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10 Things To Keep Your Kids Away From

Happy son(*image courtesy barriechiro – FirstCry claims no rights to the image shared here)

So there’s so much happening out there and you really are losing your mind about how to raise your child into a sensible and happy kid, without going overboard or without losing it, right?

Well, here are a few things you should definitely keep your child away from. Of course as a parent, you know what’s best for your baby, but some of these you should definitely take a look at: Continue reading →


Simple Tips To Raising Happy Kids

8de27fed620cee6b3f8b6b9d7054d218You’ve probably been guilty of saying or thinking this sometime – looking at a child and attributing their behaviour or lack of it to the mom. Well, if you’re worried about becoming one of those moms yourselves and want to do everything perfect to raise that perfect baby, worry not.

Parenting is as much a crazy ride as it’s fun and enjoyable, and following a few simple rules as a parent should see you easily through this magical journey, with a smile on your face and a pat on your back: Continue reading →

Baby Boy Names With ‘R’

rrMums n Dads,

Some names that start with the letter R for your little man:

  1. Rohit
  2. Ronny
  3. Rishabh
  4. Ritwik
  5. Ramesh
  6. Rahul – son of Buddha
  7. Ratul
  8. Rohan
  9. Ritabh
  10. Ritul Continue reading →

Baby Girl Names With ‘R’

rMums n Dads,

Some names for your little girl starting with the letter R

  1. Rachna – creation
  2. Rachika
  3. Rachita
  4. Rasika
  5. Rashi
  6. Raima
  7. Riya
  8. Ritu
  9. Rukhsaar
  10. Ruksaana Continue reading →

Baby Boy Names With ‘Q’

qSome ‘Q’ute names for your darling prince:

  1. Qabil – able
  2. Qadim – ancient
  3. Qadir – powerful
  4. Qamar – moon
  5. Quasar – meteorite
  6. Quasim – one who divides goods amongst his people
  7. Quen
  8. Quentin
  9. Quennel
  10. Quillan Continue reading →

Baby Girl Names With ‘Q’

4fcca0f7d2235461585aeb83ce6e017eSome ‘Q’ute names with Q for your little doll:

  1. Qadira – powerful
  2. Qamra – moon
  3. Qiana
  4. Quanda – companion
  5. Quanika
  6. Queenie – queen
  7. Quella – pacify
  8. Quenna – form of Queen
  9. Querida – dear, beloved
  10. Querly Continue reading →

Top 10 Benefits Of BreastFeeding: Why Breast Is Best For You MOM!

BenefitsOfBreastfeeding(*image courtesy medelabreastfeedingus – FirstCry claims no rights to the image shared here)


At FirstCry, we’ve always supported and shouted on and on about ‘Breast Is Best.’

As a mother, you’re all for your baby – whatever you do, whatever you plan is keeping in mind the best interests of your baby.

With everyone telling you about the benefits of breastfeeding, you probably are ready to do it for your baby as well. Of course exclusive breast feeding till the first 6 months of baby’s life is the best nutrition and the best gift you can give your child.

But other than the benefits for baby, breastfeeding also comes with lots of benefits for the mommy: Continue reading →

Baby Boy Names With ‘P’

ppMums n Dads,

Some names for your little prince that begin with ‘P’

  1. Padm – lotus
  2. Para – the supreme
  3. Parn – wisdom
  4. Parv – festival
  5. Prem – love
  6. Prit – lovely
  7. Punj – five
  8. Pablo – little
  9. Pabok – fire
  10. Padak – medal, pendant Continue reading →

Baby Girl Names With ‘P’

pSome pretty names with ‘P’ for your pretty princess

  1. Pia – beloved
  2. Pahi – petal of a flower
  3. Para – the supreme
  4. Pari – beauty, fairy
  5. Pavi – lightning
  6. Pehr – phase, time of day
  7. Pema – lotus
  8. Peya – everyone’s favourite
  9. Pial – anklet
  10. Pihu – sound Continue reading →

Baby Boy Names With ‘O’

ooMums n Dads,

Here are a few names you can browse while selecting that perfect name for your prince charming with the letter ‘O’:

  1. Om – sacred chant
  2. Oha – meditation, true knowledge
  3. Oja – vitality
  4. Omi – Om Sai
  5. Oni – shelter
  6. Odan – cloud
  7. Ogan – wave
  8. Ohas – praise
  9. Ojal – vision
  10. Ojan – united Continue reading →

Baby Girl Names With ‘O’

OMums n Dads,

Here are a few names beginning with ‘O’ that you can check out for your little princess:

  1. Oma – life giver
  2. Ojal – splendour, vision
  3. Omna – pure, pious
  4. Omya – life giver
  5. Opal – jewel, precious stone
  6. Orla – golden princess
  7. Orna – cedar tree
  8. Osha
  9. Ovia – painting
  10. Odati – dawn Continue reading →

