My Child spills a lot of milk after each time he feeds: SOS Moms Reply

sos mom

Jyoti Awasthi wrote to us and told us about a problem concerning her 3 months old son. Her son spills a lot of milk each time after she feeds him; she is concerned for her baby’s health and has asked us for an advice.

We put this across our community of mothers and incorporated their responses into the advice below.

It is a natural phenomenon that babies adopt when they take more feed than required, so the excess milk comes out as spills in form of curd. Make sure that you burp him after every feed by carrying the baby on the shoulder in the standing position and gently pat his back.

It is very important for your child to burp after each feed so don’t rest him down immediately after feeding at least for the first 15 minutes. Spilling of milk could be as a result of gas and indigestion, in this case you can rub heeng (soaked with water) on his stomach, this will help reduce gas.

Gas problem can be reduced with spoonful of mixture of ajwain and saunf (fennel seeds) in boiled water and see the difference. And also do not fold your son’s legs immediately after feeding; it creates pressure on the stomach.

There is no need to worry. If still in doubt consult your doctor.

Thanks to all these helpful parents:

Shalu R VaradkarDivya Prasanth , Aman Tiwari, Swati Shukla Mishra, Kiersten Lopez, Christina Harijan, Grishma Ravi, Neha Goyal, Janki Shah, Radhika Dhanrajani, Divya Prasanth, Monika Guleria Mukheja, Arpita Avinash, Vandana Srivastawa, Bharti Mudgal, Sneha Santosh, Vidhya Ramesh, Jheyabharathi Soundararajan, Monika Guleria Mukheja, Sangeeta Apoorv, Sonal Singhania, Deepti Taneja Lahori ,Bhavini Master, Rekha karthik, Hina Ruhi.


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