How to Limit Toddler TV Time

TV timeWould you not agree that most of the parents use Television to keep their children occupied from time to time?

No Doubt, Television is one of the best babysitters as it keeps the toddler happily absorbed for hours when parents wish to have some me-time, get started with cooking or sneak in any other household chores.

So, knowingly or unknowingly, it is none other than parents who are encouraging and entrenching TV habits in kids. Gradually, this becomes such an integral part of their lives that it seems just impossible to pull them away from the TV.

But, isn’t risking your toddler’s brain development too big a price to pay for keeping him busy?

If you feel the answer is Yes, then why not try out some good alternatives to TV to keep our sweet little toddlers busy:

  • Involve your child in whatever you do: Narrate to your toddler the activity that you are doing. Try to keep him occupied by offering him to do the easiest part of that chore. For example: if you are kneading the dough, give your child a small portion of the same and allow him to play with it.
  • Prepare a toy basket for your toddler: Always keep a toy basket handy that contains your child’s favourite stuff. For example: some soft-toys, puzzles, cartoon books, etc.
  • Play some educational CDs: Purchase a few interactive audio-visual CDs that teach kids numbers and alphabets in a playful manner. Also, play CDs that contain story narration, it helps your child develop listening skills.
  • Go creative: Sit with your child and spend time doing some simple craft activities. This will not only enhance his gross and fine motor skills but will also improve his imagination.
  • Reduce your own TV time: Kids tend to follow what their parents do. So, make sure that you don’t stay glued to your TV screens for long. This will convey a wrong message to your child that it is acceptable to watch TV for hours.

Lastly, do not wait till this hazardous habit occupies a permanent space in your child’s daily routine. Help him grow up more creative by limiting his TV time and encouraging good habits.

We thank all the Mommies of our community for sparing their precious time to give their valuable responses:

Dilbir Kaur, Sushma Mayekar, Gagan Sandhu, Mala Ray, Jas Saini, Rakhee Bhargava, Rachna Khandelwal, Asfia Hashmi and Ramya Venugopal


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