Tips to Make Air Travel with Infants Easier

Air travel with baby

No wonder air-travel can be stressful with a baby or toddler!

We know, many moms dread flying with their newborn. Having an extra set of arms, to help handle the baby, is something they always wish for before boarding a flight.  Though air-trip with an infant is strenuous, advance preparation and following a few simple tips can maintain your sanity.

So, put your stress at bay and follow a few simple tips from our SOS MOMs:

  1. Unlike previous trips, look for flights that fit your baby’s schedule best than those that offer cheaper rates. Preferably, choose to fly at night which is your baby’s nap time.
  2. Pack your bag smartly and keep everything at easy access to avoid last minute haste.
  3. Do not forget to pack extra clothes and health care items like medicine, etc.
  4. Pack a bag with your baby’s favourite toys to keep him occupied during the flight. Buy a few new toys too.
  5. Adjust your child’s sleep schedule 2-3 days before departure in order to avoid any jet-lag.
  6. Check your baby’s diaper, just before boarding the flight, in case it needs to be replaced.
  7. Encourage your infant to nurse or suck on his milk bottle during take-off and landing, this helps avoid ear clogging which may make him irritable.
  8. Avoid exceeding your carry-on allowance. Do not carry too many bags inside the flight. Also, try using a back-pack so that you have your hands free to tend to your baby.
  9. Dress in layers, if possible. You may want to change in case your baby spits up on your dress. This goes for your baby too, and will help you control his environment in case it’s too hot (in the rear seats) or too cold.
  10. Air conditioning inside the plane may cause babies to get dehydrated, so always encourage your baby to drink often.

These are a few tips that will help you make your trip less dreadful and more manageable with your baby.

We thank all the Mommies of our community for sparing their precious time to give their valuable responses:

Nancy Gupta, Alisha Gupta, Shabnam Desai, Chital Panchal, Ritu Kasera, Nidhi Pankaj Dang, Charu Sahil Sharma, Pooja Chandrekar, Smaatika Jain, Mala Sharma, Mohanapriya Balu, Vijyashri Sreekanth, Misha Amar Bhattal, Ramsha Naved Khan, Ann Joe Mampilly and Nisha Verma


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