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Washing Away The Monsoon Myths

Child playing in the rainMums, how many times have you worried about the monsoon season, so much so that your worries have by far been more than your child’s enjoyment of the season?

If you too have fallen prey to these common myths that surround monsoon and the health and safety of your kids, here are some facts that will help wash away those very common monsoon myths:

Myth 1: Getting drenched in the rain means you’ll catch a cold

Fact: Yes, you may, but that’s not necessarily because you got drenched in the rain. While there may be a little bit of truth in this Continue reading →


Monsoon Fashion For Your Darlings

91ca223b23ee909bd8d3f7f6ff025b57Mums n Dads,

It’s a new season and a new season of fashion as well. So while your little darling is all set to enjoy the rains, here are a few stylish accessories and must-haves that you must absolutely get for your kiddos……

Fun Raincoats in bright colours and favourite characters

Umbrellas in bright colours and fun patterns with favourite characters

Cute frocks with sleeves

Tops and T-shirts for your boy and girl in bright fun colours

Shorts and Skirts are comfortable and fun to wear in the rains

Slippers and flip-flops in a host of colours

Clogs are great as they are fashionable, easy to wear and quick to clean and dry, especially in the rains

Cute hairbands for times when your little girl gets wet in the rain and you can’t tie her hair

10 Funky Things To Do This Monsoon With Kids: Monsoon Madness

9891181c6bc5ddbfd4a46edf579af3f8It’s MONSOON time!!!!!!!

Yeah parents, we know you’re loving the rains as much as your little ones get excited with getting wet in the rains, isn’t it?

You may deny it for all you can, but the fact is, monsoon brings out the kid in us like nothing can….remember those paper boats, that getting drenched in the rain when you knew mommy would scold, those warm cups of chocolate milk and so many special memories associated with rains?

Well, who says you can’t have it all over again, just because you’ve grown up? The best part is, now you can re-create that monsoon magic and madness all over again, and that too, together with your little one!

So here are 10 fun things that you should absolutely do with your kiddie this rain time….and if you have your special fun-time rain routine, comment below and let us know 🙂 Continue reading →

Quick Makeup And Care Tips For The Monsoon Mamma

makeup-in-the-rainMoms, it’s monsoon time, and as you’re busy managing so many aspects in life – home, family, kids, work and all – here are a few quick tips that will help you keep that happy face a bit glammed up with ease….After all, looking a bit extra good doesn’t need a reason, does it? 🙂

1. The first thing to keep in mind is to go light and easy on the makeup. You don’t want to layer your skin with products, especially the face. While monsoon is generally cool, it’s also equally humid, and chances of makeup meltdown are immense. Keep it light and easy.

2. Waterproof it. Choose your products wisely. Go for products that are waterproof, especially eyeliner, kaajal and mascara.

3. Smokey eyes are a cool hit each monsoon. Use shades of black, brown, grey, purples, bronzes and chocolates to heat up the monsoon evenings. Continue reading →

Learning To Cope With First Time School

67423ccff339016e828404e6d67c90f0Yes parents, school has begun, and for most parents, as happens each year, this is one of the scariest and most tough times to handle – especially if your child is a first-timer at school.

You may have done all your research and discussed this with all your friends who have school-going kiddies, but unless you experience it yourself, with your kid, there’s not much that you can do about it.

While starting school marks one of the biggest phases in your toddler’s life, it’s also a big phase for you as a parent. And trying to prepare for school a few days or weeks before the final day is a good idea to let your baby get ready for the new routine and life.

1. Be prepared: For the tears that is. As your kid leaves home for the first time and says bye to mamma, it is definitely going to be emotional and filled with tears. Of course not all kids may be crying, and there are some who will actually run off to school with a big smile and wave, but being prepared to see your toddler break into tears is a good way to prepare yourself too – for many times, its not just the little ones who become emotional, but the parents too, especially the mums! Continue reading →

DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

5d4e94c753290c8575a5e1ac15c8adf2(*all pics courtesy Pinterest and Google Images, FirstCry holds no right to ownership of the same)

Mums, it’s almost here…..Father’s Day! So it’s on the 16th of June this 2013.

There’s a lot of options out there that you can pick up at the stores, but what’s more fun is creating something for dad along with your little one. We loved these ideas online!

Trust us, these handmade DIY things are what daddy will cherish most.

