy Backpacks

kids backpackIf you notice school going kids nowadays, you’ll see that they carry heavy backpacks on the shoulders.

Some of the kids literally struggle to walk with the heavy backpack and it can be a source of injuries to the child’s back, spine or neck.

Kids usually stuff their bags with all their books, notebooks and stationery items, making the bag very heavy.

Research all over the world has shown that many children carry backpacks, the weight of which is almost 10-15% of the body weight of the kid.

This is actually an alarming weight that is being carried by your child. Here are some of the problems that are caused by heavy backpacks, with solutions to the same:

• Many children take the backpacks on a single shoulder as that makes them look smart. However, this can cause grave injuries as the whole weight comes to a single side of the body.

There are high chances of shoulder and neck straining or there can be injuries to the lower back and spine while trying to adjust the load on single shoulder.

Parents should suggest their children carry the backpack on both shoulders to distribute the load evenly.

• Backpacks which have narrow and tight straps should be shunned completely. When the bag becomes too heavy, the narrow strap tends to dig into the skin of the shoulder obstructing blood flow and also puts pressure on the nerves.

It might lead to various kinds of neurological problems in the arm and shoulder area. Buy backpacks that have wide and soft straps so that the straps can take the pressure and shoulders remain relieved.

• Most the ordinary backpacks lack back support causing immense pain in the back area. While purchasing backpacks ensure that there is firm back support, such as padded protection to the back. That way your kid’s back remains protected from sharp objects that are inside the bag.

• Children tend to stuff all their belongings in a single compartment of the bag. The weight shifts to a single point and becomes too heavy.

It is highly recommended for parents to purchase back packs that have many compartments and ask the child to arrange things in different partitions. This will distribute the load of the bag uniformly.

• You can often see that children fall backwards if they cannot manage their backpack. This happens because the whole weight is towards the back side and losing balance will let the kid fall towards the back.

A waist belt in the backpack can be of help. It will help in distributing the weight effectively over the rest of the body.

For quality backpacks, you can choose from a large selection on

How To Buy Your Child’s First Bicycle

341054aWondering how to choose your child’s first bicycle? Read on for all the information that you require to choose the right bike for your little rider.

After you are sure that your little one is ready to ride their own bicycle, consider investing in one. Controlling and balancing the bike will take some practice but it’s a learned skill and most kids pick it up quickly.

With so many different options available in the market, the local bike shop is the perfect place to choose your child’s first bicycle. However you can also make your final purchase online once you have explored the options below.

An expert sales representatives will be able to help you select the right bicycle size and type for your child’s needs. He or she will also ensure all brakes and gears are set up properly.

Size and Weight Matters:

The size of the bicycle is the most important consideration to take care of when buying your child’s first bicycle. This is especially important if the child is still learning to ride or not very confident.

A confident rider should be able to touch the ground with their feet and maneuver the handlebars while seated on the bike seat.

The best way to check if the size of the bicycle is right, is to make your child sit on it and check if the child’s legs can reach the ground without straining or stretching.

The child should be able to reach out for the brakes while seated. It is also a good idea to consider bikes that are fitted with front and back brakes. Moreover, the child should be able to hold the handlebars without lifting their bottom from the seat.

Finally, ensure that child can place one foot on the ground while both hands are placed on the handlebar. If the position is comfortable, then the bicycle size is correct.

If the bike feels heavy to you, imagine how heavy it would be for the child to handle. Most first time bikers find it difficult to support the bike’s weight before they set off. Lighter bicycles might be more expensive, but they are probably well worth it.

Your child might also have their own preference in terms of choosing between a Barbie Super Girls Bicycle or an Avon Joysun Bicycle.

Training Wheels: If your child is not comfortable riding a two-wheeler, you may consider investing in a pair of training wheels to help them get started on.

Vacationing With Kids – How To Enjoy More And Worry Less

vacation with kidsGetting a chance to travel with your children can turn out to be one of the most memorable experiences for both you and the child.

Though you may miss your European backpacking days or Caribbean cruising days, vacationing with kids can be different but fun.

With all the additional gear to pack and extra safety factors to consider, there may be times when you wished you’d just stayed home.

There may be times when you might have to deal with kids getting on your nerves with their cranky behavior and tantrums.

