How to Deal With Cracked and Sore Nipples

Cracked NipplesOne of the common reasons that make most of the new mothers to discontinue breastfeeding is sore or cracked nipples. This is a common phenomenon among breastfeeding women. Though, breastfeeding is not meant to be painful, cracked nipples may hurt new mothers badly.

There are several causes that can result into cracked nipples, such as:

  • Inappropriate positioning of the baby during feeding
  • Improper latch of the baby onto the breast
  • Improper rinsing of the breast leaving soap residue on the nipples
  • Usage of cream, lotion or perfume that contain skin irritants
  • Improper usage of breast pump
  • Dry air of air conditioner

Feeding your baby with cracked nipples can be intolerably painful. Here are some healing tips, suggested by our SOS Moms, to cure sore and cracked nipples:

  1. Breast milk, in itself, is the best antiseptic and moisturiser for sore and cracked nipples. Apply a few drops of your extracted breastmilk on your nipples daily for a few days. It works wonders. More importantly, nothing can be safer than that for the baby, in case he intakes it.
  2. Apply some coconut oil or badam rogan oil and massage your nipple area gently. It takes two days to heal.
  3. Apply pure lukewarm ghee and homemade butter, these are some good natural remedies for treating cracked nipples. Again, these products are harmless even if swallowed by a baby.
  4. Give your breast olive oil massage before going for bath. It is an effective natural therapy.
  5. Apply some fresh milk cream or malai around your nipples after feeding and leave them open till next feed. It helps curing the cracked nipples fast.

There are some ointments and other methods, tried by our SOS Moms, which can also help in dealing with this problem:

  • Nipcare ointment: It is the most tried, tested and trusted cream by most of the our SOS Moms. They suggest that it is harmless even if swallowed by the baby. However, it is always good to follow correct method of using it. Breastfeeding mothers must always wash/clean their nipples (to remove the ointment) properly before feeding their baby.
  • Few medicated creams and ointments that help cure the nipple cracks and cuts are: Madela Purelan cream, Proctosedyl Ointment, Medela Tender Care Ointment, Lansinoh lanolin cream, Silodram cream, Betadine, Lanolin ointment and Boroline cream.
  • Silicon nipples: These nipples are easily available in the market and fit on your nipples perfectly. These nipples help your baby latch onto your breast properly and also eliminate the pain while your baby suck milk.

Having said that, it is also important to understand the reasons that develop cracked nipples and try to work on them. Prevention is always better than cure, hence, ensure that you nurse your baby in a correct position and your baby is properly latched onto your breast.

Happy Motherhood!

We thank all the Mommies of our community for sparing their precious time to give their valuable responses:

Asmita Somvanshi, Manpreet Kaur Bajwa, Vidya Abhijit Raut , Madhu Singh, Anuradha Iyer, Salvi Chaitu, Smriti Thukral  and many more.


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