My Baby Puts Everything In His Mouth: SOS Moms Reply

baby mouthKaur Gagan wrote to us and told us about a concern she has for her 6 month old baby. She says that although her baby is healthy and active, she faces a problem with her child who constantly puts everything in his mouth including his toes. She is concerned for her baby’s health and hygiene and has asked us for some advice.

We asked our community of mothers for their point of view and have incorporated their feedback below.

It is perfectly normal for a baby to put everything in their mouth at this age. Unless it is something that he can choke on or swallow, it is safe to provide him with options such as safe toys and teethers, such as Silicone Soothers to chew on.

Hygiene is not that much of an issue at this stage, as kids of this age are building their immune systems and there are studies that show that kids who are exposed to dirt and germs have healthier immune responses.

Research shows that early childhood exposure to germs and certain infections helps the immune system develop and prevent asthma. According to, children growing up in rural areas, around animals and in larger families seem to develop asthma less often than do other children.

The habit of putting fingers or objects in the mouth is a normal part of development and there is no indication that it affects your child’s fingers. However, do supervise your child and see that he is not putting any unsafe object in his mouth. It is a good time to child-proof the house and keep anything harmful out of reach.
We are grateful to all these parents for their valuable advice:

Kirti Jethava, Nazee Akbar, Lakshman Ladi, Sarika Singh, Taniya Lohani, Taniya Lohani, Alekhya Suresh, Manju Janarthanan, Pallabi Goswami Sarma, Ratna Biswas, Lavanya Reddy, Sabina Yasmin, CA Ketki Dagha, Laura Visirin Jain, Sumitra Datta, Dharmendra M, Anshita Tiwari, Kokila Rohith, Narendra Bansal, Nidiya Menachery, Anita Arun

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