My 10-Months-Old Isn’t Teething Yet. Should I Be Worried?

TeethingUsually, babies start cutting their first tooth around 6 months of age. However, it is not a sign of worry if your baby continues to give you the same gummy smile until he is an year old. It is considered perfectly normal for teething to start any time between 3-12 months of age.

Teething is one of the developmental milestones and can be different for different babies.

Some common symptoms that mark the beginning of teething are:

  • Fussier behaviour than usual
  • Soreness and swelling in gums
  • Biting fingers and toys to help relieve pain in gums
  • Drooling and sucking
  • Rashes on chin, face or chest
  • Decreased appetite with mild temperature
  • Wakefulness and irritability

At times, late teething can turn out to be good! Most babies, who start teething late, experience less teething problems as compared to those who start sprouting their teeth at an early age.

So, you can consider it good if your baby is showing signs of delayed teething. You are likely to find him less affected by the process.

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