What to pack in Hospital Bag

Hospital BagAre you about to complete your 34 weeks of pregnancy?

If your answer is Yes, it’s time to pack your maternity hospital bag with all the essentials you may require during labour, birth and for your most awaited ‘bundle of joy’.

We do not intend to say that your departure to maternity hospital would be a frantic one as the Bollywood wants you to believe. But, isn’t it a good idea to be prepared a few weeks before your due date?

Of course, it is!

It may also prove handy in case you need to go into labour a little early. So be prepared now, if you want to steer clear of any last minute scramble to fill your hospital bag amidst contractions.

Here we present to you a checklist. Tick off all the essentials that you need to pack before you go into labour:

Things to Pack for Mum

Camera: You may want to capture those first few moments of your newborn baby. So, don’t miss to pack a camera along with its charger.

Backless slippers: Keep backless slippers that are easy to wear and remove.

Daily need items: Don’t forget to keep your toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, deodorant, shampoo, soap, lotion, hair dryer, towel, etc.

Sanitary pads: Though hospitals provide sanitary napkins but you may feel more comfortable with your favourite brand. Also, keep pads that are designed for heavy flow.

Important documents: Arrange all your health related documents properly in a folder. E.g.- health insurance card, picture id, hospital registration forms and other documents of your medical history.

Nightgowns or robe: Keep a loose and warm robe to wear at the time of delivery. If you wish to breastfeed your baby do not forget to pack 2-3 front-open nightgowns for easy breastfeeding.

Maternity Bras: Keep a few comfortable and supporting bras. Also, pack some nursing bras if you wish to breastfeed. Steer clear of underwire bras.

Socks: Many mums-to-be complain of their feet being cold during delivery.  So keep 2-3 pair of socks, in case one gets soiled you have an extra pair to keep your feet warm.

Lip Balm: Labour wards are kept warm which may dry out your lips quickly. So keep your lip balm at easy reach.

Nursing covers: You would want some privacy and discretion while nursing your baby in front of others. So, do not miss to pack a nursing cover in your hospital bag.


Things to Pack for Baby:

Mittens: Your baby might have long nails. To prevent him/her from scratching his face or other parts of the body you may need to cover his/her hands with mittens.

Wipes: Purchase and pack wipes that are specially designed for babies and sensitive skin.

Diapers or nappies: Pack a few cloth nappies or disposable diapers for your newborn.

Swaddling cloth: Newborns feel comfortable when they are swaddled. Keep a few receiving blankets or clothes ready to swaddle your baby.

Hand Towels: Keep a few hand towels to wipe your little one’s mouth, hands and feet.

Rubber Under-sheet: To keep the bed from getting wet with pee, spit up or breast milk, keep a few waterproof sheet protectors.

Socks or Booties: Keep a pair of socks or booties for your newborn.

Cotton Outfits: Pack a couple of soft cotton jhablas or all-in-one suits for babies.

Nursing Pillows: In order to reduce strain in your arms, use nursing pillow to rest your baby on while breastfeeding.

Small Size Feeding Bottle: You may need to bottle-feed your newborn, so keep a bottle ready so that you do not need to rush at the eleventh hour.


We thank all the Mommies of our community for sparing their precious time to give their valuable responses:

Anjali Gupta, Shahi Sofia, Shilpi Saha, Navdeep Sandhu, Upasana Panda, Richa Arora, Priyanka Saurabh Khanna, Robe Samarth Gaonkar, Madhuri Dommety, Pari Mohit Rai and Ravalita Patra


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