Read on for a short guide with some tips to help you reduce the stress and keep the fun alive on the vacation for everyone.

1. Allow Them to Pack By Themselves: Let the children do their own packing. Give them a little direction by giving them a packing list with instructions. By letting them do so, they would feel more involved and would look forward to the vacation.

2. Do Things that Kids Enjoy: While you may not enjoy a hotel with water slides and other rides, chances are your kids would. As such, hotels would keep the engaged and happy with something enjoyable to do. Surely, your little one would not enjoy being tagged around at museums. Do what they like and what they enjoy. Try making the vacation educational (to some extent), yet fun.

3. Maintain a Routine: Children love routine and tend to get cranky when it is interrupted. Try to organize your travel at times that will not disrupt their sleep or other usual routines. Also, consider vacationing somewhere close to hime. A child really does not care whether it is a beach in Goa or Pattaya. For them it is just a beach.

4. Dining Out: With young kids, you might want to consider saying a no to formal restaurants. However, if you do plan to indulge, ensure your child has a fun time so that they are content and less likely to be cranky in a formal setting.

5. Illness and Emergencies: Always carry a first aid kit and basic medication that your little one might possibly need in times of emergencies. You never know if essential medicines are available where you are going.

6. Keep them Entertained: If you plan to do a road trip or take a long flight, consider carrying some toys or gadgets the kids would enjoy playing with. A Sony PSP or card games like Uno, that they can play on the flight, might be ideal.

7. Expect the Unexpected: To cater to unexpected illness or mood swings, always consider putting in a free day into your itinerary, just in case you miss out on some sightseeing or shopping. Try to go with the flow and treat it like an adventure to be conquered.

8. Slow Down the Pace: Do not pressure your child to do too many things in too little time. Consider visiting few sights to make them more enjoyable and less stressed. Also, take a few breaks every now and then.

9. Alone Time: If you would like some alone time with your spouse, you might want to consider arranging for some babysitting facilities with the hotel. This will allow you to spend some quality time with your partner, while your children are kept busy elsewhere and taken proper care of.

Now that you have these tips for your vacation, do share where you are planning to go this summer. Bon voyage.


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How To Buy: Toys That Develop Speech

My First Mobile Play And Learn ToyIt’s not uncommon for some kids to develop speech a little late than average. However, as a concerned parent, there is a lot that you can do to move them along the path of learning. Here are some toys that can encourage your little one to start babbling their first words.

Toy Phones

Which little one doesn’t love imitating it’s parents talking on their cellphones. Get your child a little toy phone and they will begin to imitate you talking too. The Littles My First Mobile is a great option for tiny hands.

Pretend Play

Toys that encourage pretend play can encourage the child to act out different roles, either by itself or with parents or other kids. This not only enhances social interaction but also the development of interactions that encourage speaking. A Sweetheart playhouse can provide hours of exciting pretend play options for your kids and their friends.

Baby Dolls

Baby Dolls are the best way to give kids a company of their own size and stature. There are so many ways that a kid can interact with a lie size baby doll – feed it, bathe it, dress it, etc. They may even start interacting and imitating parents as they become the care taker of the doll!

Singalong Toys

Singing with your baby is one of the most enjoyable ways to teach them language. So if you want your baby to learn new words in a fun way, this Disney Pre-School Sing Along CD may be just the thing for you.

It is also believed that the best of toys aren’t toys at all! Run along with your kid, sing with them, speak and cuddle and engage their curiosity. Speak to them in full sentences and soon they will start responding back.

How To Buy: Toys That Develop Hand Eye Coordination

angry birds punching bagWhether it is the head start you are looking to give your kid or working on developmental delays, toys focusing on hand eye coordination and other motor skills can introduce a combined share or fun and learning.

Toys for developing hand eye coordination have been used from time immemorial. The best we remember are the tinker toys. However, today, we have lot many alternatives, including puzzles, video games and interactive jigsaws.

It is curiosity and the urge to be appreciated that makes kids piece together puzzles. They can be used in a fun way to help their motor skills too.

Tinker Toys

Construction toys, such as the ones made by Lego, have always been favorite educational gifts from parents. Even today, they are available in several forms.

