Babies And Technology – How They Work Together

child talking on mobileWhether we like it or not, modern babies have to grow with technology. With both parents off to work and a busy schedule to maintain when they are home, it is technology that can help our children grow and mature into independent and educated beings.

As they grow, smart gadgets help us mind their routine, help them engage with the world around them, and when they are old enough, can be used to inspire the basics of learning and education.

Technology can be used such that it makes parents’ lives easier, without taking it over. A good example is power folding strollers that come with LCD dashboards featuring cartoons and graphics, to keep your baby engaged and lull them to sleep.

Baby monitors that help parents supervise their baby’s activities, when they have to go out of the room, are also useful to parents. Technology can actually help your baby’s curiosity grow in a good way, but parents need to understand the limits of using it to keep their kids occupied.

Some parents feel that the less babies are exposed to technology, the better. If the baby tries to borrow your phone to play while you are busy, it’s all good. But if this becomes a habit and the baby stays glued to a screen – whether it’s a television, tablet, computer or mobile device – it can become a problem.

Humans build their personality and learn how to relate to others early in their life, and when it’s time to play with your friends or talk to your parents, is doesn’t do any good to have your earphones plugged in. Family time is important and technological gadgets can hamper the formation of good relationships.

The best thing that parents can do is to be a good role model for your kids and learn to disconnect when you need to be present with your family. If you’re telling your child to pay attention to people and play with friends, but stay glued to your Blackberry all day, you’re not setting the right example for them. After all, kids do as we do, not as we say.

The key to not letting technology intrude into our lives is mindfulness and the parent’s ability to embrace it. Also, set limits on how much time your child is allowed to spend in front of a screen, whether they are watching television, playing games or browsing the internet.

How did your child react to technology and gadgets? What was your baby’s experience with technology? Do share in the comments below.

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