Is ‘Toe Walking’ in Children a Sign of Serious Health Issue?

Toe-walkingOne of the most exhilarating moments associated with baby’s development is his walking milestone. You miss no opportunity to capture all the special moments when he takes his first step forward without any aid. You want to be always by his side because you dread those falls that might bruise his tender knees. Yet, you make all possible efforts to make your child more and more confident as he learns to amble in his own peculiar gait.

In early childhood, most toddlers take to ‘toe walking’ when they begin to explore the world around them on their own. While, some prefer to toe-walk on and off just for fun, others may get habitual to it. Usually, tip-toeing isn’t something to be worried about until the child is two. More than half of the toddlers, who are toe walkers, grow out of this habit on their own, gradually.

However, if your toddler shows consistent signs of toe walking, you must consider consulting a paediatrician. Prolonged toe-walking may be a signal of some serious health issues, which require proper medical attention.

A few signs for which you must consult your doctor are:

  • Frequent walking on toes
  • Lack of coordination and stiff muscles
  • Stumbling and awkward walking style
  • Improper development of fine motor skills
  • Loss of pre-developed motor skills

With all the above mentioned information, let us also have a look at what our SOS MOMs have to say on this issue:

“This is absolutely normal for a 2-year-old. We, in our childhood, have also had such funny habits which did not affect us adversely in any way. All kids are different and so are their habits. It might take your toddler some time to grow out of it but there is nothing to be anxious about,” says Smriti Thukraj

Lavanya Reddy suggests, “Put on socks and shoes on your baby’s feet for a few days. This may help as it is hard to walk on toes with shoes on”.

Moms, Preeti Ashutosh and Mahek Achantani, are experiencing the same issue with their toddlers and suggest, “Most of the time kids do it for fun, and hence, we should allow them to enjoy their childhood in their own way”.

So, all you need to ensure is your bundle of joy is not hurting himself with this new-found tip-toe style and is walking safely.

Enjoy this phase with your child, click pictures, and make as many videos as you can, because someday this phase will simply vanish overnight!

We thank all the Mommies of our community for sparing their precious time to give their valuable responses:

Smriti Thukraj, Lavanya Reddy, Preeti Ashutosh, Mahek Achantani, Rajnit Kaur, Anu John, Shikha Rohit Chawla, Nidhi Jain, Ridhima Mukerji


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