My 10-month-old has started to refuse milk from bottle. What do I do?

My 10-month-old has started to refuse milk from bottleIt is ecstatic for parents to hold their bundle of joy in their arms and see him cheerful and content in his new world. Parenthood brings in a series of anxieties and assumptions along with the happiness. Most of the time, you are found to be struggling to catch up with the behavioral changes that your baby shows during the first few years of his life.

During his early weeks, you feel content to see your baby going back and forth flexibly between breast and bottle, without much trouble. This continues till he hits 8 months and reaches a threshold whereby he starts understanding and making his own decisions.

Beware! It is no surprise that his first decision comes out to be a strong refusal to bottles, despite the fact that he has been taking one daily.

This can be frustating and believe it or not, there is no easy solution to it. But you can definitely convince your baby to return to bottle-feeding if you stick to a routine and keep your patience level high while dealing with your little one.

Here are some ideas to put your worries to rest:

  • Try using a pacifier that has a nipple similar in shape to that of the bottle. This will make your baby return to his bottle-feeding habit.
  • “Do not give up easily. Continue using the same bottle because your baby is not refusing that particular nipple, he might just be willing to prefer your breast over it”, says Nisha Singh Bhalwal
  • “Try feeding him with a glass or spoon or sipper, while diverting his attention towards other things or  telling a story, etc. Futhermore, take this opportunity to start feeding him with glass, this will also save you from indulging into coaxing him to drop that bottle-feeding habit, in future”, suggests moms – Rehanuma Shaik, Nilofer Memon, Munmum Jain Goel, Kalvakotha Vasanthi, Shikha Khanduja Kaul and Grishma Ravi.
  • “Ensure that you clean the bottle thoroughly and that he has not developed any fungal infection due to unclean nipple or bottle. An infection or stink from an unclean bottle can also be a reason behind your baby refusing to bottle-feed”, says moms – Tabassum Rehmani and Jas Saini.

Refusing bottle-feeding is common at this stage and you should be prepared for such a reaction from your baby. Like the other phases parents and babies go through, this too shall pass.

We wish Mom, Kanika, a good luck and hope that she sails happily through the joys of parenthood. We thank our rocking SOS Moms who poured in their thoughts.

Rehanuma Shaik, Neha Jhunjhunwala, Nisha Singh Bhalwal, Harpreet Kaur Osahan, Nilofer Memon, Tabassum Rahmani,  Madhuri Gupta, Madhu Jayakumar, Munmun Jain Goel, Kalvakotha Vasanti, Jas Saini, Christina Shreemal,  Shikha Khanduja Kaul, Grishma Ravi


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  1. Good post for mothers.

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