Baby Fashion – What’s Trending This Season?

baby fashionHave you ever been curious about what “sugar and spice and everything nice” actually means when it is about kid’s clothing?

Well, today’s babies are no less demanding. Actually, it is the parents who want to give the best to their little ones and once it becomes a trend, it is sure to be followed.

There are unique options available today when it comes to baby clothing and accessories. Fashion is just not restricted to the adult world.

Come this season, and we are looking at some unique fashion for baby clothing.

1. All organic!

All babies this season want to get organic. We are not talking about the 50% organic products that comes in plastic hangers and packaging but a cent percent GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) type organic! This is both a trend and a message that is getting popular in the baby fashion world!

2. Non-solid solid

Try to think of Starry Night by Van Gogh or Matisse for that instance. The theme is that the sky looks just plain blue from a distance but as you get closer, multiple colors reveal themselves.

This is working out well with baby clothing and the fun stripes are making their mark on some of the most celebrated babies in this world. These clothing look as if they simple and subtle pinks and blues but as you get closer, they are actually miniature bumblebee print and tiny stripes.

3. Sophisticated classics

Another fashion trend speaking loud in the baby fashion world are the soft blues and pinks mixed amazingly with cool grays. These really look cool as teenagers would say!

4. Ruffle touch

Again, being subtle is the standard here, but it should be something like under the dress built of the coveral,l and probably the undergarment, but not too much near the face. When it comes to ruffles, less is always more and babies can comfortably sport such a trend!

5. Real clothes

The era of mini dad or mini mom clothing has come to an end and newborns are no more dressed by shrinking down pieces meant for a toddler. We are taking about real baby clothes – designed and meant just for them. Modern babies grow up faster than you realize and we just hope that this trend lasts long.

Baby fashion trends have always been an interesting thing to follow and in all cases, they look cute! So what attire are you putting your little fashionista in this season?


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