Construction sets can contain spools, bricks, flags, end caps and everything else that can help the child come up with a single building or a whole empire with guards! Just make sure you buy toys appropriate for your child’s age to minimize the danger of choking on tiny blocks.

Pull Along Toys

Pull-along toys allow for building great hand eye coordination and have been a traditional pick for developing motor skills. A little pull along doggie could be your child’s very first companion, while little girls might prefer a Musical Princess Cozy Coupe.

Video Games

If your child is old enough to operate the mouse, video games like the Toy Story 3 and Super Mario can be amazing tools to help their motor skills. They foster great hand eye coordination and the graphics ensure that they remain interested and try hard to make it to the last level.

Mobile Apps

Gaming has become more portable than ever. There are several game apps designed for kids of different ages that seek to improve their hand eye coordination. These are perhaps the easiest options and help to keep kids engaged beneficially.

Other than these there are several crib toys that can be operated on the floor, like this adorable Angry Birds punching bag. If your baby is just leaning to stand up, these toys will help them get their balance and eventually walk straight to these interesting and curious toys. The only thing you need to do is encourage learning and exploring. It is curiosity that makes a kid grow us well.

Hand eye coordination is essential for a child to be self dependent faster. You would definitely want them to learn to manage their potty functions, reach out to things, eat by themselves and other things. Research well and give a more educational edge to toys than just fun and excitement.

How To Buy: Toys That Develop Creativity

pianoAlmost all toys develop a child’s creativity and imagination. When they play, their imagination and creativity skills are put to use to explore the features of the toy or gadget.

Open-ended toys tend to provide more creative play opportunities as they provide ample scope for experimentation. Other toys like pretend role-play also encourage children to use their imagination and think creatively.

Learn more about the toys that you might want to invest in to develop your child’s creativity.

Open-End Toys

Open-end toys like stacking cups, building blocks, paint supplies or playdoh are excellent toys and activities to develop your little one’s creativity.

It is amazing how the creativity grows from year after year with stacking cups and blocks. While in the first year, your child’s block tower might not have any meaning, in the coming years, it may be a farm on one day or a school on another.

Kids use their imagination and create typical set-ups with their stacking toys. In addition to creativity, at a younger age, children learn how to stack or sort them (as per size, dimensions or color), teaching them necessary motor skills.

Art And Craft Activities

Art and craft activities allow the child to develop a range of skills, as there is so much more room for imagination. Simply supply your child with age-appropriate material and see what they make out of it.

For infants, consider making homemade edible playdoh or allow them to finger paint with colorful yoghurt. Older kids can create their masterpieces with playdoh and finger painting kits available in the market.

Pretend Role-play

Role-play activities or pretend toys like plastic foods or vehicles or figurines will allow your child to make up stories and creative settings to include their pretend toys.

For example, with the help of a kitchen set and some pretend food, the child can have his or her own restaurant or picnic. Alternatively, your little one who loves her dolls can hold a tea party for her doll friends, ensuring a lot of creative touch in the play.

Musical Toys

Musical toys include musical instruments like drums, pianos, guitars and many more. These wonderful toys come with easy instructions and give ample guidance to foster your child’s creativity.

To conclude, no matter what toys you choose, it is important to foster the child’s creative development by being an active participant in their playtime activities by helping them develop new settings and scenarios with their toys.


Is Using Diapers 24×7 Harmful To My Baby: SOS Moms Reply

baby disposable diapersSana Khowaja wrote to us about a concern she has for her 4 month old baby boy. She says that she uses diapers 24×7 and would like to know if this is harmful to her baby. She is concerned for her baby’s health and has asked for some advice.

We asked our community of moms what they thought about this issue and have compiled their replies below.

When your child is very young, a lot of parents like using disposable diapers because of the convenience. This can not only be expensive for you but is also harmful to the environment.

There are also harmful chemicals present in diapers and some of these can be absorbed through your child’s delicate skin and can also cause rashes and allergies, so make sure you are using a good quality brand of disposable diaper.

Changing over to cloth diapers might be a better way to make a healthier choice for both, your baby and the environment. Organic cloth diapers are expensive, but they come with microfiber inserts and fit all sizes.

