HELP! 9 Month Old Baby Not Crawling and Teething yet: SOS MOM Reply

HELP-9-month-old-baby-not-crawling-and-teething-yetDear worried mum, while we understand your frustration of your little bundle of joy being stuck in a reverse transmission of scooting backwards, let us assure you that there is nothing to worry about it. Neither is there anything to be concerned about if she is not teething yet.

Crawling is quite optional for some babies. Experts believe that crawling does offer some physical and cognitive developmental benefits. But it is a common fact that quite a number of babies skip this stage entirely and directly start standing up. As long as your baby is healthy and has reached her developmental milestones until sitting up, on time, she will be perfectly fine. She probably has a mind to directly get on her feet and start cruising and then walking in no time.

If you wish to see her crawling, you may encourage it in certain ways –

  • Tummy time – Give her plenty of tummy time and place attractive toys around her, so that she may try to crawl forward to grab them.
  • Free play – Limit her time in the bed, car seat, stroller etc. Let her play on the floor and explore her playground.
  • Sit on the floor, a bit out of her reach and call her towards you. She might try to get on her all fours in order to reach you.
  • Place a moving toy near her and encourage her to follow it.

Seek doctor’s advice if –

  • She does not try to move in any manner at all, by the time she is 1 year old
  • She doesn’t want to or can’t stand on her feet when you hold her by her torso
  • Her lower body seems too lethargic or limp when you try to make her stand on your lap

Wait and watch if she tries to get moving in any way. Most commonly there is nothing to be concerned about if a baby doesn’t crawl at 9 months.


It is also very common and normal for the babies to not start teething until they are 1 year or even older. Normal window for the first tooth of your baby showing up is between 3-12 months of age, but a large statistics shows that many babies are quite late bloomers in this area. It has nothing to do with low calcium in your baby, which is commonly believed, so there is nothing you can do to hurry the teething. It’s just the way her body has decided to develop and sooner or a little later your baby will have her own set of pearly whites. Think about this, have you ever seen an adult without having developed any teeth at all? There you go!

We thank our SOS moms who offered their valuable suggestions and shared their own experiences with their babies. Most of them experienced that every child develops in a different way and at a different speed. It’s best not to compare and let them have their space to flourish.

Nelopher Hasan, Noopur Choubey Bajpai, Sabbineni Sravanthi, Caroline Fernandes, Surabhi Nayak, Christina Shreemal, Juhi Bhattacharjee, Avantika Gidh, Neelam Pawar, Richa Arora, Shilpi Sahu, Jyotsana Verma, Rajnideep Sandhu, Ramya Harish, Jas Saini, Kaynat Parveen, Anjali Vartak , Sudeshna Patnaik, Nayana Bhangale, Ritika Kakar, Radhika Dhanrajani, Rewa Dhar , Sakshi Abbey Bhatnagar, Ashley Antony, Lavanya Reddy, Sunetra Basu, Shikha Somwanshi, Rathi Madan, Garima Grover, Priya Jain, Monika Vashist, Mainka Vig.


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