Help! My Son Plays With his Foods and Does not eat it

SOS-mom-without-questionJust like there is no best style of parenting, there is no fixed ‘type’ of kids. Every child is a unique individual and requires different upbringing from other kids. The parenting style that may be best for one child may not work for the other. It is only parents who can understand their child better than anyone else. Sometimes, it appears to be nerve wracking for parents to deal with toddler tantrums which are completely new and more challenging each passing day.

One of the biggest tantrums that toddlers throw is during the meal time. Poor moms can be seen doing all possible things to coax their toddler into eating healthy food. Some can be seen running behind their kids with food plate in hand, some trying to cook up interesting stories each time their toddler sits for a meal, some acting even better than a joker to keep the child distracted in order to feed him enough and some simply pulling their hair in absolute irritation.

Something similar to this is the case with one of our SOS mommies. Her 18-month-old toddler prefers to play with the food rather than eating it. In this process, he does consume a little but the most of it goes into waste. How is she supposed to handle this?

Let us have a look at what our SOS Moms have to suggest.

Shabnam Desai says, “Do not worry, mommy! It is good that your 18-month-old is making attempts to eat food on his own. At this stage, it is necessary that you help your child eat because his hand and mouth coordination still needs to develop completely. Therefore, you must sit with your child and teach him, or show him how to eat properly. Also, do not forget to lay a plastic sheet before making your child eat so that it is easy to clean the mess quickly”.

Riya Bhanji says, “Feed your child often so that the required amount of food goes into his stomach. Rest, let him learn and enjoy at the same time”.

Daddy Anil Mishra suggests, “Play some of your child’s favourite song or rhymes to keep him engaged and then feed him”.

Shruthi Naveen says, “Play with your child and feed him while he is busy playing. It takes a long time but you must be patient while dealing with your fussy eater”.

Mehak Vazrani shares her experience with us and says, “I put a bite in my daughter’s mouth and ask everyone around to clap, this motivates her to eat”.

We thank all the Mommies of our community for sparing their precious time to give their valuable responses:

Shabnam Desai, Ritu Dhingra, Riya Bhanji, Sudheer Kulkarni, Shalu Rana, Shruthi Naveen, Rathi Madan, Mehak Vazirani, Kalpana Perumal and Shraddha Sheth.

Special mentions to daddies – Anil Mishra and Dr. Anand Singh


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