My Son Is 19 Months Old And Doesn’t Speak:SOS Moms Reply

baby speechSingh Shahab has asked for advice about his son who is 19 months old. The little one speaks in gibberish and Singh is concerned about whether to start speech training for him.

We asked our ever-helpful community of mothers for advice and this is what they suggested.

Every child’s growth is different. Some kids take a year and some may take 3 years to speak clearly. As long as he understands what you say and responds, it’s not a problem. Enjoy this period of speaking gibberish. Some kids take their own time.

Wait till he is 3 years old and consult a doctor before starting speech training. Parents should speak clearly with babies to help them learn how to form small words. You can give him some playcards with pictures and alphabets and ask him to repeat them after you.

Thanks to all these helpful moms:

Lavanya Reddy, Sonal Chaurasia, Vidushi Kamal, Smriti Thukral, Roop S Dhamrait, Vidushi Kamal, Deepa Jha, Deepti Dora Rao, Sonam Nigam, Priya Varun Tayur, Preety Anup Dimri, Sumrrita Saroch, Vetcha Janaki, Roma Agarwal, Shweta Hedau Bhanarkar, Manisha Vij, Shweta Koul, Deep Brinderjeet Saini.

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