Is it Normal if my Baby isn’t Crawling?

SOS_2-mom_2 (1)Are you worried that your baby is not making moves towards crawling?

If your answer is YES, go on reading this.

Crawling is probably that first sign that shows that your little angel is on his or her way. Every parent eagerly awaits this moment. But sometime, some babies do not start crawling as early as other babies, which causes anxiety among most parents.

Though the average age for babies to start crawling is 8 months, many babies skip this age entirely and wait until later. The timing for certain milestone is quite variable, especially when we talk about gross motor skills. Also, there exists a wide range of “what’s normal” when it comes to attaining developmental milestones.

So, even if your baby refuses the idea of scooting around on hands and knees, you should not panic!

The important point to remember is, crawling is just one milestone out of many and if your baby shows signs of delay in attaining it, it is most likely nothing to be worried about. It is only when your baby lags behind in a few developmental milestones that you should talk to your paediatrician about it.

Let us have a quick look at what our SOS Moms have to suggest:

“It is not something to worry if your baby starts crawling late. It’s okay as long as she is active enough to explore new things. Try to make her sit for a few seconds everyday”, says Swati Thakur.

“My son didn’t crawl at all, he directly started walking from 11th month and so did I as my mum told me, so I guess it’s pretty normal”, says Deepti Khurana Mehta.

“Ensure that you massage your baby twice everyday with good massage oil, this helps in faster growth and better development of the baby”, suggests Sakshi Abbey Bhatnagar.

“The best way to help your baby is, give her a lot of tummy time, at least 2-3 hours in a day with proper intervals in between. For tummy time – spread some bed sheets on the floor to make the surface comfortable but not soft for the baby. Then lay her down on her tummy.  Now put some toys in front of her and encourage her to crawl ahead. This will tempt her to try to crawl and reach the toys”, suggests Hema Shamjith Krishna.

SOS_2-mom_2 (2)

As long as your baby is achieving other milestones well, there is no need to worry if she is not crawling even after 8-10 months. Understand that every child is different and thus, attain different milestones differently.

We thank all the Mommies of our community for sparing their precious time to give their valuable responses:

Kalaa Shree, Swati Thakur, Saakshi Nagpal, Rita Samuel Bing, Priyanka Rakesh Chavan, Gulnoza Usmanova, Deepti Khurana Mehta, Aastha Amit Kapoor, Nina Molly Vaz, Dr. Poonam Sangle Bhadange, Sakshi Abbey Bhatnagar, Prathita Malviya, Amrit Jeetla, Jyotsana Verma and Hema Shamjith Krishna.


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