Brands like Bum Genius and Bum Chum are cloth diapers but they keep the baby’s bottom dry. They are highly absorbent, eco-friendly and cost-effective. You can get these diapers from

Using disposables 24×7 can also make it more difficult to potty train your child. It might be a good idea to use diapers only at night, when you want to get an uninterrupted sleep, or when going out, or if it is rainy or too cold, or if an older child is unwell and may wet the bed.

You can also use a Quick Dry bed protector along with the cloth diaper. During the day you could lay the baby on this mat without a diaper, because the mat soaks wetness and keeps the baby dry. It will also give your baby’s skin some breathing time. At night, apply coconut oil or Himalaya rash cream to avoid rashes.

Thanks to all these parents for their great advice:

Anshu Duggal, Sakeena Ali, Vijayalakshmi Shanmugam, Jayita Sen Singha, Sangeeta Apoorv, Shuchita Gupta, Papiya Dawn, Fathima Sabana Fuad, Mary Niangliankim Zo, Parita Shah, Jaya Singhal Goyal, Vani Amarnath, Neha Kshitij Sagar, Nirmi Bisht, Amanpreet Bawa, Suman Singh, Sarika Singh, Amanpreet Bawa, Sarla Amit Kumar, Siya Borkar, Kaitki Nandan, Bindu Satish Nair, Padmavathi Meduri, Spanish Harlem, Ashwini Athani, Ashu Khatter, Anurita Ghosh Vagal, Pallabi Goswami Sarma Shachi Nilesh Atharv, Priyanka Darda, Siddhi Sharma, Christina Harijan, Vijaya Reddy, Sunita V. Patil, Sudeshna Patnaik, Pallabi Goswami Sarma, Sangeeta Apoorv, Neha Kshitij Sagar, Srila Panda, Shwetha Phaneendra, Rachna Kaul, Neha Kumra, Nainaysh Ibrath, Renauld Susanna, Ruchi Ravi Purwar, Priya Candida, Anupriya Bagga, Nassia Jasmine, JJ Sonia Kathet, Deepa Kanhere Takalkar, Aman Tiwari, Swapnila Sameer More, Rakesh Pahari, Swati Agarwalla, Jasmeet Kaur

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How To Buy: Toys That Develop Curiosity

126747aBeing able to respond and interact with the five basic senses is an important part of a child’s development. As they grow up by observing their surrounding, they are better able to distinguish between good from bad smells, sights, sounds and other sensations.

It is curiosity that helps them interact and understand everything they come across. More importantly, they get to understand themselves better. Curiosity is learning and when buying gifts and toys for your kids, keep this in mind.

• Games and toys are the best way to encourage a kid take an interest in play and understand their surroundings. While kids are more inquisitive about their own belongings – toys, books and other objects – this is also the best way to foster curiosity. Bring home toys that move, make sound, spray water and interact. They will love it and try to understand and imitate.

• Exploring the natural surroundings is a good way to encourage curiosity. Gift your kids toys that have to be used outdoors such as tricycles, trains, remote controlled helicopters and similar things that will make them get out there.

Building blocks and the urge to create things also helps the development of curiosity. Toys should encourage your little one’s mind to ask questions and understand how things happen. Picture books might be a good option in this category.

New experiences and experiments are at the heart of every kid’s imagination. These are the growing years when they should be allowed to quench their sense of curiosity to the fullest. This is when they ask questions and get to know more about the world.

It is advisable for parents to spend sufficient time with kids such that they have a trustworthy companion they can ask questions and get reliable answers from. Provide them with toys of different colors, different shapes and interesting textures. You might also start introducing them to different smells, flavors and touch sensations.

Toys that stimulate curiosity can include anything like books, building blocks, word search games, sports kits, plane maps, globes, finger painting sets, playdoh, painting supplies. All science inventions start from solving the simple mysteries of real life. It makes children better receptors and improves their mental and physical growth.

You should never do anything to suppress the curiosity of a child. It the garden seems like a dangerous place, accompany them, but never tell them not to go there. Watch them grow knowledgeable and it will change their world and yours too!

How to Buy: Toys That Develop Imagination

finger painting kitYou can nurture your child’s playful mind by promoting open-ended play, independence, inquisitiveness and creativeness through toys that develop imagination.

Children learn new skills almost every day through interactive play and this is why it is important to encourage them to imagine different experiences and scenarios with toys, gadgets and outfits.

