Ways to Treat Stuffy Nose and Cold in Babies

SOS_2-mom_2Would you not agree with us when we say that there is not a single baby around who is seen getting through his early years without suffering a few dozen colds?

You definitely will!

But, you will find it strange if we say that runny nose can be a good thing sometimes. Yes, it is! Because, it’s a natural way that helps body get rid of germs. However, too much of mucus in the nose may make it difficult for your baby to breathe or eat due to congestion, and the stuffy head may make him uncomfortable.

So how are you supposed to handle this? Looking out for suggestions, tips and advice?

Let us have a look at what our SOS Moms have to say:

“Apply a few drops of Eucalyptus (Nilgiri) oil on a handkerchief and make your baby inhale the aroma”, suggests moms – Megha Mandana and Nisha Verma.

“Heat some Ajwain on pan and wrap it in a muslin cloth. Now place it on your baby’s chest, it helps get rid of the congestion in the chest. But, make sure that it is not too hot for your baby’s sensitive skin”, says Sheetal Khakhar

“Boil some Ajwain in water. Now strain the water and collect it in a sippy cup for your baby to drink. It helps reduce cold in babies”, suggests Aastha Amit Kapoor.

“Take mustard oil in a pan and add 2-3 garlic cloves in it. Heat it on low flame and then allow it to cool down till it is lukewarm. Now use this to massage your baby once in a day and then give her hot sponge bath. I did this when my baby girl suffered from a similar problem and she was alright in two days”, says Aastha Amit Kapoor.

“Boil ginger in mustard oil and allow it to cool down till it is lukewarm. Now apply this on your baby’s chest and on her back. It will help relieve the congestion and your baby will feel comfortable”, suggests Mukti Ranjan.

“Boil a few Basil (Tulsi) leaves in water and make your baby inhale the steam. It will help relieve the congestion”, says Amruta Dipen More.

Last but not the least, do consult paediatrician if there is no sign of relief for more than a day.


We thank all the Mommies of our community for sparing their precious time to give their valuable responses:

Aastha Amit Kapoor, Sheetal Khakhar, Megha Mandana, Nisha Verma, Mukti Ranjan, Amruta Dipen More, and many more.


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