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Dressing right during pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, there is more to her body than just being transformed into a shapeless mass. It contains another life form that she is responsible for bringing into the world. Hence, all the aspects that come for retrospection during pregnancy must be checked out really carefully so that the potential mother does not face a problem and neither does the infant. While choosing a good dress or a maternity outfit, while comfort and ease of wearing is extremely important. There are branded clothes lines available for pregnant woman today that take care of the corporate or the casual dressing. As much as possible, stick to loose and comfortable clothing.

Have a timeline ready and select clothes accordingly

You must consult your doctor if this is the first time you are expecting a child so as to know what shape your womb will take at what period of time and thus, choose a dress accordingly. You could select a piece of clothing that is neither too loose so that it hangs around like a tent nor is so tight that you have difficulty breathing. Also, your child’s movement allowance is very important. Children tend to kick during the eighth or ninth month of pregnancy and you need to make room for the baby to move as much as possible. Knee length or ankle length dresses are the best options when you expect a baby.

Try to opt for cotton wear as much as possible

In order to feel as much comfortable and light as possible during the most strenous period of your life, try going in for a material that is made of natural fibre, is airy and can absorb as much of sweat as possible. Cotton fits the bill in all means. Hence, cotton must be your most ideal purchase during the maternity period. Avoid synthetic clothing like nylon and polyester as they trap a lot of heat and can prove to be really stifling in a way that makes you and eventually your baby quite distraught. Also, make sure you don’t wear denim wear and jeans as they look to constrict your figure and make infant movements restricted. You could choose to wear linen dungarees that are light.

Look to get stitched clothes with a lot of hem allowances

Instead of buying clothes, it is better if you purchase material and get them stitched according to the measurements in a size that you would be most comfortable in. This way, you could ask the tailor to put in extra hem foldings all along the waist and other parts that bulge out so that once the womb starts portruding out, you just have to unstitch the knots and the seams would come off making the dress exactly fit your size. This is a better option than you having to buy clothes everytime you overgrow the previous ones. But then, do indulge in that bit of splurging and buy that party dress specially made expecting moms when you go out for that dinner with your partner. If you are a workig woman, you need to look good at work, you can choose from a variety of designs that are available in the market. Also stick to flats during your pregnancy, avoid wearing heels as these could give you backaches. And sleep in comfortable clothing.

Opt for special bras during pregnancy

Milk glands are in full function once the period of fertilization starts and thus, the breast size keeps on increasing until it is full enough for the baby to breast feed once he is ready for it. So ideally, you must go in for special bras that have an inbuilt elastic layer that allows the breast to expand fully and not cause constrictions for the milk layers or else they would remain undeveloped leading to obstruction in the milk ducts or generate mastitis. Also, ensure that your undergarments are also loose and stretchable enough as you don’t want a tight and irritating sensation all over your body. Post pregnancy use good nursing clothes that are comfortable.

 Consider the season factor and the cost factor

The bulging of the tummy starts sometime in the fourth or fifth month and continues till the ninth month when the baby is fully formed and ready for delivery. Hence, we are looking for clothing options over a period of four to five months during which there can be a season change and so you need to choose your clothes wisely according to your comfort factor. Keep in mind that you are not likely to wear the clothes again, unless you go in for a second pregnancy. So, you could consider the amount you want to invest in pregnancy clothing.

Hopefully the list above must have provided you a brief idea about what to expect and what not to when you are out considering maternity dresses for a safe and cheerful pregnancy period. For an entire range of clothes to buy for maternity wear, visit :

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