Here are the top 10 DIY ideas we loved….. Continue reading →

Baby Not Eating Properly? SOS Moms Forum

9077a048ded5b8a953d2c974585fb079Mommy Nancy’s 14 month old baby does not swallow his food and keeps it in his mouth for long. She says, “I have tough time feeding him, even if he’s busy with his toys.”

We asked all the special mommies and daddies out there to share their expert advice to help her. Here’s what we got:

  • My son is 10months now. I give him tamarind chutney in between his food, he likes the taste. Don’t feed too much, just a little bit should do – says mum Akhila Kasturi
  • You may be feeding baby-food that is thick. Dilute it and he will Continue reading →

Real Mommy Stories: Vidhi Panjwani and Her Son Mahaksh

263168_220161788022947_6811136_nSeeing her you wouldn’t believe she is a mum. Slim, sweet and full of life, 33-year-old Vidhi Panjwani is working in the highly busy and stressful position of a full-time mom, being around 24*7 for her 6-year-old son Mahaksh.

But bringing in her darling little one to this world wasn’t easy. “There were spottings and I was on bed rest for 4 months. Those 4 months were some of the toughest months of my life. Forget getting up and walking, I was not even allowed to sit up for the first 4 months! And the only companions I had the whole day was the ceiling or the TV, of which I had soon tired. But what that period of bed-rest also did was to show me the immense care and love my husband has for me. Throughout those difficult months my husband was always by my side. So much so that even when I had hunger pangs in the middle of the night, he would go to the kitchen with my mother-in-law and help make aaloo paranthas for me. Tell me, what more could I have asked for?”

Every mother has a special relationship with her little one and Vidhi is no different. Though each day is as precious as the previous, the one thing she will always remember each day of her life is the feeling she had on seeing her baby for the first time.
“I am a very sleep-happy person, I can sleep anywhere and anytime. But surprisingly, after my son was born, I felt as if all the sleep has gone from my eyes forever. I was so excited and so happy that the only feeling I had was being too full of energy and wanting to be with my son all the time. My husband and all my relatives too were surprised at the sudden change in me, but somehow, as if by miracle, all the exhaustion and the tiredness of the delivery had gone, and instead, all that was there was the beautiful face of my son and my love flowing for him. I wanted to hold him in my arms and be like that forever. It is the most amazing experience of my life, something that I can’t describe in words.”

Real Mommy Stories: Mom Shweta Sharma and Son Kabir

fafafq26-year-old Shweta Sharma has a little baby boy Kabir, who is just one-n-a-half years old.

“I was always very career-oriented and wanted to give my profession my best” says Shweta, who is on a busy schedule in her work in the marketing field. “I wanted to do well in life on my own” she says with a proud smile. “But nothing could come even close to the joy that I experienced once my son was born” she adds with a smile.

“Since I am working, I have to leave the house by 09:00 each morning and only come home after 07:00 in the evening. So the whole day my son is with the nanny and also his dadi (paternal grandmother). But the moment I reach home you should see his expression. Its a million-dollar expression” she says with a touch of emotion. “He gets so excited to see me that he wants to laugh, to cry, to play, all at the same time. I feel really touched when I see that my little bachcha understands his mother is working, so he wants to do everything with his mamma whenever she is home.”

Shweta wants to spend every possible time with her little one, but there are many other things that also need her attention. Thankfully, with the support of an understanding partner and a supportive family, she is at least assured of the fact that while she is at work, there is someone who is making sure her little boy is looked after. And when she is back home, all her time is exclusively for her little one.

Real Mommy Stories: Mom Jyostna Kanaal Tandaan and Sons Neel and Lakshya

lStylish, smart, attractive and possessing a fabulous sense of dressing and designing, this 36-year-old former cabin-crew is the proud mother to six-year-old Neel and 02-year-old Lakshya.

Meet Jyosna Kanal Tandaan, a self-confessed party animal, a lady who knows how to entertain friends, at the same time playing loving wife and caring mommy to her super-charged sons.

A high-flier and a party animal, not the traits you would really associate with a mommy. “Becoming a mother has changed everything. My lifestyle, my behaviour, my attitude towards life, all have undergone a drastic change. Earlier I would head out to party at every given opportunity. My friends were my world. I was bursting with too much energy, always hyper, a little immature and irresponsible at times. Being a mother has changed all that, and only for the better. Now my life revolves around my sons, all else is secondary. Whatever I do, I first think how my sons will react to it. All my decisions and choices are now governed by what suits my sons best. I have become much more mature and calm as a person and can handle situations in a much more level-headed way than before.”

