Ways to Deal with Toddler Tantrums

Toddler Tantrums You enter a restaurant with an absolute relaxed mind and sit down comfortably with your 2-year-old darling kiddo to enjoy some toothsome nosh-up after a long tiring week.

The waiter hands over a menu and you start to stare at it with utter delight.

You choose your favourites and place an order.

You now sit relaxed! A few minutes pass peacefully. Your child is calm and enjoying. And suddenly the next moment, there is an uncontrollable whimpering; whining and finally, you are persistently asked to leave for home.

The scene changes completely! Everyone is looking at you and your face is burning with embarrassment. You somehow manage to finish you dinner in haste and leave before all this forces you to have your own meltdown.

Aren’t these episodes common with almost all the toddlers?

You would not dare to deny if you are or have been a mother to a finicky toddler (unless you are one of those rare-to-find lucky mommies) 😉

No matter how sweet and adorable Kids are, they sure can create big scenes!

Tantrums and meltdowns are facts of toddler life. So take heart – such behaviour is not a reflection of your parenting skills. It does not mean you are raising a tyrant, rather, it simply means that your toddler knows no other way than throwing tantrums in response to his frustration.

Let us try out these simple tricks to defuse our kiddo’s tantrums:

Divert them

“Give them some small tasks, like – name the animal you can see around you or what all colors you can see in the hall, ask them to put a few things into the bag, etc. Remember, you need to be creative each time, because kids soon get hold of previous ideas”, says Nidhi Vijay.

Involve your child

“Our little toddlers are great attention seekers. For them, they are the centre of the universe. So give them your attention by involving them in everything you do. Chances are they may not understand anything but you can still talk to them about whatever you are doing”, Suggests Prabha Peri.

Walk Away or Ignore

Noopur Choubey Bajpai says, “Most of the time, toddlers resort to tantrums because they think they will get what they want if they behave badly. If you do not pay heed to them and just walk away, they may give up and listen to what you have to say.”

Keep your cool

“Last but not least, understand that your kid is still very young and needs you the most. Whenever there are guests at home, they may feel you are giving more importance to guests as compared to them. So ensure that you give your undivided attention to them even when there are people around. Once they are grown up enough to understand things and with your gentle guidance they will stop throwing tantrums, automatically. Remember, do not shout, yell or spank your children. This will only leave a negative impact on them. However, do not always give into all their unreasonable demands just to comfort them, it may worsen the situation”, says Shabnam Desai.

Just be patient and give them time. They will soon turn into sensible and responsible individuals.

We thank all the Mommies of our community for sparing their precious time to give their valuable responses:

Shabnam Desai, Noopur Choubey Bajpai, Prabha Peri, Keithellakpam Memchoubi, Nidhi Vijay

Special mentions to the father: Yogesh Divekar


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