My Daughter Has An Eye Infection: SOS Moms Reply

child eyesManvi Suri wrote to us and told us about her daughter who, a few days back, woke up with a little green stuff coming out of her eye, which was closed shut.

It went away but left her eye swollen and now her left eye is infected and the green mucus is coming out throughout the day. She is concerned for her daughter’s wellbeing and has asked for some advice.

We asked our community of moms for advice and these are the suggestions they came back with.

Don’t waste time in taking the child to a good doctor. Do this as soon as possible. Your doctor may prescribe eye drops to help clear the infection. If one eye is infected, the other one is bound to get infected.

You can also clean your child’s eyes with cotton dipped in clean water. Or you can use warm water to clean the child’s eyes.

Thanks to the moms below who made the time and effort to give their valuable advice:

Jyoti Dixit, Ishita Bishnoi, Arti S. Peter, Rekha Vaz, Garima Grover, Vanela Kohli, Nivedita Bose Chakraborty, Alekhya Suresh, Siya Borkar, Amrita Singh, Bhavana Shukla, Annavarapu Ahuja, Aditi Sharma, Sangeeta Apoorv, Sharmila Chakravarty, Christina Harijan, Janki Shah, Monika Guleria Mukheja, Sewanti Ghosh

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  1. Sounds like conjunctivitis to me – pretty infectious. The kid definitely needs to see a doctor. Keep her out of school till this is resolved

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