Effects of Spanking Kids and Ways to avoid it

SpankingHave you ever met a parent whose child has never been spanked for misbehaving?

You would definitely agree that this is something very rare. Wouldn’t you?

Though, experts strongly disapprove the concept of spanking, most parents still use it to discipline their kids.

Spanking – a mild form of punishment, was an acceptable part of parenting in the 70’s. But today there are frequent debates on why spanking is a bad idea. Whether or not parents believe in hitting, their kids do receive spanking at some point of time or the other. Most parents resort to spanking either because they are stressed out or frustrated, or out of the fear of having no other options.

Spanking is not a positive approach to discipline a child. However, if you happen to lose it occasionally and end up spanking your child, it is not going to cause any harm to him or your relationship forever. It is more serious an issue if you hit your child often or if it’s a part of your dominant parenting.

Reasons you should not spank your Child:

  1. Hitting teaches kids to hit: Children love to imitate what their parents do. When they get spanked often, they interpret hitting as something acceptable to stop/avoid something undesirable.
  1. Hitting demeans self-image: Kids are usually too young to understand the reason for a whack. It takes a lot of efforts for a child to build a healthy self-image and it gets affected negatively when he is spanked for doing something wrong. He starts believing that he is ‘bad’.
  1. Hitting promotes anger: Kids often see punishment as unfair. Hence they are more likely to rebel and display anger in protest.

Ways to Stop Yourself from Spanking:

  1. Explain the consequences: The most effective way to let your child know he has done something wrong is to make the point that undesirable acts can lead to undesirable results.
  2. Give Yourself Timeout: Timeouts are as helpful for parents as for kids. Frustration or stress may be the reasons you end up spanking your child. So, if you feel you are losing your sanity, move out of the situation and relax.
  3. Let the consequences happen: Do not feel that it’s always your duty to prevent each and every consequence. Sometimes it is best to allow the consequences to happen and then help your child learn a lesson from it.


We thank all the Mommies of our community for sparing their precious time to give their valuable responses:

Sheeja Narayanan, Robe Samarth Gaonkar and Vandana Anand.


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