How to Overcome the Guilt of going back to Work after Baby

going back to workAs soon as you realize your maternity leave is coming to an end, you tend to find yourself bound by guilt and obligation. Guilt, of leaving your young baby in someone else’s care, or, even of being eager to return to your previous lifestyle.

A mere thought of being a working mom, can trigger a host of mixed and conflicting emotions. Regardless of how long and hard you have thought before deciding to resume your work-life or how sure you are that it’s the right decision, you need to be well-prepared for back-to-work jitters, post delivery.

Though a few bumps along this way are inevitable, here are a few tips to keep your guilt in check and make this navigation less stressful:

Before going back to work:

  1. Start with working-from-home or take up a part time job before you actually get back to work. This prepares you and your child slowly for the upcoming transition.
  2. Start your hunt for a childcare or a nanny that best suits your child’s needs. Begin this new routine for your child before you are back at work full time.

After joining work:

  1. Have an emergency support system ready in-case your child falls sick or the nanny is on leave or the childcare is closed for a day or two. This keeps the last minute hassle for alternative arrangements at bay.
  2. Plan your daily routine so that you are able to manage your work well. Waking up early after staying up all night with a crying baby, finishing all household chores and then racing off to your job may seem to be a challenging task. But with proper time management you can stay organized and find time for yourself too.
  3. Do not hesitate in seeking support. Take help of your spouse and other family members to sail smoothly through this transitional phase.
  4. Try to take good amount of rest to stay fit and healthy. Do not over-exert yourself and fit at least a little me-time in your daily schedule.
  5. Call up your child’s nanny or the day-care everyday once or twice to ensure your baby is fine. This will also make you feel connected to your baby.

Lastly, remember that whatever you are doing is for your child’s better future. Moreover, it has been observed that kids of working parents learn to grow up independently and more confident. However, one thing that you always need to ensure is – do not forget to spend quality time with your child and give him as much love as possible.

We thank all the Mommies of our community for sparing their precious time to give their valuable responses:

Sushma Mayekar, Padmaja Giri, Priyanka Singh Desai, Mala Ray and Harsha Rajiv.


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