Most of the toys that develop imagination require the child to role-play and act out various scenes. By doing so, they are enhancing social skills and decision-making skills.

We tend to undervalue the importance of imaginative play in the development of children’s imagination. Kids tend to learn many practical skills with the help of such activities.

Read on to learn about some easily available toys that will help develop your child’s imagination through play and fun.

Open-Ended Toys: Blocks, Tents or Play-Doh

These toys include games like blocks and stacking toys, which can make up a castle one day, or a barnyard on another. Alternatively, a tent today may become a wild animal den and sometimes a secret reading nook.

Such toys allow the child to do most of the play, as they do not provide any sounds, instructions or actions for them. They allow you to think outside the block box, as there really is no limit to what you both can do together.

Consider playdoh or wet sand which also have unlimited potential when given to children. Most children love the sensory experience of rolling, squishing and manipulating playdoh or clay. Allow them to craft simple things they are familiar with like a ball or stick or their favorite food.

Open-Ended Activities: Painting Supplies

Painting or art and craft can be experimental. Encourage free or finger painting by giving them the supplies and let them run their imagination to make a tower, a happy family or their favorite meal.

Stock up on empty boxes and allow them to decorate them using some of the various art and craft kits that are available at stores.

Stuffed Animals, Dolls or Puppets

Teddy bears are just not for cuddling. Encourage your little one to feed their stuffed animal with a toy spoon or give it its medicine, hold a tea party for several teddy bears and dolls or create a mock school for them.

Puppets can be used in the same way as above. Encourage them to direct their own puppet shows and hold shows for the family.

Dress Up Games

You do not have to go to an expensive costume store to get your child a new play outfit every now and then. Simply look around for old purses, clothes and other accessories that could be used to create the costume. You can also buy a set of baby costumes or a Disney costume for an older child.

Let your kids exercise their imaginations to assemble their outfits. For example, a white coat with some accessories can make your little one a play doctor. No matter how much they might loathe visiting the doctor, they would love to become one and to be the one in control.

So what tips did you use to help your child practice imaginative play? Do share with us in the comments below.

Safety For Little Ones: Tips For Newborns To 5 Year Old

safety lock for drawerChildren fall and tumble and this is a part of life. But there are few things which we could do to make sure that our kids avoid major accidents and injuries.

The house can be a very dangerous place for infants if it is not childproofed properly. Here are a few safety tips which parents should implement to childproof their home for infants and young children.


• Try to change your baby’s nappy on a changing mat on the floor as they may roll off the bed if not supervised.

• Unless the baby is safely in its crib, don’t leave it unattended at any time of the day, even for a second.

• Prevent choking by ensuring nothing goes into their mouth except their own fingers, milk bottle or any safe and chewable teether or toy.

• One of the most common accidents for newborns is falling off high places. Avoid this accident by keeping one hand on your baby at all times or having pillows and cushions around it on the bed or installing a bed guard.

One To Three Year Olds:

• Always keep low furniture away from the windows. Install window locks or safety catches that prevent babies from climbing out.

• Cover all electrical outlets with safety covers and plugs so your little toddler cannot poke its fingers into the plug points and get a shock.

• Attach corner covers on sharp corners of furniture to prevent injuries.

• Don’t ever allow your baby to use a baby walker alone, as they are very dangerous and can cause serious accidents.

• Cover all the gaps between the balcony railings with boards or safety nets.

• Attach safety gates at the top and bottom of the stairs, so that the baby is not able to climb stairs without supervision.

Three To Five Year Olds

• Remove all small items that can easily get stuck in the child’s throat.

• Keep them out of the kitchen, away from kettles, pans and hot oven doors.

• Attach a safety lock on drawers so your child does not get its hand trapped or stuck in them.

• The backyard should be kept safe by having a soft surface underneath.

• Fence the backyard and keep power tools and garden equipment out of their reach.

• Keep all medicines safely locked away in a cabinet. Never leave them lying around the house.

Child safety continues to be one of the most important issues for parents even before the baby comes home from hospital. Most people think of their homes to be safe for their children, but unfortunately this is not true.

There are many objects and areas that adults can handle but might prove dangerous for kids. As a parent, you need to begin inspecting the house and taking measures for your child’s safety.