Jyosna gave up her lucrative career and decided to be a stay-at-home mom. And the one image that will always remain in her heart is the image of her little one when she was just three months into her pregnancy. “The doctor had advised me a sonography. Till that time I was very unsure of how things would be, my full maternal instincts had not developed yet. The entire process was still very overwhelming for me.” But when she saw the image of her little one, nestled inside her, growing slowly each day, with each passing moment, it was too much for this emotional girl. “I knew right then that I was looking at my world” she says, emotions clouding her words.


A Few Things To Remember This Winter…

9.2 baby winter jacket by kyshotsIt’s winters….that time of the year when our little ones are again so prone to those bouts of cough and cold and as parents you are running around with that dreaded thermometer in hand, calling up the doc, fixing an appointment, and trying desperately to make the poor little ones drink the medicines….

Sometimes, winters approach so suddenly that we dont really get the chance to keep our woolens in the sun. Of course we all are quite restrained on time these days. What with office and home and many more added responsibilities, it is not always possible to take out time and remember to do each and every chore. If you did not really get the chance to sun-out your woolens before use this winter, try and send it to a good dry-cleaner. Sometimes, children develop allergies, especially rashes and cough and cold from these same woolens that have been in storage for most of the past year.

honey-atroszko-sxcThis winter, let honey be your child’s best friend (not for infants though, and if your baby has had any prior allergies or reaction to honey, make sure you check with the doctor first). A little honey in milk, instead of sugar, will help your child stay away from the regular cough and cold. Also, why not add just the tiniest pinch of ground turmeric in your baby’s milk? Or even jaggery? Not only are these rich sources of nutrition for your little one, they will also help your baby fight the virus.

leafGreen leafy vegetables are back with the let your child enjoy these…of course make sure that you clean them properly before feeding your child. Clean and boil these greens in salt water and then mash it (if your child is too small) or cut into fine pieces and mix in the flour you use for your daily roti and parantha. Use the boiled water of the leaves to make dals or curries. The best part about these leaves are that, if you dont have the time to do this each day, just boil them and keep them in the fridge…once boiled, they can be easily stored for a week to ten days.

Also, make ample use of the lovely vegetables in the market, carrot, beetroot and so many other nourishing foods. Make vegetable soups/stews at home, make vegetable porridge, make custard with fruits….so many natural things for our little ones just waiting for us to bring back home.

Of course it is not always possible to keep cough and cold at bay. But lets try and go a little more natural this season….

Discipling Yourself Before Disciplining Baby

470_2535272Having an indisciplined child can be a real problem, one that poses the threat of embarassment for you, while making your child the subject of ridicule and potential rejection by other kids and parents. There may be instances where your child may be conveniently left out of play dates and birthdays, when you see a decrease in the number of friends coming home to play with your child, while instances of your baby being invited to friends’ house goes down visibly. You may reach the stage of almost giving up, of talking sternly to your child, and sometimes, even resorting to means of punishment and hitting. But once you sit down and actually think about it – who is to blame for this situation? Is it really your child, or is it you, the parent, who failed to inculcate the basics of discipline and manners in the little one?

Ensuring your little one turns out into a well-disciplined and well-grounded toddler and child, and later a good human being, is completely the responsibility of the guardian. Disciplining a child is a really simple task, and the basics can begin very early, much before your baby will learn to speak. A child will always emulate an adult, so it is really important that before you set yourself to discipline your child, you implement the same in your own behaviour and routine.

You may ask your little one to follow a certain pattern, to behave a certain way, but if you become an example of the opposite, the same will reflect in your little one’s attitude. As parents, we have the paramount responsibility of being the idol the child will look upto, the person whose behaviour and mannerisms the child will emulate, so our language, our behaviour and all our dealings in everyday life should be such that can provide the ideal example to our baby.

In India, where the concept of joint families is still alive in some households, it is especially difficult to discipline a child, since the safety zone to escape punishment is always close at hand. It is imperative that all adults of the household are tuned to the ways of bringing up a child – if each one has a different perspective and a different method of discipline and behaviour, a child will invariably end up being confused, thus losing out on important learning methods. In such a scenario, it is important that all adults discuss the matter, but make sure the child is not present while such matters are being talked about. In a nuclear family, both the parents need to have a ‘pre-decided’ agreement on how to discipline baby and what is allowed and what is crossing the limit.

