What to Pack in your Baby’s bag While Going out

Baby BagYou would definitely call yourself the luckiest parent if your newborn is an ideal traveller and sleeps for a good deal of time while you are on your first day-out after baby. Your excursion can be a fun-time only if your little bundle of joy allows it to be.

Ever thought, what all baby gears would be required to keep him comfortable and cheerful?

Don’t be anxious!

We bring to you a list of items you must carry to make your excursion easier. So, if you are planning your first day-out with your newborn, start gathering these newborn must-haves for your baby’s bag:

  1. Formula feed powder box and lukewarm water
  2. Sterilized bottles and nipples
  3. Breast pumps (if required)
  4. Washable bibs
  5. Sun hat
  6. Tissues
  7. Baby wipes
  8. Diapers
  9. Diaper rash cream
  10. Spare clothes, socks, and booties
  11. Disinfectant hand gel
  12. Baby wash, baby powder and baby lotion
  13. Car seat
  14. Collapsible stroller
  15. Baby’s medicine kit
  16. Baby Blankets
  17. Plastic bags (you might need them to keep soiled diapers or clothes)
  18. Extra Pacifiers (if required)
  19. Your baby’s toys
  20. Breastfeeding cover

Aren’t you surprised with the amount of stuff your little traveller requires?

Yes, we all are!

So before you forget anything, start packing all of these a few days before your day-out to avoid the last minute hassle.

We thank all the Mommies of our community for sparing their precious time to give their valuable responses:

Tashfiya Shadab, Silja Jay Nair, Jyotsana Verma, Nupur Jain, Vidya Mahendran, Anisha D Guglia, Harsha Rajiv, Pari Mohit Rai, Linu Sanjib Boro, Ruchita Sharma, Sheetal Khakhar, Alolika Datta Gupta Das, Neha Singla Johri, Sur Himantikaa, Lavanta Prakash, Neha Alok Pal and Sapana Wagh


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  1. I had no idea about formaldehyde in new clothes, thanks for the tip. It’s a good point you make about buying used clothes, there are often lot’s available as they grow out of them so fast!

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