How To Buy: Clothes For 3 To 5 Year Olds

toddler clothesIt takes a lot of will to not over-load your shopping cart with all the cute and trendy clothes that brand manufacturers are making nowadays. However, what really is important is having just enough comfortable clothing for your active 3 to 5 year old.

At the age of 3, your toddler would be walking and running. Moreover, they would like to stay independent by doing everything by themselves. Thus, it is important to buy clothes that do not obstruct their daily routine and make it easy to do things by themselves without your assistance.


It is important not to splurge too much on toddler clothing. It can be difficult with the amount of variety of clothes available in the market. However, with the rate that your toddler is growing, it is important to restrict over-buying so as to ensure everything is used optimally.

It is a good idea to wait for sales and other bargains and shop during them. Moreover, during off-season sales, consider buying clothes for the next season.


It is important to buy good quality or durable clothes for 3 to 5 year olds as, in addition to the wear and tear during play time, their clothes get dirty quickly and go through multiple washes.


At the age of 3, most kids have certain choices of patterns, images, colors or their favorite cartoons. Try looking for clothes with their favourite characters or patterns to suit their liking to make them exciting and fun to wear.


Toddler skin is soft, sensitive and delicate and it is important to dress your toddler in comfortable, soft and breathable fabrics. Ensure all hooks, snaps, buttons and appliqués are well secured and routinely checked. Make sure there are no loose buttons or detachable objects that can pose a choking hazard.


Buying the correct size is very important. As a general guideline a 3 year old would wear 3T sized clothes that are perfect for those who weigh between 28 to 32 lbs and are 35-37 inches in length.

If your toddler is bigger or smaller than the average peer size, you would have to consider buying bigger or smaller sized clothes.

Consider Your Child’s Independence

Most toddlers like to do things themselves, like pushing their own stroller, feeding themselves or wearing clothes by themselves. Thus, it is a good idea to buy clothes that they can easily wear or take off by themselves with as little frustration as possible.

Trousers or skirts with elastic waists are easier to put on and remove than zipped or buttoned bottoms, while shirts with wider necks or snaps are easier to put on and remove.

Do let us know what your toddler’s favourite clothes are and what you would like to see in the store.

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How To Buy: Clothes For 6-Month Olds

6 month old babyBaby clothing comes in standard sizes. However, all babies are of a different size and shape and moreover, each brand has a specific sizing standard. Thus, it is very important to consult a baby clothes size chart and check your 6-month olds weight before investing in clothes.

Some babies tend to grow quickly and fit straight into bigger clothes while some are slower at 6 months, and this it is best to decide individually, rather than buying a standard 6 to 9 month outfit. The article discusses basic smart guidelines to keep in mind when investing in 6 month old clothes.

Ignore Standard Sizes:

This makes it difficult for parents to buy clothes for their little ones. However it is not that difficult as most major baby clothes brand carry a tag on them that includes the weight and length information of the baby for which it would be apt.

Moreover, most brands have their own sizing charts that can usually been seen at the baby clothes section or on their websites. Considering the baby weight and length when buying clothes would eventually save you from wasting money on baby clothing that may not fit or be used for a very short span of time.

Buy Big:

You may also consider buying bigger clothes unless you are buying pajamas or sleepwear. It sounds absurd to buy clothes that would stick out or not fit appropriately.

However, babies tend to grow out so quickly that they would be perfect in just a couple of weeks. This should surely be followed when buying baby gifts and when you are unsure of how big the baby is.

As a general rule, most 6 month old babies can wear a 9 to 12 month olds outfit. However, it is important to take into consideration seasonal clothing as winter clothes are of no use in summer and vice versa.

Buy Early:

Consider pre-buying clothes of different sizes so that you have a variety of sizes to choose from at any particular age. This way you can also save on some money by shopping during festive or sale season or when you see some attractive bargains.

Do Not Overstock:

Ensure you only invest in what you really need and what you would really use. Do not overstock on any particular size and ensure you’ve got different sizes to cater to your 6 month olds growth.

As a general note, for the 6 month age group you will need a couple of long sleeved or short sleeved bodysuits depending upon the weather, a couple of turtleneck t-shirts or shirts and pants, some outfits for going out, long sleeved jumpers and jackets for cold days, comfortable sleepwear for the night, cotton or warm beanie hats, mittens (if your baby uses them) and lots of socks and booties.

