Ways to Teach your Child to Share

Sharing 1“That’s mine! Give it back!” shouts your tiny 2-year-old as she snatches her toy from her playmate.


You feel ‘mine’ and ‘no’ are her favourite words. “Why doesn’t she share her belongings?” – becomes a matter of serious concern for you. You dread that such a selfish attitude may end up leaving your child friendless.

But is your child a selfish, indeed? Or she is just acting her age?

For a two-year-old, anything that strikes her fancy becomes an extension of herself. While she is just beginning to comprehend possession, she develops a strong sense of self which restrains her from sharing.

Sharing does not come easily. So, here we are with a few tips to make the art of sharing a lot less stressful for both you and your child:

Teach your Child to Take Turns:

If your child refuses to part with something, practice taking turns. Tell your child that she’ll get to play with the toy for a few fixed minutes and as soon as the time is up, it will be her playmate’s turn to play with that toy for the same fixed amount of time.

Turn Sharing into Fun:

Play some cooperative games with your child and show her how players play together towards a common goal.  Give her snacks to eat with her playmates and tell her that she will get to eat them only when she shares them.

Set an Example:

Kids pick up what you do and love to imitate you. So, ensure that you set the right example before them. Show your child how you share your things with your friends and relatives. Also, do not forget to share your things with her, like your ice-cream, your fancy clips, etc.

Do not force or punish:

If your feel your child is reluctant to share, do not scold or name her selfish. This will only increase the resentment than generosity. Instead, talk it out. Use positive reinforcement and make her understand the importance of sharing calmly. However, do not forget that it is perfectly alright for your kid to hold back certain items.

Praise your child:

Always remember to shower your kid with plenty of praise when she chooses to loosen her grip on something. This will motivate her to share in order to gain your love and praise.


And while you do all this, remember to be patient. Your child is sure to learn sharing, with time.

We thank all the Mommies of our community for sparing their precious time to give their valuable responses


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