How to tell People not to Kiss my baby on Lips?

Kissing baby on lipsAre you also on a look out for ways to stop visitors from kissing your baby on lips?

If your answer is Yes, then you must read this post!

Kissing a baby on lips can be dangerous. How would you feel if you kissed a baby on lips only to find out a few days later that you were sick? Then the baby too falls sick, gets hospitalized or even dies because you passed on your sickness to him. Yes, it happens! Also, kissing on the mouth is a great way to give your children cavities.

Almost all parents face this situation, where they find themselves speechless or unable to understand how to stop visitors from kissing their little ones.  Aren’t there other ways to express love for a baby?

Our SOS Moms have some useful suggestion for parents who face this often. Let us take a look at them:

Inderpreet Kaur says, “Learn to say ‘NO’, because only you know what is best for your child”.

Yashdeep Bhatt suggests, “Keep a sanitizer bottle at your home and give it to every single visitor to use it before they hold your baby in hand. This will make them more conscious. You can also apply some sanitizer on your hands before touching your baby in front of them. While applying, don’t forget to talk about the infections and how sensitive babies are to bacteria and viruses. It may look like some over-protective drama. But this will make them conscious and may help avoid the situation to some extent”.

Claudia Vandana too has a wonderful idea to steer clear of such a situation. She says, “Tell people that the baby is throwing up. Tell a lie that you just kissed your baby and she threw up immediately on you. People would not dare to take a chance of kissing the baby”.

Lastly, the trick that works for most of the mommies is – “ Simply tell your visitors that doctor has advised not to kiss or touch the baby on face owing to some allergy that he/she is prone to”.

This has worked wonders for most of the parents! Give it a try!

We thank all the Mommies of our community for sparing their precious time to give their valuable responses:

Kritika Kapoor Bhatia, Inderpreet Kaur, Rathi Madan, Shuvra Das Mandal, Shivani Garg, Prabha Victor, Esha Jain Gupta, Shabnam Desai, Shailaja Krishna, Yashdeep Bhatt, Shilpa Khandelwal, Shilpi Saha, Chandana Jakkani , Sapana Wagh, Tina R Kawadia, Manju Janarthanan, Prabha Peri, Joyadrita Ragavendran, Felicita Dsouza, Prabh K Matharoo, Divya Aneja Alawadhi, Pratibha Sharma, Pronami Chakraborty , Robe Samarth Gaonkar and Karishma Jain.


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