Good luck shopping for your 6-month old baby. Let us know what your favorite items are from the store.

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Baby Proofing Your House: Putting Safety First

baby proofingAn important task when you have a baby in the house is to make it safer for your child. When it comes to baby proofing your home, all you need to do is employ these simple child safety starters and you are on your way to creating a safer environment for your little one.

Pay a visit to the nearest superstore with a baby-proofing aisle and you are sure to find many products that are available to ensure safety for your baby. All you need to do is to include these simple child safety products and implement simple safety measures in your house.



Make sure that the kitchen cupboard, drawers and fridge have locks. Put sharp utensils and cutlery away to where they are not easily accessible by babies.

Don’t let your baby touch the oven door and make sure you do not push any hot drinks and knives to the back of your workup surfaces. If possible, keep your dustbin in a cupboard with a child resistant catch and store plastic bags out of your child’s reach.

Create Safe Havens

Make sure that your baby’s bedroom is well protected with electrical outlet covers, drawer latches, and furniture brackets and definitely with stairway gates. Your baby can then play safely in these spaces without you having to be around always.

Likewise, you may want to mark out certain rooms, like the formal living and dining rooms as baby free zones, so you can still enjoy some adult décor.


Always turn your home water heater down to 120 degrees to prevent the risk of burns on your baby’s soft skin. Never ever leave a child unsupervised in the bathtub with any kind of liquid.

Install toilet seat locks to prevent drowning and place all the medications and cleaning liquids out of your child’s reach. Keep the bathroom door closed when not in use to prevent your child from crawling inside.


If you have a pool, surround it with a fence that has a child resistant gate. Lock away all the garden equipment and pesticides in a secure shed area and check that there are no gaps in your fence or else you may find your little one finding their way out.

In addition, always ensure that low-level windows or doors have safety grills. The carpets shouldn’t be loose and make sure you tie up all blinds and curtain cords, keeping them well out of your baby’s reach. Install smoke detectors and fix latches and fly screens on the windows so they cannot be fully opened.

Even though child proofing is a never-ending task, how much or how little you do is completely up to you. But more than anything, it is constant supervision by one or more members of the family that is the finest safety measure of all.

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Kid’s Movie Review – All Dogs Go To Heaven

AllDogsGotoHeavenAdult viewers may find several patchy segments in the plot of “All dogs go to heave” but for the younger viewers, this shouldn’t matter. The movie is an animated story set in the plains of New Orleans where a German shepherd learns the lessons for love, friendship and greed.

It is a delightful watch for the younger audience and is something that could be appreciated by all parents. The key message of the film is that of friendship between a man and a dog and that their relationship is so strong that it can follow every event and be redeemed.

Charlie, and his friend, Itchy, break out of prison where they had been punished, after being framed by their friend, Carface. When Charlie returns for his share of the business they ran, he is killed by Carface.

Now the actual story starts when Charlie goes to heaven and finds it too dull a place to be existent. To return to the Earthly world, he steals a life span watch and when he is back here, collects his resources to build his business again.

Along the process, he is helped by Itchy and a girl named Anne Marie, who can communicate with animals. Charlie uses Anne Marie for his greed while making false promises to unite her with her parents. While Anne Marie eventually learn how she is being played, she decides to forgive Charlie and at the end Charlie is inspired to help Anne find her parents.

After this, Charlie returns to heaven to get things on the right track. He understands that there are better things in this world than money to think of and helping others and making friends all along is the true essence of a worthy living. The movie acknowledges the difference between right and wrong and is certainly a unique departure from the usual movies that Hollywood studios come up with.

After watching the movie, families can sit together and talk about the benefits of forgiveness and gaining the trust of other people. The young audience will definitely realize that it is highly important to keep your promises and that love comes when you love back.

Overall, a great movie to watch with kids and this certainly will be a recommended viewing all families across the globe. The graphics are incredible but most points goes to the scriptwriter and the presenter of the story.

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Baby Fashion – What’s Trending This Season?

baby fashionHave you ever been curious about what “sugar and spice and everything nice” actually means when it is about kid’s clothing?

