My Baby cries Inconsolably and does not Sleep at Night. Please Help!

sleepless nightsDon’t you all agree that it is just impossible to get around a few things with babies, no matter what we try? One of those things is – baby’s hysteric crying. This is because, crying is the only way they express their hunger, irritation, pain, a desire for sleep, fear and so on.

But, how are we parents supposed to comprehend what our baby is trying to tell? Moreover, it becomes even more difficult when this crying turns into a daily night-routine for our baby. It may leave mommies absolutely exhausted handling a crying baby at night, which is their only time for some rest after a long tiring day.

So, if you are also one of the mommies trying to figure out a way to soothe your crying baby at night, let us have a look at the suggestions from some of our SOS Moms:

“Your baby may be suffering from colic i.e. gas in stomach. One of the home remedies that offers quick relief is – prepare a paste of 2 pinch Asafoetidia mixed with a spoonful of warm water and apply on the baby’s stomach around the naval”, suggests Renuka Chandoke.

“Gastric problem is very common in newborns, which makes them uncomfortable at night. Consult a paediatrician and give him gripe water or Colicad drops once before bedtime. These will relieve his stomach and he will be able to sleep peacefully”, say moms – Manpreet Kaur Bajwa and Vinu Gowtham Rao.

“To avoid gas problems, burp your baby after every feed”, suggests Priyamvada S. Agnihotri.

“Colic pain usually hits all newborns and lasts for a few months. In order to curtail it make your baby sleep on your stomach or on his stomach. This technique is known as Kangaroo Mother Care and works wonders in most of the illnesses”, says Rakhi Bhargava.

“If you are breastfeeding your child, avoid eating food that are likely to cause gastric problems”, suggests Sheetal Kohli.

“Babies may also cry due to itching. So, ensure that you clean your baby’s nappy area nicely and apply powder every day before putting him to sleep”, says Tryphena David Jagtap.

“Give your baby a gentle massage and bedtime bath with Luke warm water, this prepares him for a good night sleep”, says Rachana Deep.

Lastly, do not worry or panic if your baby is cranky before going to bed every night. This is very common and happens with most of the babies. Newborn babies take time to adjust in the outside environment and such problems usually subside in a few months.

We thank all the Mommies of our community for sparing their precious time to give their valuable responses:

Shabnam Desai, Renuka Chandoke, Manpreet Kaur Bajwa, Vinu Gowtham Rao, Priyamvada S. Agnihotri, Rakhi Bhargava, Sheetal Kohli, Tryphena David Jagtap, Rachana Deep and others.


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  1. Try a tender massage for your baby followed by a bath, massage does treat colicky baby and lets your baby sleep sound.

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