How to Shop: Toys for 1 to 2 years

ImageIt’s been a year and your baby has stepped into the life of a toddler! Even though the first days aren’t far back, they are ready to get ahead in terms of development and better understand the world around them.

This is the phase when your little one will start to talk and find ways to express themself. They will become more animated, start laughing, shouting, crying and even giggling.

Excitement is not just restricted to expressions, because babies at this age will be more mobile, try to run, climb, and jump and will definitely scream when they get bruises. This is why you need to take extra care of their safety.

Their new skills and the ability to quench curiosity introduces challenges into their life and so, as parents, you need to introduce them to toys that help them exercise their new mobility and motor skills.


Balls are the first thing that babies at this age will be curious about. A rolling ball will keep them sliding, rolling and running along. Parents need to ensure that they balls their babies play with aren’t too hard on their sensitive limbs nor are made from materials that can get toxic and easily pick up germs.

You could get them something like the Ball Large Frog. This bouncy ball with a real looking frog inside, could be the most fun toy that your baby plays with.

Activity toys

These can include a variety of items like matching games, pop-up activities, complex sorting, and similar other tools. You can give them toys that have both fun and educational value.

The Mee Mee Fun Learning Laptop can create interest and inculcate several skills like cognitive abilities, languages skills, memory power, and sharpens the overall intellect. With this portable and easy to carry toy, your baby will not yearn for companions. This will also help your baby sing along with melodious tunes and songs.

Pull along toys

These toys include activity walkers, brick trolleys, prams and much more. They come in a variety of colors, designs, shapes, animals, numbers and words to support the adventurous steps of your angel. Toys like the Red Puppy, or the Ride ‘n Hide Turtle, and gliding cars will serve your purpose quite well and keep the little one engaged for hours.

Construction toys

Babies should be taught to build and such toys may include soft plastics blocks like bricks and stacking rings. A toy like Chain Links can be an educative and interesting way to pass time for your baby. Safe and non-toxic, this is one toy that a baby would adore by his bedside.


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