Well, today’s babies are no less demanding. Actually, it is the parents who want to give the best to their little ones and once it becomes a trend, it is sure to be followed.

There are unique options available today when it comes to baby clothing and accessories. Fashion is just not restricted to the adult world.

Come this season, and we are looking at some unique fashion for baby clothing.

1. All organic!

All babies this season want to get organic. We are not talking about the 50% organic products that comes in plastic hangers and packaging but a cent percent GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) type organic! This is both a trend and a message that is getting popular in the baby fashion world!

2. Non-solid solid

Try to think of Starry Night by Van Gogh or Matisse for that instance. The theme is that the sky looks just plain blue from a distance but as you get closer, multiple colors reveal themselves.

This is working out well with baby clothing and the fun stripes are making their mark on some of the most celebrated babies in this world. These clothing look as if they simple and subtle pinks and blues but as you get closer, they are actually miniature bumblebee print and tiny stripes.

3. Sophisticated classics

Another fashion trend speaking loud in the baby fashion world are the soft blues and pinks mixed amazingly with cool grays. These really look cool as teenagers would say!

4. Ruffle touch

Again, being subtle is the standard here, but it should be something like under the dress built of the coveral,l and probably the undergarment, but not too much near the face. When it comes to ruffles, less is always more and babies can comfortably sport such a trend!

5. Real clothes

The era of mini dad or mini mom clothing has come to an end and newborns are no more dressed by shrinking down pieces meant for a toddler. We are taking about real baby clothes – designed and meant just for them. Modern babies grow up faster than you realize and we just hope that this trend lasts long.

Baby fashion trends have always been an interesting thing to follow and in all cases, they look cute! So what attire are you putting your little fashionista in this season?

How to Shop: Toys for 2 to 3 years

ImageNow that your baby has turned into a boisterous toddler, life is all about pushing boundaries, disobeying rules, creating an identity and developing some social skills.

This is the phase when they have has grown from their sleeping days and are equally being guided into the experiences of fear, frustrations, sadness, tear, tantrums and extreme emotions.

The world is a more recognizable place now and can be experienced better with mobility and speech. A personality will start to show up and games and toys that require dexterity and problem solving capabilities will be more in use.

At this stage, you might want to keep away toys that might frustrate your baby’s abilities. Here are some toys that are suitable for toddlers from 1 to 2 years old.

Pull along toys

Toddlers in this age group are confident about their stride and want to explore place and show parents interesting discoveries. This is a new world that they are getting fast acquainted with and need a companion to interact with as they go along.

Pull along toys that make a noise or flap feet can be worthy friends. How about a Max Pull Along Dog that shakes his head, wags his tail and barks as he follows your baby around? A good pull-along toy can teach cause and effect, develop your toddler’s imagination and encourage social interaction.

Soft dolls

Toddlers love to take care of their doll companions. It not only increases their power of interaction, but lets them practice normal social skills in tandem. The Chicco My First Doll Good Night is a soft and light doll that develops co-ordination and fantasy skills in your toddler. And you can enjoy watching your little one cuddle, hug and play with its first doll.

Activity toys

Kids at this age love to be involved in an activity that involves a little bit of a challenge. The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Toolbench is full of delightful surprises that make learning more fun with every tap, pound, pull or slide.

Lights dance and charming characters pop up when baby taps colorful shapes and learns to count. It can help your baby learn the A-B-Cs, count to 10 and learn about colours and shapes.

What was your toddler’s favourite toy? How did you keep them occupied when they were this age? Do share your tips in the comments below.

Monsoon Fashion For Your Darlings

91ca223b23ee909bd8d3f7f6ff025b57Mums n Dads,

It’s a new season and a new season of fashion as well. So while your little darling is all set to enjoy the rains, here are a few stylish accessories and must-haves that you must absolutely get for your kiddos……

Fun Raincoats in bright colours and favourite characters

Umbrellas in bright colours and fun patterns with favourite characters

Cute frocks with sleeves

Tops and T-shirts for your boy and girl in bright fun colours

Shorts and Skirts are comfortable and fun to wear in the rains

Slippers and flip-flops in a host of colours

Clogs are great as they are fashionable, easy to wear and quick to clean and dry, especially in the rains

Cute hairbands for times when your little girl gets wet in the rain and you can’t tie her hair

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