How To Buy: Toys That Develop Hand Eye Coordination

angry birds punching bagWhether it is the head start you are looking to give your kid or working on developmental delays, toys focusing on hand eye coordination and other motor skills can introduce a combined share or fun and learning.

Toys for developing hand eye coordination have been used from time immemorial. The best we remember are the tinker toys. However, today, we have lot many alternatives, including puzzles, video games and interactive jigsaws.

It is curiosity and the urge to be appreciated that makes kids piece together puzzles. They can be used in a fun way to help their motor skills too.

Tinker Toys

Construction toys, such as the ones made by Lego, have always been favorite educational gifts from parents. Even today, they are available in several forms.

Construction sets can contain spools, bricks, flags, end caps and everything else that can help the child come up with a single building or a whole empire with guards! Just make sure you buy toys appropriate for your child’s age to minimize the danger of choking on tiny blocks.

Pull Along Toys

Pull-along toys allow for building great hand eye coordination and have been a traditional pick for developing motor skills. A little pull along doggie could be your child’s very first companion, while little girls might prefer a Musical Princess Cozy Coupe.

Video Games

If your child is old enough to operate the mouse, video games like the Toy Story 3 and Super Mario can be amazing tools to help their motor skills. They foster great hand eye coordination and the graphics ensure that they remain interested and try hard to make it to the last level.

Mobile Apps

Gaming has become more portable than ever. There are several game apps designed for kids of different ages that seek to improve their hand eye coordination. These are perhaps the easiest options and help to keep kids engaged beneficially.

Other than these there are several crib toys that can be operated on the floor, like this adorable Angry Birds punching bag. If your baby is just leaning to stand up, these toys will help them get their balance and eventually walk straight to these interesting and curious toys. The only thing you need to do is encourage learning and exploring. It is curiosity that makes a kid grow us well.

Hand eye coordination is essential for a child to be self dependent faster. You would definitely want them to learn to manage their potty functions, reach out to things, eat by themselves and other things. Research well and give a more educational edge to toys than just fun and excitement.


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