Moulding your child into the person you want her/him to be is completely in your hands, so make sure you create the right ambience and the right mix of discipline and love to help your child grow up into a good human being. And remember to keep those hugs and kisses in plentiful – you want to discipline your child, yes, but one message that you always want to give out to your child is, that no matter what, mamma and papa will always love you.

Telling Your Little One About Special-Needs Children

mom-talking-to-toddlerMommies, if you have recently been to see the movie Barfi, as most of us did, or if you’ve read about it or have seen any of its trailers, you probably already know that the main actors are a little special, with special needs and a very special and beautiful life….

As a mother myself, what I definitely loved about the movie is that though the characters are deaf-dumb and autistic, none of it is used to generate pity, and instead, we are shown what a beautiful and ‘special’ life they have, blessed to be able to enjoy life at its fullest.

When my daughter watched the movie with us, she obviously had a lot of questions, her first one being why can’t the person speak or hear, or why does this person have such problems (as a 5-year-old, she felt that the difficulties faced by autistic people were especially hard because no one seems to try and understand what they say or feel!).

I was very sure that I wanted her to know the realities, yet make sure that she wouldn’t end up pitying or feeling sorry for those with special needs. I told her that even if they can’t speak or hear, or have difficulties expressing themselves freely to others, they do have a special language of their own, one that comes from the heart, one that is filled with love, governed by love, and one that can only be understood by people who are loving and caring themselves.

I know its quite hard to explain the entire concept to a kid, that too keeping in mind that your child will form an impression of special-needs people based on what you tell them and how you tell them. But you know what, children are really smart and understanding, and when you tell them something in the right way, they do understand and listen!

Don’t avoid such topics with your little one, because sooner or later, they will get to know, and it’s always best that you are the one who tells them the realities of life, and explain to them the responsibilities of growing into a wonderful human being.

A few simple yet effective ways in which you can help your kids understand about special-needs people is by:mother_child_talking_rex

  • Don’t shy away from showing your babies movies that have special-needs people
  • Don’t show movies that show special needs people in a bad light
  • Talk to your kids about people with special needs
  • Encourage them to mix with and make friends with special needs people
  • Let your child feel that special-needs people are normal too, just different in behaviour, like most people are different
  • Don’t pity a special-needs person in front of your child, and remember to be polite and understanding in your behaviour towards them, as your child will pick up your behaviour
  • To make your child believe, you need to first believe yourself that people with special needs aren’t an illness, but just a different way of living


Understanding Baby’s Hunger Needs

bfeedingMany new mums tend to get confused with the amount of varying information they get from family, friends, books and online. While a friend may say you need to feed your baby only when baby is hungry, the book may say you need to feed baby every few hours. While a relative says feeding for so and so time at a stretch is important, another may talk about signs that your baby shows.

All the above holds true in case of a new mum, as different babies have different needs and it takes a while to understand what really works for your little one. But one thing that holds true in case of new babies is that frequently feeding baby is good, and also advisable. Babies are still trying to develop their digestive system, and their tummies are tiny, so while they need feeds at small intervals, its also true that they need smaller quantities and not too much feed at one go.

A few signs that can help you notice baby’s hunger are:

  • Crying
  • Sucking fingers
  • Sucking lips
  • Sucking clothes
  • Not falling asleep even though you’ve been trying
  • Starts puckering lips imitating feed time

For newborns, its advisable that you feed baby every two hours. Once baby gets a little older, and if you are planning to start top feed, keep a regular schedule for feeding, and apart from that, keep your eyes out on baby’s cues for hunger.

Sometimes, you may worry that even though you are feeding baby properly, a lot of it is coming out in spitting. If that’s the case, try giving lesser quantity of feed, and make sure you burp baby properly after every feed, whether breast feed or bottle feed.

All babies are different, and it’s important that you try and understand what’s best for your’s. Give your baby some time to adjust to this ‘new’ life. While you’re there to care and love and do what’s best for your baby, everything will fall into place.

