My 6 Month old is Underweight. Any Feeding Tips?

Underweight BabyWeight gain in kids is maximum when they are in their infancy. However, some babies may have a lower weight gain rate as compared to others. This can be attributed to a number of factors such as, premature birth of the baby, genes related expected variations, or undernutrition, which may arise due to many reasons.

For parents, it is a matter of serious concern to realize that their baby is underweight. It is imperative to identify the reason behind their baby’s slow weight-gain rate and look for a treatment in order to avoid any future complications.

Having said that, there are babies who are very active or have high metabolism and thus, do not gain considerable weight regardless of how well they are fed. In such cases, it is perfectly fine to keep your worries at bay and let your child grow as per his body needs.

Here are a few suggestions, from our SOS MOMs, to help parents with 6 month old underweight babies:

Prefer home made food to feed your baby. Steer clear of cerelac as it can encourage a sweet tooth. Cerelac should be used only while traveling or when we don’t have time to cook something, suggests moms Bethany Naidu and Negha G Jindal

Try adding one new food item at a time and let your baby adapt to it before introducing a new one. Continue with only one thing at a time for atleast a week. Baby’s taste buds are in developing stage and she will be needing a lot of tasting before she develops a liking or disliking for anything. Too many items, changing repeatedly will leave u furstrated and her taste buds confused. One food item, 2-3 times a day is good to start with, says Anima Bhardwaj.

Teething can be one of the reasons which inhibits your baby’s weight gain rate. So be patient and check your baby’s weight when this phase is over, says Mann’s Princy.

Make sure that your baby feels hungry after regular intervals of time. If the baby stays cheerful, happy and is achieving milestones at an appropriate age, and is not cranky all the time then there is nothing to worry about, explaines mom Aditi Jagtap Deshmukh

Some of the food items that are easy on stomach and are prefered for a 6 month old baby are:

  • Home-made malt or finger millet (Ragi) porridge
  • Boilded and mashed apple
  • Banana or Sapodilla (chikoo) puree
  • Suji ki kheer
  • Cooked lentils water
  • Potato puree(boiled n blended)
  • Pear puree
  • A little ghee in baby food
  • Try to keep wheat to a minimum till she is 9 months old.

One should always remember that all babies develop at different pace. Parents’ prime focus should be on the general health and activeness of their baby than anything else. It is advised not stay too stressed out in front of your babies, they might pick up on your worries and become fussy.

We thank all the Mommies of our community for sparing their precious time and giving their valuable responses:

Neha G Jindal, Aditi Jagtap Deshmukh, Sowbhagya Nagraj, Smita goswami Chakraborty, Nivedita Bose Chakraborty, Mann’s Princy, Lavanya Reddy, Sayyami Bhat, Vidita Tayal, Paridhi Tapan Upadhyay, Reshma K Lakhmani, Vani Amarnath, Amina Bhardwaj, Bethany Naidu and Vyona Lobo Ribeiro


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