How To Buy: Toys That Develop Speech

My First Mobile Play And Learn ToyIt’s not uncommon for some kids to develop speech a little late than average. However, as a concerned parent, there is a lot that you can do to move them along the path of learning. Here are some toys that can encourage your little one to start babbling their first words.

Toy Phones

Which little one doesn’t love imitating it’s parents talking on their cellphones. Get your child a little toy phone and they will begin to imitate you talking too. The Littles My First Mobile is a great option for tiny hands.

Pretend Play

Toys that encourage pretend play can encourage the child to act out different roles, either by itself or with parents or other kids. This not only enhances social interaction but also the development of interactions that encourage speaking. A Sweetheart playhouse can provide hours of exciting pretend play options for your kids and their friends.

Baby Dolls

Baby Dolls are the best way to give kids a company of their own size and stature. There are so many ways that a kid can interact with a lie size baby doll – feed it, bathe it, dress it, etc. They may even start interacting and imitating parents as they become the care taker of the doll!

Singalong Toys

Singing with your baby is one of the most enjoyable ways to teach them language. So if you want your baby to learn new words in a fun way, this Disney Pre-School Sing Along CD may be just the thing for you.

It is also believed that the best of toys aren’t toys at all! Run along with your kid, sing with them, speak and cuddle and engage their curiosity. Speak to them in full sentences and soon they will start responding back.


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