Sleep Or Exhaustion – What’s Your Baby Feeling?

jgkffkjFor most moms, the signs of baby feeling sleepy are quite clear:

  • Yawning
  • Scratching ears and head
  • Staring quietly at one spot
  • Less active
  • Irritated

But sometimes, signs that look like indications of sleep are actually indications of over-exhaustion, like:

  • Cranky
  • Constant crying
  • Rubbing eyes vigorously
  • Falling off to sleep while doing something else

If your baby shows any of the signs from the second list, chances are, its way past baby’s sleep time, and baby is now over-exhausted. You may have tried putting baby to sleep earlier, but baby was quite active and didn’t want to sleep, so you allowed a little more play time. Yes, we all do that.

This is actually a good way of making sure that baby is taken to bed when the first signs of sleep start to settle in, rather than waiting too long and letting baby get uncomfortable and cranky in the process. If you see baby yawning and being a little less active than baby usually is, its time to start the bedtime routine.

indexHere is what you should ideally be doing sometime before bed time and during as well:

  • Prepare a warm bath and give baby a bath
  • Give a light massage with some soothing baby oils
  • Put baby in comfortable sleep clothes – do not cover baby with too many quilts and blankets, instead get baby in sleep onesies.
  • Give baby some milk, bottle or mother’s feed
  • Dim the lights
  • Make sure the voices in the house are low
  • Keep the bed comfortable
  • Check that the room temperature is comfortable – not too warm and not too cold
  • If baby wants, give a comfort toy to hug and sleep
  • Sing a soft lullaby, read a story, play some light music

Your baby may not immediately fall off to sleep, though many babies do, but keep this routine regular and very soon your baby will start having a bed-time routine.

Mum’s Cuddle Brings Back Baby To Life: News

kate-and-jamie-ogg-pic-splashnews-com-464907210We read this incredible piece of ‘miracle’ news in the papers and just had to share it with all you lovely parents out there…..We’re calling it a miracle – though of course its a feat of some form of science – just because the love of the mum and the bond she shared here with her new born is so incredible.

Katie Ogg gave birth to twins in a hospital in Sydney. They were delivered at 27 weeks, weighing just two pounds each. While doctors okayed her baby girl Emily, the little baby boy Jamie was not breathing, as per the doctors. The medical staff battled hard to save the little boy but after 20 minutes of desperate attempts, they declared him ‘dead’.

As per the mum:
“The doctor asked me if we had chosen a name for the baby. I said Jamie. They turned around with my son already wrapped up and said ‘we’ve lost Jamie, he didn’t make it, sorry.'”

As the doctors handed her son’s lifeless body to her, she only wanted to hold her son close to her.

“It was the worst feeling I have ever felt. I unwrapped Jamie from his blanket. He was very limp.”

Katie wanted to hold her son next to her skin. “I took my gown off and arranged him on my chest with his head over my arm and just held him” she recalled.

As the baby was not moving, the grieving parents began talking to their ‘lost’ son. “We told him what his name was and that he has a sister. We told him the things we wanted to do with him throughout his life.”

The parents didn’t realise but they had been talking to their son for two hours when Jamie suddenly began showing signs of life.

“I felt him move as if he was startled, then he started gasping for air more and more regularly.” At first the doctors had claimed the signs of gasping for air was just a reflex action of the body and that the baby was dead. But soon the gasping began to grow more frequent.

“I took some breast milk on my finger, he took it and started regular breathing normally. A short time later he opened his eyes. It was a miracle.”

“Then he held out his hand and grabbed my finger. He opened his eyes and moved his head from side to side. The doctor kept shaking his head and saying I don’t believe it”.”

It is now being thought that the warmth of Ogg’s body acted like an incubator to keep the baby warm and stimulated. It adds weight to the theory of ‘kangaroo care’ named after the way marsupials care for their young in their pouch.

The father later said: “Luckily I have got a very strong, very smart wife. She instinctively did what she did. If she hadn’t done that Jamie probably wouldn’t be here.”

See….we always knew that the best place in the world for a baby is mommy’s arms!

Detecting The Earliest Signs of Becoming A Mum: Helping You Know Best

Zink-5131Till now you’ve seen us talking to all the mommies, and sometimes, the daddies out there! You’ve seen us share their special moments, talk to them about important stuff, sharing information that we know may help them some way or the other.

