How To Buy: Toys That Develop Creativity

pianoAlmost all toys develop a child’s creativity and imagination. When they play, their imagination and creativity skills are put to use to explore the features of the toy or gadget.

Open-ended toys tend to provide more creative play opportunities as they provide ample scope for experimentation. Other toys like pretend role-play also encourage children to use their imagination and think creatively.

Learn more about the toys that you might want to invest in to develop your child’s creativity.

Open-End Toys

Open-end toys like stacking cups, building blocks, paint supplies or playdoh are excellent toys and activities to develop your little one’s creativity.

It is amazing how the creativity grows from year after year with stacking cups and blocks. While in the first year, your child’s block tower might not have any meaning, in the coming years, it may be a farm on one day or a school on another.

Kids use their imagination and create typical set-ups with their stacking toys. In addition to creativity, at a younger age, children learn how to stack or sort them (as per size, dimensions or color), teaching them necessary motor skills.

Art And Craft Activities

Art and craft activities allow the child to develop a range of skills, as there is so much more room for imagination. Simply supply your child with age-appropriate material and see what they make out of it.

For infants, consider making homemade edible playdoh or allow them to finger paint with colorful yoghurt. Older kids can create their masterpieces with playdoh and finger painting kits available in the market.

Pretend Role-play

Role-play activities or pretend toys like plastic foods or vehicles or figurines will allow your child to make up stories and creative settings to include their pretend toys.

For example, with the help of a kitchen set and some pretend food, the child can have his or her own restaurant or picnic. Alternatively, your little one who loves her dolls can hold a tea party for her doll friends, ensuring a lot of creative touch in the play.

Musical Toys

Musical toys include musical instruments like drums, pianos, guitars and many more. These wonderful toys come with easy instructions and give ample guidance to foster your child’s creativity.

To conclude, no matter what toys you choose, it is important to foster the child’s creative development by being an active participant in their playtime activities by helping them develop new settings and scenarios with their toys.



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