Ways of Dealing with Strangers who try to Touch or Take your Baby

SOS-momIt’s a very well known fact that babies are cute, charming and adorable. No wonder they catch people’s attention, very easily. However, does that mean any stranger can reach out, touch, hold or take a baby from her parents?

The answer is definitely No! There has to be some sort of etiquettes about respecting a baby’s space.

While some mothers may not find it disagreeable and may take pleasure in watching their little angel being touched and adored; others may feel hysterically uncomfortable when a stranger tries to reach out to their little ones.

Here is what a mother can do when a stranger tries to reach out and touch her baby:

  • Speak up: For strangers it may not be a big deal to touch a baby’s hand or feet. But it is you who has to decide what feels right to you and what not. So be firm yet polite and give an excuse to the strangers with a smile that you are concerned about germs, and hence, would prefer them to just look at the baby and not touch her.
  • Move to a different place: When you notice a stranger eyeing your baby or get a hunch that he/she may try to reach out to her, simply walk away with your baby in the other direction.
  • Hang a sign board: If you are carrying your baby in a stroller, hang a sign board that may read – “Hi, please wash your hands before you touch me”.

Having stated some basic measures, let us also have a look into what our SOS MOMs have to suggest:

  • If a stranger tries to take your baby from you, tell him that “the baby is giving signs of peeing and may dirty your clothes, so its better not to take her”, says Yashdeep Bhatt.
  • Shimani Raj says, a baby is just like your diamond necklace that you would never want anybody to touch. Therefore, it is imperative that parents do not get carried away and feel proud when strangers feel attracted towards their baby.
  • Do not hesitate to say “NO” or express your discomfort to a stranger”, says  Prerna Sharma.

Every family has its own way of parenting, and thus, every parent has the right to decide on what is and isn’t suitable for his/her baby. Chances are not everyone will agree with you, but do not think twice while asseting your wishes in order to ensure that your baby is safe and others respect her boundaries.

We thank all the Mommies of our community for sparing their precious time to give their valuable responses:

Rathi Madan, Shimani Raj, Prerna Sharma, Khushbu Saluja, Shama Desai, Aastha, Neha Sharmaa, Jas Saini, Anamika Udainiya, Yuvedha Suresh, Sajeena Husen, Noopur Choubey Bajpai and Vijaya Mathur Saxena.

A special mention to fathers – Yashdeep Bhatt, Dr. Anand Singh, Brijmohan Jagrawal, Sachin Gupta and Amit Kapoor.


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