But dear mommy-to-be, in this relationship that we have managed to build and nurture with so many amazing mums out there, there’s someone who is soon going to be quite ready to take a grand welcome, or maybe, you already are almost there! Didn’t really understand what we are talking about? Well, in that case, we are talking to YOU, the gorgeous and brave and beautiful woman out there who is thinking of beginning a family, or maybe trying to understand the sudden changes she is feeling in her own body. The woman who may or may not be aware that she may soon be on the mommy-express!

For most second-time mommies, it’s easier to detect the earliest signs of pregnancy, especially since they may have faced some/all of them earlier. But for those who are going to be mommies for the first time, it may not be so easy to spot. We always believe in the mantra that ‘Mommy Knows Best’, and yes, until a woman knows that she is about to become a mommy, she can’t do best what she may need to do for herself and for her ‘just-developing’ baby during those important early few days/weeks of pregnancy. To make you more aware of the first earliest signs of pregnancy, even before you have missed your period and thought of doing that preg-test at home, we wanted to share these signs that could be an announcement of the new beginning, the new you. All the best!

sleep-wellness1. Tiredness/Fatigue/ Dizziness: This is one of the earliest signs that your body will tell you. Forget going up the stairs, even a relaxed no-work day at home may make you feel as if you spent the last half hour running at the speed of 8 on the treadmill! Sudden fatigue, slight dizziness, wanting to suddenly sit down or feeling like lying down a lot when you generally don’t do, are signs that your body is going through some major hormone changes. This may well continue the entire first trimester, and get easier in the later months, though for some women it may continue the entire pregnancy.

flush2. Race To The Loo: Ifsuddenly you’re dashing to the loo, with pee-intervals becoming a more prominent part of the day, chances are, this could be it! Not everyone may experience a huge increase in the number of times you need to use the washroom, but if there is a marked increase, it could be a sign that your body has started producing extra fluids.

Nausea_2239866b3. Nausea: You may or may not feel this in the beginning. Some women experience nausea after the 6th week, while some may get it from Day 1! Also, this is not something that only happens in the morning, it could be any time of the day, even at night. Nausea should visibly reduce or completely disappear by the second trimester, though in some cases, it may continue longer.

woman-holding-nose-smell-590kb0809104. Strong Reaction To Smells: Suddenly the smell of certain foods may trigger a reaction. You may feel nausea, or you may start to feel uncomfortable.

stock-footage-beautiful-young-girl-resting-after-running-dolly-shot5. Lack of Breath:You suddenly feel extremely out of breath. The fetus needs oxygen to help it grow, so this means that you may feel breathless quite often, in many cases, throughout your pregnancy. Please immediately consult a doctor if it gets uncomfortable.

a_010610bodrib_01_06_2010_q_17kth1t-17kth1v6. Heaviness/Bloated Feeling: You feel like you’ve eaten too much and are feeling extremely bloated and puffy. The stomach seems too heavy all of a sudden and there’s an uncomfortable feeling inside.

yoga-lower-back-pain7. Pain In The Lower Back: Is one of the symptoms, though its not very common in most women during early pregnancy. Pain in the lower back will become more prominent as you advance in your months.

irritated-blonde-woman-at-computer8. Irritable: You really don’t want to deal with any noise, want to just relax, and even the smallest things are getting on your nerve. Basically, you can see for yourself that you’re unnaturally irritable and cranky! Hmmm…its a sign.

cramps9. Sudden Pain: If you have not yet missed your dates and are suddenly getting the cramps, get a little alert. Is it the a cramp in the lower abdomen that signals your arriving ‘days’ or is it a cramp in the uterus? For some women, this sign occurs in the very-early stages of pregnancy, even before you miss your dates. The uterus stretches to get ready for the pregnancy, and this may be one of the reasons for the cramps. Please visit a doctor.

