My 6-Year–Old is a Slow Learner. Will Being Strict Help?

slow learnerLearning is a process that starts right from the time a child utters his first syllable. It would not be wrong to tag it as a life-long affair that goes on even after he successfully reaches the end of his academic life.

Unfortunately, nowadays, ‘learning’ is seen as a ‘free-size’ or ‘one-size-for-all’ process, that is not tailored to fit an individual’s abilities. This is true especially when we talk about our conventional school systems which put forth a rigid style of learning for children. Moreover, every child is different and so are his abilities. Not every child has the same grasping power, not every child can perform exceptionally as his peers, not every child shows similar interests; while some may enjoy reading books, others may be fascinated by number games or puzzles.

Does that mean one child is smarter than the other?

Definitely Not!

However, you may have come across children who develop skills and achieve various milestones at a comparatively slower pace. Parents to such kids often believe that their child is a ‘slow learner’. Telling this to kids is even worse. Parents carrying such notion may, knowingly or unknowingly, leave a demeaning or degrading impact on their children.

Such children are not slow; they just need some extra help and support from their parents to be successful. They need to be taught that an extra effort, than others, will definitely help them be at par with others, or potentially, do better than them. And all this, with extra care and love.

Parents, usually, tend to punish their child for not learning or grasping well. But, being strict or reinforcements like punishing or scolding the child never helps to tackle the problem. It is only parents’ constant support that can make a difference.

There are many parents who very well understand and work with their kids to make learning easier for them. Let us also have a look at the tips these parents have to offer:

Rajnideep Sandhu, who is a mommy, says – “that such kids are good observant. Being polite with them, understanding and identifying their interest area, and avoiding over-burdening them with studies can help tackle the situation well. They should be encouraged to give their best in studies, but at the same time, parents must also understand that there can be one and only one student who can come first in their child’s class.”

Hema Panjabi says, “Punishing never helps! Parents should try to make ‘learning’ a fun activity. Also, there can be various other reasons which can hamper your child’s learning ability, parents must try to identify them. These reasons can be: uncomfortable sitting, room lighting, difficult method of teaching, incomplete sleep or food intake, too much pressure to learn, etc. Also, every child has his own speed to learn. By generating curiosity and enthusiasm about subject, learning can surely be made easy and fast.

Prerna Sharma, says – “Identify what your child learns faster, like dancing, singing, etc. Based on this you can modify your teaching method.”

To sum it up, it is only parents who can understand their child’s requirements best and can work towards making their lives easier and happy.

We thank all the Mommies of our community for sparing their precious time to give their valuable responses:

Rajnideep Sandhu, Hema Panjabi, Prerna Sharma, Mukti Ranjan


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