My Baby Refuses to Eat Solid Food: SOS Moms Reply

feeding babySakshi Mannat wrote to us and told us about her concern she has for her 7-month-old baby. She says that her baby doesn’t take semi solids and she cries badly if we try to introduce her to new foods.

And neither she takes bottle or baby formula milk, she only accepts mother feed. She is concerned for her baby’s health and asked us for some advice.

We asked our ever-helpful community of Moms to provide Sakshi advice for her son and have included their responses below.

Not all kids take to a change of food easily. As long as your child is growing and healthy, and eating her normal foods, you can continue giving her what she likes.

But if you want to try something new, you could start with something like ragi. Also try giving her dal ka pani or dalia, sweet or salted according to her taste. You could also try mashed bananas, which most kids love.

You could try to nurse or bottle-feed before giving the baby one or two teaspoons of pureed solid food or cereal mixed with formula or breast milk. Start with a small amount of food using a soft-tipped plastic spoon to avoid injuring your child’s gums.

Try introducing her to new foods while you and others in the family are eating it. Babies love to imitate their parents and older siblings and are more likely to accept food that you are eating.

Try distracting your baby with music or cartoons, while introducing her to new foods. The trick is not to give up. Just keep trying new things every few days or so and you will find something that works for your baby.


We thank the moms below for their invaluable input.

Shilpi Dhama, Munmun Jain Goel, Sumi Hmin, Sovana Dalai Patnaik, Deepa Shailesh Narti, Rakhi Golui Sarkar, Puja Gupta, Sakshi Abbey Bhatnagar, Manpreet Kaur Bajwa, Sakeena Ali, Shreya Chakravarty Bhattacharya, Rekha Sonthalia Kedia, Sudeshna Patnaik, Rubal Gupta, Sharmila Chakravarty, Janki Shah, Rituparna Mitra, Taniya Lohani, Tarannum Miski.

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