10.Food-Issues: You may really want to eat something badly, and some things might completely put you off. If you suddenly see a change in your food preferences, like if you’re not a ‘sweet’ person but are suddenly craving for sweets, or, if you are a ‘sweets’ person but suddenly don’t want to do anything with sweets, it could be an early symptom.

bra11.Twin Signs:Your ‘assets’ are suddenly a little too reactive? Tender, sore and heavier? Get a comfortable, supporting ‘inner’ and yes, this could be one of the signs too, though most women will feel this a little later.

date12.Missing Dates: You generally don’t miss your periods and they arrive close to the scheduled date, but this time they are unusually late. Well, this is a sign that you could be pregnant, that your pregnancy is just building up. If you’ve missed your date by a week and are still not getting the date-signals, plus, if you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms too, a visit to the doc is scheduled right now!

positive-pregnancy-test213.Pregnancy Test @ Home:Most women do this the moment they miss their dates. If you get the positive result, there’s hardly any doubt left. But if you have missed your dates and the result still shows negative, it could be that the pregnancy is still in a very early stage and is not reflecting in the test. Sometimes, there may be a very faint second line in the test, which is not visible to the regular eye, but the doctor will surely detect it. This is a sign of a weak positive pregnancy, one that is only starting to turn into pregnancy. Please visit your doctor.

Take care, see your doctor and stay positive and happy! Good luck girls 🙂

Top 5 Baby Signals: Mommy Knows Best

As a young mother, especially as a new mother, you have a lot on your hands. With a newborn in the house, often there are times when you have to bring on your special motherly instincts to help you understand what’s best for your baby. As a mother, you know what’s best for your baby, but sometimes, knowing before hand what those little signs and gestures mean, can prepare you to take care of baby more efficiently, and without you getting stressed and confused. So here are the top 5 signs that babies will definitely display, so make sure



1. Rubbing eyes and ears/scratching head, face: These are the first signs of tiredness. As soon as you see baby doing any of this, its a good time to start preparing for baby’s bed time. Don’t wait for baby to get over-tired, as this will lead to crankiness and many tears.




2. Crying: Thisis baby’s most common way of showing that there is something wrong. And what could it be? It could be any of these – hunger, sleep, dirty diaper, wetting, soiling, fear, tiredness, pain, discomfort, attention-seeking, wanting something and not getting. Tend to baby and see what the reason is.



3. Cooing, gurgling, short laughs: These are signals that begin baby’s journey towards communication. This is baby’s first step towards telling you what baby feels, what is making baby happy, what is making baby excited, what seems interesting to baby. Enjoy the phase! Encourage your baby, talk about your daily activities, talk about things around baby, talk about your feelings, and see your baby trying to talk just like you!




4. Sucking fingers, putting things in mouth, chewing/biting on toys and things: Your baby is probably teething. This is a painful and uncomfortable experience for most babies, and baby will be cranky and crying. Ease baby’s discomfort by lightly massaging the gums. Give babies things to chew, like teethers and vegetable sticks. You can also give cooled carrot sticks for baby to bite/chew on.




5. Touching diaper/poopy area: Baby may have soiled the diaper, baby may have wet itself. Also, this could be an indication that baby can already feel the need to go to the washroom. Check on baby’s diaper and clothes to see any signs of wetness or soiling. Also, this may be a good time to start your baby’s potty-training, if you’ve not already begun the process.


From Mummy To Yummy Mummy: Coz Mommy Knows Best

Yummy MummyYes, you read it right! As mothers, we really know and understand that no one can really be happy unless mommy is happy and relaxed!

Enjoying motherhood has been your prerogative. Even though you may feel stressed and burned-out at times, you, the mothers, have begun taking this experience to a completely different level altogether. And in this generation of mothers, the change is really visible. It’s true that in previous generations too, the mothers have always been caring and attentive, managing home and kids perfectly. Our mothers have truly devoted all their time to us, making us what we are today. But for this generation of mums, the change seems to be a lot different.

pregnancy-adviceBeing a mother in our generation is actually a lot of fun. Knowing that there’s a little one inside you does not deter the young mum-to-be from being stylish and ‘happening.’ She goes out with as much enthusiasm and is as style-conscious as she was before the stork visited. Whether its shopping for the kitchen or buying those fashionable clothes and makeup, she likes to do it all.

Today, mums are taking their little ones everywhere. And no, the birth of a new one does not tie them down or place them under house arrest. As soon as the initial resting period is over, these mums are seen everywhere – at work, at malls, at events, parties, everywhere. And most places, the little one is not left behind, but instead, can be seen enjoying mum’s company, while mum manages to make many heads turn.

Woman applying rougeGone are the days when mums would be all dull and drab. The young mums of today are fashion-conscious, stylish, glamorous and aware of the latest trends and don’t shy away from out new things. Not only do they do all their ‘mommy’ duties, young mothers today understand that to feel good you need to look good. And only when you look and feel happy, can you make others around you happy. So whether its exercise, makeup, yoga, fitness or clothes, these young mums today know it all!

