How To Buy: Toys That Develop Curiosity

126747aBeing able to respond and interact with the five basic senses is an important part of a child’s development. As they grow up by observing their surrounding, they are better able to distinguish between good from bad smells, sights, sounds and other sensations.

It is curiosity that helps them interact and understand everything they come across. More importantly, they get to understand themselves better. Curiosity is learning and when buying gifts and toys for your kids, keep this in mind.

• Games and toys are the best way to encourage a kid take an interest in play and understand their surroundings. While kids are more inquisitive about their own belongings – toys, books and other objects – this is also the best way to foster curiosity. Bring home toys that move, make sound, spray water and interact. They will love it and try to understand and imitate.

• Exploring the natural surroundings is a good way to encourage curiosity. Gift your kids toys that have to be used outdoors such as tricycles, trains, remote controlled helicopters and similar things that will make them get out there.

Building blocks and the urge to create things also helps the development of curiosity. Toys should encourage your little one’s mind to ask questions and understand how things happen. Picture books might be a good option in this category.

New experiences and experiments are at the heart of every kid’s imagination. These are the growing years when they should be allowed to quench their sense of curiosity to the fullest. This is when they ask questions and get to know more about the world.

It is advisable for parents to spend sufficient time with kids such that they have a trustworthy companion they can ask questions and get reliable answers from. Provide them with toys of different colors, different shapes and interesting textures. You might also start introducing them to different smells, flavors and touch sensations.

Toys that stimulate curiosity can include anything like books, building blocks, word search games, sports kits, plane maps, globes, finger painting sets, playdoh, painting supplies. All science inventions start from solving the simple mysteries of real life. It makes children better receptors and improves their mental and physical growth.

You should never do anything to suppress the curiosity of a child. It the garden seems like a dangerous place, accompany them, but never tell them not to go there. Watch them grow knowledgeable and it will change their world and yours too!


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