Kid’s Movie Review – All Dogs Go To Heaven

AllDogsGotoHeavenAdult viewers may find several patchy segments in the plot of “All dogs go to heave” but for the younger viewers, this shouldn’t matter. The movie is an animated story set in the plains of New Orleans where a German shepherd learns the lessons for love, friendship and greed.

It is a delightful watch for the younger audience and is something that could be appreciated by all parents. The key message of the film is that of friendship between a man and a dog and that their relationship is so strong that it can follow every event and be redeemed.

Charlie, and his friend, Itchy, break out of prison where they had been punished, after being framed by their friend, Carface. When Charlie returns for his share of the business they ran, he is killed by Carface.

Now the actual story starts when Charlie goes to heaven and finds it too dull a place to be existent. To return to the Earthly world, he steals a life span watch and when he is back here, collects his resources to build his business again.

Along the process, he is helped by Itchy and a girl named Anne Marie, who can communicate with animals. Charlie uses Anne Marie for his greed while making false promises to unite her with her parents. While Anne Marie eventually learn how she is being played, she decides to forgive Charlie and at the end Charlie is inspired to help Anne find her parents.

After this, Charlie returns to heaven to get things on the right track. He understands that there are better things in this world than money to think of and helping others and making friends all along is the true essence of a worthy living. The movie acknowledges the difference between right and wrong and is certainly a unique departure from the usual movies that Hollywood studios come up with.

After watching the movie, families can sit together and talk about the benefits of forgiveness and gaining the trust of other people. The young audience will definitely realize that it is highly important to keep your promises and that love comes when you love back.

Overall, a great movie to watch with kids and this certainly will be a recommended viewing all families across the globe. The graphics are incredible but most points goes to the scriptwriter and the presenter of the story.

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