Young mums today are much more hands-on, ensuring they are as much friend to their little one, as they are a mother.

Be it helping with the homework, playing those computer games or making the projects, going shopping, watching a movie happy-mother-and-childtogether or taking a dance class together, mothers and children today are bonding like never before!

And not to mention, they are managing the house and work as wonderfully as ever. Supermums?

So what happened all of a sudden? A big factor, that often goes unappreciated, is the fact that the young father of today has changed a lot, not just as a father, but also as a husband. He understands the importance of being your friend, he understands the importance of sharing responsibilities and encouraging and appreciating you. He does understand you, doesn’t he? And the fact that you have an understanding partner can go a long way in giving you the confidence you see in yourself.

happySo, as much as we celebrate motherhood, let’s give out a shout to all the wonderful dads out there too! Go on, give him a hug! Thanks dads!!

Helping Baby Sleep Through The Night – SOS Mom Speak

sleep5This week, mum Sonal Chaurasia, mother of a 13-month old baby boy asked us to help her with her baby’s sleep problems. Her little one wakes up every night in the middle of his sleep and cries for about 20 minutes without opening his eyes. We asked our SOS Moms to help, and as always, there were a list of practical tips and advice that, we are sure, will help mum Sonal and any other mum who may be facing a similar situation.

  • When baby wakes up, give a little water or milk in a sippy.
  • It could be that baby is doing this out of habit – don’t give anything in the night, and very soon, baby may stop waking up in the middle.
  • Babies do experience colic in the night and evening. You can use a small spoon of mustard oil mixed with heeng, make it a little warm and then apply on baby’s tummy. Put a drop around the navel and massage slightly. This may soothe baby. Do this even when baby wakes up in the night.
  • Give baby a warm bath before bed time. Or you can also wipe baby with a warm damp towel before changing and getting in sleep clothes. Feed baby ever two hour, but in little quantities during sleep.
  • Try giving a pacifier or soother. Also, feed baby by lying down on your side while baby is asleep, as this can soothe baby.
  • Baby may cry due to some discomfort.
  • Check the room temperature, it shouldn’t be too warm or too cold.
  • Understand if baby is suffering from colic.
  • Make sure baby is tired enough during the day, but not over exerted.
  • For dinner time, give something light and easy to digest, like khichdi and a glass/bottle of warm milk.
  • Boil some saunf and give the water to baby.
  • Try giving cow milk if you are giving top feed.
  • Sometimes, this may just become a habit. Babies tend to get into a deep sleep routine at night around the age of 3, if not earlier.
  • Hug your baby when they wake up in the middle of sleep and sing a soothing lullaby.
  • Try giving gripe water or colic medicine as suggested by baby’s doctor.
  • Try following a timetable for baby in the day and make sure nap time in the day is a little less and not close to bedtime at night.
  • Make sure you burp baby after feeding at bedtime.
  • Keep your baby in your arms, or hug your baby when you are putting them to sleep. This may give a sense of security.
  • Add some saunf when you boil baby’s milk and strain it out while giving to baby.
  • Check the diaper in the night.
  • Be calm with your baby as a habit. Sometimes, the events of the day play in a baby’s mind and may make them disturbed. Do not shout or yell at your baby, and definitely do not hit.
  • Make sure your baby does not get any mosquito or insect bites during sleep time.
  • If baby has a regular time of getting up in the middle of the night, try waking up baby at least 15-20 minutes before that time. Talk to baby softly, make sure baby knows you are around, sing a lullaby and soothe them back to sleep.

Special thanks to mums and dads:

Sumiti Malhotra Dargan, Vaibhavi Kadiya, Smrati Tiwari Saini, Riya Mamta Chhajer, Nidhi Pandey, Poojankit Bhati, Jigna Shah, Mithlesh Dwivedi, Mariya Bhagat, Rupali Kohli, Namrata Samel Dixit, Aamrin Khan, Shweta Mishra Jha, Amita Bartaria, Rashmi Agrawal, Nidhi Jain, Rachna Shah, Karishma Jagad, Sonal Gulia.

* please remember that all views shared are by other mums and dads and FirstCry is not endorsing any of the advice, tips and ideas. It is completely upto the parents to decide what they think is best for baby.

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