My 2.4 Year old Toddler is Active but Doesn’t Speak Much, Should I worry? SOS MOM Reply



The ultimate feeling of sheer exuberance, is what parents experience when their darling toddler speaks these words out for the very first time.

Everything that he does for the first time is the biggest reason for a smile on everyone’s face around him. It is no less than a celebration time for parents. Besides, these first activities are also considered as milestones that indicate the developmental pace of an infant.

All toddlers pave different milestones at different ages, depending upon their individual capabilities. Learning to talk is one of these milestones. Most toddlers are reluctant talkers. This delay in speech doesn’t always spell trouble, hence, should not be seen as a matter of anxiety. Parents must comprehend, that language development process is vast and comes with several roadblocks along the way. Hence, they are required to be patient if their baby does not speak much.

Having said that, if your toddler does not use 3-4 words simple sentences, does not ask simple questions or is unable to call out the names of at least a few objects by 25-26 months, then you must consult a paediatrician for proper advice.

In such situations, perhaps the personal experiences of other parents can also come in handy. Let’s have a look at what our community parents have to say:

Interact, to nail the language lessons. Sarah Singh says, “expose your child to lots of verbal communication. This can be done by talking more to your baby. Even if he doesn’t reply back he will pick up and understand lots of words. To check if he is able to understand your conversation, ask him to do simple things like ‘give me that ball’ and so on”.

Try to read him more and more stories with lots of colourful pictures. The more he listens the more his urge to speak will grow. Don’t give him anything that he points at, instantly. Encourage him to say the name of the object. Also, allow him to play with other children of his age ,who can talk. Kids learn faster from other kids, suggests Asmita Basu Sarkar.

Vidushi Kamal, who has faced a similar issue with her daughter some time back, shares her personal piece of experience that kids who are more active physically tend to focus less on speaking. Hence, there is no need to worry if your child starts speaking late.

Suhasini Vinay has experienced that a baby girl tends to take up speaking sooner than a baby boy. She says, she has witnessed this in her own family and it’s a common phenomenon.

Rakhi Golui Sarkar suggests, that sending your child to a play school may also help as they tend to imitate other kids. This will in turn encourage and teach them to speak sooner.

“Another reason that can contribute to the delay in language development in toddlers is, use of multiple languages at home by the family members. The baby might get confused about what to speak and what not. Therefore, you should try to speak one common language till he is old enough to grasp the other”, says Antonette Presentina

“Speak clearly while talking to your baby. This helps them understand words faster. Avoid using baby talks and prefer clear words”, says Shabnam Desai.

And most importantly, do not ever show any kind of frustration if your child doesn’t speak much.

We thank all the parents out there for sparing their precious time and giving their valuable responses:

Sarah Singh, Asmita Basu Sarkar, Ragini Kadam-Salunkhe, Vidushi kamal, Rajnideep Sandhu, Debolina Choudhary,  Suhasini Vinay Chikkaharuvaiah, Sakshi Abbey Bhatnagar, Anushree Saurin Jhaveri, Rakhi Golui Sarkar, Jas Saini, Antonette Presentina, Shabnam Desai and Jassu Sodhi


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