My Baby Doesn’t Sleep Well At Night: SOS Moms Reply

sleeping babyAmrita Singh has asked for advice for her 1 year old baby. The little one though active all day has disturbed and sleepless nights and Amrita is concerned for her baby’s health.

We asked our moms community for advice to help Amrita’s baby sleep better. Here are some of their valuable suggestions.

Give your baby an evening massage half an hour before bedtime. Apply oil on the head and give it a head massage, Your baby will love it.

You can also apply garlic and kala jeera in warm mustard oil on the baby’s legs before sleep. Ensure that the baby doesn’t have colic which could make it restless.

A heavy dinner can help. Don’t let the child sleep on an empty stomach. Give your baby 4 spoons of Cerelac or half a bowl of foods like daliya (oatmeal porridge), moong dal khichadi (rice and lentils), chapatti (unleavened wheat flatbread) to help them sleep at night.

Milk and almond paste helps. Two spoons of ghee sheera could also give good sleep. Give the baby milk or feed it fruit or dry fruit when it wakes up at night.

You could try deworming your baby. As they eat a lot of bland foods, worms are a common problem in infants. Any medicine, however, should only be given on the prescription of a doctor.

Thanks to these helpful parents:

Sneha Maheshwari, Yaminee Dwivedi, Vandana Joshi, Alekhya Suresh, Leena Kakani, Sakeena Ali, Manisha Gautam, Garima Grover, Diksha Bisht, Neetu Kalyan Budholia, Lavanya Reddy, Sharmila Chakravarty, Sakeena Ali, Adi Vinny, Gurpreet Singh Kaka, Narasimha Naik.

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