Celeb Parents – How Does Brangelina Manage 6 Kids?

Brangelina and kidsHow the celeb pair, Brangelina (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) manage life with 6 kids have always been a topic of interest for celeb news followers across the globe.

They have been happy together (not a common occurrence with all Hollywood couples) since 2005, even with 6 rambunctious kids.

The celeb pair admits that their kids are like nomads – they move around with their parents and there is nothing like a strict ‘home’ for them. “Home is wherever we are,” Jolie said in a newspaper interview. A chaotic life is everything that Angelina ever wanted, says Brad Pitt, and for him, if it has to be a family, why not make it big!

Angelina has stated that when you’re moving around the globe, there could probably no better way to raise kids, there are so many things to explore, so many fun activities to do, and never have their kids been bored or irritated them with their demands.

Sources state that while moving around for shoots and programs, Angelina tries to find fun activities for the kids. These kids have visited aquariums in London, jumped into spa pools in Budapest, tasted crickets in Cambodia and even rode the waves in Cancun.

Though a celeb family, the Brangelina family is just like any other normal family, but it is just that the kids are more privileged. The children have always been seen to run around, play, jump and share quality time with each other. Sources say that these kids share a special bond among themselves and the couple works hard to keep it that way.

Sources have said that the Brangelina kids have matured enough to go anywhere all alone and without any confusion! For Viv and Knox, the youngest of the bunch, life is already an adventure and they are ready for anything. They have already been helping their family move between cities. Like the older kids, Knox and Viv help pack one bag each with their travel musts.

The celeb couple ensures that every kid’s birthday is a special occasion. When it comes to to presents and toys, both mom and dad stick to the basics like stuffed teddies and the kids rarely demand big ticket splurges. They are even reportedly all forced to share the same iPad. The little ones love trying their hand at paint-your-own-pottery, and laugh over board games, costumes and nerf guns!

However, it is outdoors that the Brangelina bunch really finds their spot in the sun, with water slides, pools, beaches, adventure treks and long rides. They make a great family and as the kids are getting older they have learned to calm down and make things work smoothly.

“As any mother knows, you have to plan everything for the kids first, then you organize your day,” Jolie said. She and Pitt make sure the kids burn off energy, so they are tired enough to nap without a fuss. All families have their issues and their ups and downs, but the groundedness of the Jolie-Pitt  bunch is a real inspiration for normal folks.

Image source ramblingriot.wordpress.com


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