How to take care of your Baby’s Teeth

Oral CareThe first tooth of your baby is one of the milestones. Isn’t it?

It is, indeed!

These pearly whites not only add to your baby’s charming smile but to your exuberance too! Being a young and new mommy you surely find yourself unaware of when to begin with oral care for your baby or how to go about cleaning his teeth. It is likely, that you probably are a little scared of hurting your bundle of joy while trying to render him the best oral care.

So if you ask when to start your baby’s oral care, the answer is – even before the baby sports his first tooth.

Yes! It is a healthy habit to wipe your baby’s gums with a soft wet washcloth every day during bath time or before sleep time. Making your baby accustomed to this daily routine of mouth-cleaning helps make it easier for him to transition into toothbrushing later.

Therefore, we list here a few tips to help you ensure healthy oral care for your baby:

  1. If you are not following a routine of cleaning your baby’s gums every day, it is strongly recommended that you start with his oral care the moment you notice him teething.
  2. Do not use brushes with bristles for your young one. Introduce a small and soft toothbrush designed especially for babies.
  3. Initially, use only water and toothbrush to clean your little one’s teeth. Continue this until your baby is 18-month-old.
  4. Start using toothpaste that has low-fluoride content once your baby is 18-months-old. Take very small amount of baby-friendly toothpaste to clean his teeth.
  5. Change your baby’s toothbrush every 2 months. It will also add to his enthusiasm to brush with a colourful new brush.
  6. Wondering how often you should brush your baby’s pearly whites? If you have started feeding him solids then it is recommended that you brush his teeth at least twice a day.

Ways to brush your baby’s teeth:

  1. Hold or place your baby such that you can see his mouth clearly and he feels comfortable.
  2. Hold your baby’s chin in your hand and rest his head against something.
  3. Clean his teeth in a soft and circular motion.
  4. Lift his lip gently to brush the front and the back of the teeth, and the gum line.

We hope these suggestions help you take best oral care of your baby. Moreover, make your baby’s brushing time a fun, and help him form a healthy habit of brushing teeth twice daily.

We thank all the Mommies of our community for sparing their precious time to give their valuable responses:

Kshitija Shevade, Preitz Kory Patil and Prabha Peri


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