How to Handle a Newborn who Wants to be Held all the Time?

Baby wants to be held all the timeYou may be of the view that newborn babies do not understand things around them really well, during their first few months. But, don’t they seem to know how to get most of your attention and love, even in those initial days?

Ohh! We know only you understand it better than anyone else, new mommy!

Your charming little angel is fed well and has had a long nap time too. She is fresh and brimming with energy to have some cheerful play time… So, there you lay her in her craddle and sit back for some Me-time!

What next?

Suddenly, a loud whinning noise hits your ears and… you find your relaxation time disappear even before it actually started.

“You gotta hold me, Mumma!”… is what your sweetheart wants to convey.

And, you end up being sleep deprived mommy who is worn out holding the baby all the time. No wonder you find yourself at your wits end, trying to pacify the whinning baby.

Unfortunately, there is no way around this problem. Some babies simply need to be held all the time to make them feel good and secure. Even the idea of ‘letting them cry it out’, does not seem to reduce this instinctive need they posses.

Therefore, it is always best to look for ways to retain your sanity rather than trying to change the habits of the little ones, overnight. Let us have a sneak peek into how some of the mommies  have dealt with this situation and what suggestions they have to offer:

  • “Swaddling the baby nicely is helpful. Since, the babies are used to being snuggled tight in the womb, swaddling gives them the feeling of a womb which makes them feel safe and secured”, says Richa.
  • “Babies sleep the most during the first 3 months. So try establishing a sleep schedule”, advices Noopur Choubey Bajpai. The trick worked for her!
  • Vandana Anand shares her experience with us and says, “I used to put a pillow over my lap and then keep the baby on that pillow… Gradually,  the baby started associating the touch of the pillow with my presence.
    Whenever the baby fell asleep on my lap… I placed the pillow on bed with the baby on it and arranged some more pillows on the sides for protection.  This allowed me some free time while the baby still enjoyed her mother’s touch. This idea of conditioning baby’s mind worked for both of my babies.”
  • Shivangi Gupta feels that baby handling methods vary from baby to baby. She suggests, “try keeping soft-toys around the baby, while she is awake and active. This distracts the baby and keeps her engaged.”
  • “Bring home a baby rocker. Your baby might love being in it and you can keep it where you are working”, suggets Astha Amit Kapoor.
  • Moms, Priyamvada  and Sapna says, “ while swaddling is the best way, you can also try sleeping bags for babies. Playing soothing music is another way that helps keep your baby engaged and stimulates her audio and visual senses”.
  • “If you find your baby crying inconsolably, you must check if she is suffering from colic. Consult a pediatrician and give her the prescribed medicines”, suggests moms Priyanka, Saipreethi and Silky.

Lastly, you must always remember that a newborn baby is too small and it will take her some time to get adjusted in the completely new environment.  For a baby, a mother’s touch and presence is assuring. So, spend quality time with your baby, sit next to her, play with her, talk to her and let her enjoy the comfort of your presence. Ask help from family members if you are tired but do not miss to  enjoy the phase because it will pass even before you realise. Your baby will outgrow this habit on her own, eventually.

We thank all the Mommies of our community for sparing their precious time to give their valuable responses:

Richa Nangia, Silja Jay Nair, Richa Nangia, Neha Chhabria , Noopur Choubey Bajpai, Vandana Anand, Shivangi Gupta, Aastha Amit Kapoor, Jyoti Singh, Silky Gulati, Sapna Negi, Prarthita Malviya, Priyamvada S. Agnihotri, Shweta Attarwala, Jayita Sen Singha, Anisha Rodrigues E Pinto, Richa Amicable, Kavita Thakur, Ruksana Shaik, Krutika Joshi, Saipreethi Sudhan, Navneet Kaur, Nandita Oberoi Sharma, Latika Sakhuja Srivastava, Nicky Shah Kapadia, Fathima Abi, Upasana Panda, Bhavana Saxena, Priyanka Gupta, Divya Krishnan and  Mita Savaliya.        



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