Easy Ideas To Add To Baby’s Meal Time: SuperChef Mommas

mom_small_baby_cooking_b.88144744(*image courtesy healthymealplans – FirstCry takes no credit for the image shown here)

Mum Elamangai Sivasankar shares these easy and useful ideas to include some nutrition in your child’s daily meal plan:

  • Take boiled rice along with dal
  • Add a pinch of salt, 3-4 pepper corns, some jeera seeds and a spoon of ghee
  • Mash the above in a mixie
  • This is a healthy meal for your baby Continue reading →

Healthy Home Made Malt: SuperChef Mommas

Mum Elamangai Sivasankar makes this healthy preparation that’s helps in growth and metabolism for the baby while providing energy.

  • Take some cashew nuts, badam, pista, green gram (slightly roasted without oil), roasted gram and ragi
  • Make this into a powder and store in an air-tight container
  • As and when needed, take 2-3 spoons of this powder, mix it with milk, add a pinch of salt for taste and stir in a pan for about 2 minutes till it turns to a state of malt
  • This is a healthy and tasty supplement for the baby

Sweet Potatoes with Spinach: SuperChef Mommas

IMG_4575(*image courtesy kitcheilliterate – FirstCry takes no credit for the image shown here)

Mum Swati Verma Mathur’s baby isn’t fond of spinach, so she’s come out with this interesting twist to make her have spinach:

  • Boil sweet potatoes and a handful of spinach
  • Mash lightly
  • Cook in a pan with butter till the aromas start to come out
  • Add salt and pepper as per taste Continue reading →

Vegetable Porride: SuperChef Mommas

버섯야채죽33(1)(*image courtesy promotingkorea – FirstCry takes no credit for the image shown here)

Mum Swati Verma Mathur’s healthy and delicious recipe for a vegetable porridge:

  • Add 1 cup water to 1 cup pre-cooked rice
  • Add grated carrots, chopped coriander leaves and shredded chicken (optional)
  • Add salt and pepper as per taste Continue reading →

Carrots and Broccoli Rice: SuperChef Mommas

Carrots-and-Broccoli-Strained(*image courtesy victoriagourmet – FirstCry takes no credit for the image used here)

Mum Swati Verma Mathur makes this healthy and delicious rice for her 1 year old, that’s absolutely easy for a toothless baby to eat:

  • Boil carrots and broccoli together
  • Make rice
  • Add the boiled vegetables to the rice and mash everything very well, till it turns to a pulp
  • Add lots of cheese
  • You can also add some milk to make it a bit soupy

Sweet Potatoes and Broccoli Casserole: SuperChef Mommas

broccoli-cheddar-and-sausage-breakfast-casserole(*image courtesy ourlifeinfood – FirstCry takes no credit for the image used here)

Mum Swati Verma Mathur shares an interesting and healthy recipe that’s a favourite with her daughter:

  • Saute onions and tomatoes
  • Also saute ginger and garlic in some butter
  • Once cooked, add boiled sweet potatoes and broccoli
  • Mash it well until everything is completely mashed Continue reading →

Home Made Apple Jam: SuperChef Mommas

Apple-Jam(*image courtesy worldnow – FirstCry takes no credit for the image shared here)

Mum Priti Agarwal makes this delicious apple jam that her 1 year old son Aryav really loves:

  • Wash 1 apple
  • Peel and cut the apple into small slices
  • Cook in water until tender
  • Add sugar
  • Add lemon juice (freshly squeezed)
  • Stir on hot flame until the jam sets in the pan
  • Set aside
  • Let it cool
  • Once cool, pour in a glass bottle

Delicious Bread With Dry Fruits: SuperChef Mommas

DoubleKaMeeta0000023(*image courtesy chefinyou – FirstCry takes no credit for the image shared here)

Mum Shameem Banu shares this recipe for a sweet fried bread topped with healthy nuts:

  • Take a glass of milk and boil till the milk becomes half in quantity
  • Add 2 tsp honey
  • Cut  2 slices of bread into 4 parts
  • Fry them in ghee or butter Continue reading →

Delicious Porridge: SuperChef Mommas

Porridge (2)(*image courtesy thegreatbritishdiet – FirstCry takes no credit for the image shared here)

Mum Shameem Banu shares this recipe for a healthy delicious porridge that she makes for her 9-month old son Vasin Armaan:

  • Wash and dry 2 cups pre-boiled rice
  • Take about 10 almonds (badaam) and 10 cashews (kaaju)
  • Fry all of this on a plain pan till the rice turns brown
  • Make sure to keep stirring so that the cashews don’t burn or stick to the pan
  • Add 1 handful fried grams Continue reading →
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